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Online shop for cosmetic institutes: It’s that easy

How do I make customers aware of my shop?

As soon as your own online shop has seen the light of day, it is of course important to attract visitors. First of all, this succeeds in the classic way with word of mouth. Anyone who tells regular customers about the new online offer can certainly look forward to a few clicks - and word of the great service will certainly spread. Also refer in your price lists to the fact that the products you use can also be purchased in your online shop.

Of course, SEO, i.e. search engine optimization, is also very important. Since users now search for everything online - the right cream as well as the cosmetic institute around the corner - it is worth optimizing your own website for Google. That sounds complicated, but with a few tips it can be done easily and effectively.

Social media also offers great opportunities: Loyal customers appreciate being connected to their favorite companies on Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, a suitable social media strategy is the ideal means to maintain customer relationships, but also to win new customers.

What does an online shop cost?

With many providers, the basic version of an online shop is free. This is a good way to try out the system without any risk. However, if you are serious about selling online, you should invest a little more.

Because even for little money you get a wealth of functions: Professional packages including your own domain (web address) start from around five euros per month. Such an individual domain with the name of your own studio is particularly important in order to appear serious and to be better remembered by visitors.

For around 20 euros a month, on the other hand, many providers offer special shop packages that are precisely tailored to the needs of small shops and, for example, offer even more payment options for customers. In this respect, the following applies: there is also the right package for every need.

What do you have to consider legally when setting up your own online shop?

Good website builders offer an excellent basis for opening a legally secure online shop. As with your own institute, there are of course a few rules to be observed - much of which is less complicated than it sounds at first.

If you pay attention to the following, you are already doing the right thing:

  • Find out (online) the basics for a legally compliant online shop: What should you consider when creating?
  • It is also helpful to find out about typical mistakes in advance: What can be avoided? If you are unsure, contact a suitably qualified expert.
  • Note the legal peculiarities in your country, for example with regard to VAT and the information required for items and shipping.
  • Find out whether your website provider complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

According to the legislation including the GDPR, there are some mandatory information that must be visible on every commercial website. You can find good "generators" on the Internet (e.g. at Google) with which this information can be compiled automatically, individually and without great effort. These include:

● Data protection declaration

● Imprint

● Cancellation policy

● Link to the platform for dispute resolution

● Cookie Policy

A frequent question is also whether a new business needs to be registered for a new online shop. In short: there is no general answer to this.

If you already own a business, in most cases it is sufficient to inform the competent authority about the opening of an online shop as a new sales channel “with the intention of making a profit”. If anything is unclear, the responsible authority can help quickly.

As is so often the case, a lot legally depends on the individual framework conditions. Fortunately, most questions can be answered quickly. By the way, organizations such as the Händlerbund are also good contacts for this.

Online shop for cosmetic institutes? Why it's worth it

Since a shop can now be set up with a manageable amount of effort, many beauticians see their online offer simply as a supplement to their day-to-day business. The big advantage: Since you, as the shop owner, determine the amount of time you want to spend on online sales, you do not take any risks.

Are the orders suddenly going through the roof? Then congratulations on a second mainstay next to the shop! Or is online sales a small additional source of income? Then you can be happy too - and decide whether you want to invest even more time in marketing or are already satisfied with the extra income.