Which bikes are best for wheelies?

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Light cross or trial, enduro machine with a high center of gravity. You don't pull up a Harley.
Only on firm ground (grass, asphalt), on sand, increases the risk of falling.
It's not difficult at all, just be careful with the throttle.
Bastian Otto
There are several forums on the Internet that deal with the topic of wheely. If you enter the search term "learn wheely" in the search engine, some links will appear. There you will find information, tips and tricks and also some experience reports. Where to practice best depends on where you live.
Ideally a light machine, for example an enduro. Something doesn't break that quickly and if so, the costs are kept within limits. Before starting, it is essential to put on a back protection / back protector.

Private open areas are ideal as a practice area. Most farmers don't mind if you ask them politely. As long as they're far off the beaten track.
With a Wheely, the motorcycle is not that important. You should definitely not use a new machine for this, as bad falls are inevitable at the beginning. To learn a Wheely you can attend special courses. One tip is the Wheely Days by Lothar Schauer. There you can learn the tricks on special exercise bikes for 199 euros. http://www.moto-action.de/wheely-days/info-fluss.html
So the wheely days at Lothar Schauer are more than recommended. I'm just coming from the event. 16 participants, all of whom at the end of the day were even able to ride a Wheely from standing at the tipping point and the whole thing without a single fall on the day (by the way, according to LS, this is the normal case!) Ability and confidence in the matter systematically and there is actually nothing in wheeling that would require any courage. However, this is probably due to the fact that LS is really able to convey the right technology.
Practice bikes were 250cc Kawasakis KLX, so small enduros. With the right technology, you can probably do it with any moped.
In any case, falls are definitely not inevitable if you learn to do so properly. In any case, 199, - Eus for a course are always cheaper than turning your motorcycle with dangerous half-knowledge into core scrap and endangering yourself or others.