How do you wear a ponytail

The ponytail: how to wear it to match the shape of your face

The ponytail is like the hair color or the haircut. You can't necessarily wear everything. Fortunately, there are enough style options. We'll show you which ponytail best suits your face shape.

Sometimes things just have to be quick in the morning and we're in a hurry. Or there is sport on the program. Or maybe it's just hot. There are many reasons to choose a ponytail hairstyle ... A ponytail can be tied in a jiffy and is not laborious to make. The face and neck are free.

And often a simple hair tie is enough and the ponytail is in place. But not every ponytail necessarily fits every face shape. You have to take your morphology into account in order to achieve the desired effect with your ponytail hairstyle. The shape of the face is crucial!

The heart-shaped face

Narrow chin and broad forehead ... that's the heart-shaped face. To flatter this face shape, you shouldn't emphasize the top of the head too much. The ponytail is therefore set halfway up and the forehead is narrowed to the side with a few loose strands.

The round face

The round face is flattered by a high-set, face-elongating ponytail with loosely falling strands that play around and stretch the face in gentle waves.

The square face

The square face has a deep ponytail at the level of the earlobes with wavy highlights that gently play around the facial features and cheat away their edges and a stepped pony.

The elongated face

Unfortunately, ponytail hairstyles are not popular with an elongated face. A ponytail would only make the face appear longer and should therefore be avoided. Fortunately, there are also other options. Why not a half ponytail?

The diamond-shaped face

With a diamond-shaped face, it's about hiding the corners and edges of the face with a loose playfulness in an undone look. The hair is gently teased at the root and the lengths are not pulled back too tightly.

The oval face

You can afford anything with an oval face. Your face shape is so balanced that all hairstyles suit you. Whether high or low ponytail. Everything is allowed to you.