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And where this is not in danger, I grant him everything, too earthly joysso that they do not interfere with the spiritual pursuit.
And where there is no danger of this I will grant them everything, even earthly pleasures, if they do not detract from spiritual striving.
Because earthly joys perish, but the eternal glories remain, and it is these alone that are to be desired on earth ...
For earthly pleasures will cease to exist yet eternal glories remain forever, and these alone should be desired on earth ...
This light contains life, memories of love, of home and earthly joys, something that they desperately long for but can no longer get.
It is a light that implies life ... and memory of love and home ... and earthly pleasures... something they desperately desire ... but can't have anymore.
offers for earthly joys of all kinds an almost ideal ambience, with no detail missing from the locksmith's bay with the onion dome to the wooden shutters in red-white-red.
Castle Schloss Sprengenstein, an estate from the fifteenth century, provides a virtually idyllic ambience for earthly pleasures of every kind, with nary a single detail overlooked, from the castle oriel with its onion tower, to the wooden window shutters in red-white-red.
But well-being and wealth, earthly joys and worldly pleasures are always only the means of the opponent, and these you should flee and not enjoy their possession ...
Yet a good lifestyle and affluence, earthly joys and worldly pleasures are only every the adversary's means, and you should avoid these and don't delight in their possession ...
In addition to these death symbols, vanitas paintings sometimes also have musical instruments, wine, books and mirrors as symbols for earthly joys and possessions shown.
In addition to these images of mortality Vanity paintings may include musical instruments, wine, books and mirrors as symbols of worldly pleasures and goods.
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