What is a diplomatic protocol

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Author: Olaf JelinskiURN:urn: nbn: de: gbv: 9-002334-6Title Additional (English):The international Diplomatic Protocol Compared to Corporate Protocol. An Empirical Analysis of Protocol as a Political InstitutionAdvisor:Professor, Dr. Dirk J├Ârke, Professor Dr. Hubertus BuchsteinDocument Type:Doctoral thesisLanguage:GermanDate of Publication (online):2015/10/29Granting Institution:Ernst Moritz Arndt University, Philosophical Faculty (until May 31, 2018)Date of final exam:2015/06/25Release date:2015/10/29Day:Diplomatic protocol; Institution; Institutions; Official representation; State Protocol; Company log; Company representation
Ceremony; Communications; Corporate communications; Corporate protocol; Diplomacy; Diplomatic Protocol; Global governance; institution
GND Keyword:Protocol, ceremony, ceremonial, communication, corporate communication, diplomacy, institutional theoryFaculties:Philosophical Faculty / Institute for Politics and Communication ScienceDDC class:300 social sciences / 320 political science