Why are gods of destruction so strong?

How strong is Beerus? Can he beat Jiren or Moro?

The latest Chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super features Moro as the antagonist. Just as Moro has defeated Goku, Vegeta appears with a super power-up. Even so, Moro doesn't seem to take much damage.

While Beerus and Whis watch this fight, the former shows no interest in fighting Moro even after Vegeta and Goku lose.

While Beerus has been portrayed as one of the show's strongest characters, is he capable of defeating Moro?

1. How strong is Beerus?

Beerus is the god of the destruction of Universe Seven. As the god of destruction, he uses his power to destroy planets and their inhabitants.

However, it is said to be powerful enough to destroy entire solar systems with relative ease. In fact, Beerus once wiped out a planet by dropping just a tiny bit of energy from his finger onto its surface.

Even after heavily repressing his power, Beerus completely dominated Super Saiyan 3 Goku in battle, knocking him unconscious with just a light hit on the neck.

Afterward, Goku mentioned that not even a merger between himself and Vegeta would be enough to defeat Beerus.

With just a tiny percentage of his real strength, Beerus easily defeated Good Buu, Android 18, Tien Shinhan, Piccolo, the potential Gohan unleashed, and Super Saiyan Gotenks.

Even with a boost of strength, Super Saiyan 2's attack hardly impressed Vegeta Beerus, who then defeated him with a simple forehead thrust.

Against Goku's Super Saiyan Godpower, the two appeared to be on par, but Beerus eventually won with only 70% of his full potential.

Beerus is so powerful that a normal ki explosion from him would be enough to wipe out both Goku and Vegeta in their basic forms.

2. Can Beerus use ultra instinct?

Ultra Instinct is an extremely advanced skill that Beeris is taught by Whis. This ability enables him to react to any danger without being aware of it.

In the manga, Beerus uses Ultra Instinct against the other gods of destruction so that he can deal with multiple opponents at the same time.

In order to use Ultra Instinct, the user must completely purify their mind and give up any distractions that would disturb the focus of their body.

Although Beerus can use this ability, he has yet to perfect it.

3. Can Beerus beat Jiren?

Beerus is one of the strongest gods of destruction and a disciple of Whis, one of the most powerful angels. He could defeat Super Saiyan Goku if he only used 70% of his strength.

Whis even once said that the power of Goku and Vegeta is negligible compared to Beerus.

In addition, Beerus can absorb energy as well as use Hakai and Ultra Instinct. Although he does not fully master the skill, he can use it extensively.

On the other hand, while Jiren is said to be on the level of a God of Destruction, it is still mere speculation. While he is indeed comparable to a god of destruction, he is no stronger than them.

Beerus, the god of the destruction of Universe 7, who was able to defeat six gods on his own, is stronger than Jiren and can beat him, albeit with some effort.

I. Can Beerus use Hakai to defeat Jiren?

As the god of destruction, Beerus has the ability to destroy everything, including the gods. This ability is called Hakai.

If Beerus reaches out one of his hands, points his four main fingers straight up, and runs his thumb horizontally across his palm, he can cause his target to crumble into nothing, no matter who or what it is. Here, too, it does not consume any energy.

Since Beerus is stronger than Jiren and he is close enough to use Hakai against him, there is a possibility that Jiren will suffer defeat.

4. Can Beerus beat Whis?

Whis is the angel companion and mentor of Beerus. Most of the characters can't keep up with his powers on the show, and only the Grand Priest and Zeno are known to be stronger than him.

He is also a master of the Ultra Instinct and the one who taught Beerus this skill. In addition to the user interface, Whis has other skills that make him even more dangerous than a god of destruction.

As far as we have seen, most angels are far more powerful than their respective gods of destruction. In fact, Beerus himself made it clear that Whis is far more powerful than he is. So there is absolutely no chance that Beerus can beat Whis.

5. Can Beerus defeat Moro?

Beerus is the god of destruction in Universe 7 and easily one of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball.

As the god of destruction, Beerus possesses tremendous strength that only a handful of characters in the series can match.

He could only defeat Super Saiyan Goku with 70% of his strength and even defeat Vegeta in one fell swoop. He can also make extensive use of Ultra Instinct. In addition, he can use Hakai without getting tired.

On the other hand, Moro can collect and consume all life on a planet, which makes it stronger than before. While fighting an opponent, he can steadily use up his energy without even being aware of it.

In a fight between them, however Beerus can defeat Moro. This is because it has not yet been confirmed whether Moro can absorb Beerus' destructive energy. Even if he canBeerus can always either seal it or use Hakai to spell Moro's defeat.

6. About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super was serialized in June 2015 and edited and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and his protégé Toyotaru.

Dragon Ball Super takes the DB universe to another level by introducing the long-sleeping god of destruction, Beerus.

Beerus initially decides to decimate the earth but postpones his plans when he discovers the amazing food he has never eaten and hopes to fight Super Saiyan God one day.

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