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Emergency signal (transmission tower 1DL-109)

For an overview of all emergency signals, see emergency signal.

Distress signal




Emergency signal (transmission tower 1DL-109) is a radio signal in Fallout 4. It can be received after the satellite dishes on the 1DL-109 transmission tower have been extended.


The message comes from an amateur radio box, which is located - southeast of the transmission tower - in an overturned blue railroad car. A couple of wild ghouls hang around the wagon and in the surrounding area. The car can be entered through an inconspicuous hatch on the side, which is covered by bushes. Inside you can find the amateur radio box next to the mortal remains of the woman, and a locked wooden box (entry-level lock) still offers some loot.

The transmission is stopped after you have interacted with the amateur radio box.


If anyone can hear me, my son and I are trapped and need help. We were followed by (hesitates) something, but we were able to escape into this railroad car. But it knows where we are. Thomas is hurt and needs ... Oh no, it opened the door! Run 'Thomas, out with you!
This is a record. The message will repeat in three seconds.


This radio signal can only be used in Fallout 4 be received.