What are you writing to your crush

You really want to write something sweet to your crush from school so that they think of you and get closer to each other - but you ABSOLUTELY don't know what to write? Then we have some super cute ideas for you that are guaranteed to be a hit with your crush.

You can write THIS to your crush if you want to get in touch with them

Pay him a compliment - because they always go down well!

"Just wanted to tell you quickly: The T-shirt you wore today looked really good on you."

Make him curious - this way you will definitely never get out of his head!

"OMG, I have them craziest Story that I absolutely have to tell you tomorrow !! You will not believe it! Meet me tomorrow during recess in the school yard! "

Show him your spontaneous side - challenge your crush to a bet!

"Let's please bet for 5 € that Ms. Meyer will say in math tomorrow at least 15 times out loud" äääähhhm! "

Take a break from your homework - text him and let him know you are thinking of him!

“I'm so tired of doing homework right now… What are you doing? Want to distract me? ;-) "

Make him aware of your common interests - because commonalities connect!

“Do you just have the new episode Dark seen? We must absolutely talk about the very last scene !! "

Send him a funny meme - humor also connects!

"[Meme] Look, I had to think of you with this meme: D"

Make a deliberate typo - oopsiiii!

"Hey Hotness!" [...] "Oops ... of course I meant 'Hey Max' ... always this Autocorrect!; P"

Ask him with emojis - because emojis say more than a thousand words!

„🎥+ 🍕 = ❓“

Important when flirting with text messages: Be yourself!

No matter what message you ultimately choose, the most important thing is always: Be yourself! For example, if you are more of the serious, quiet type, don't try to be totally funny and crazy all of a sudden. Be authentic and only text your crush that you are 100% comfortable with. This is how you will definitely succeed in SMS flirting!