Who inspired you to paint?

1. Get out!

You sit inside in front of the white canvas and are frustrated because you just can't think of anything to paint? Let's go, put on your jacket and go out! Take a long walk through nature and try to do so mindful and conscious to be in the here and now as possible.

  • What do you see?
  • Which colors are predominant today?
  • Which ones stand out for you in particular?
  • What do you come across on the way?
  • Are there animals, people, plants, occurrences that particularly attract your attention?
  • What is it that particularly fascinates you?
  • What can you see, feel, feel, smell, hear?

The more mindful and observant you are, the more inspiration you will take home from your walk. You'll be bubbling over with ideas!
Not for nothing have countless artists at all times Inspiration from nature scooped up.

2. Music on - dance!

When was the last time you had your Favorite music belongs?

Which song are you particularly keen on now?

Turn up the system and let your best song sink in. Close your eyes and enjoy and let the pictures pass you by, which are now created by the music. Maybe you feel like too to dance And move to the rhythms of the music

Feel free, enjoy, have fun!

  • What colors are emerging now in front of your inner eye?
  • Which patterns, motifs, ideas?
  • What memories may arise in you that want to be painted?
  • What does the music give you, what wants to be on the screen?

Let yourself be guided entirely by your intuition - do not force anything and welcome everything!

3. Play and experiment!

You can't think of anything? Then just go for it!

Take your favorite colors and tools to hand or make a conscious choice Material you have NEVER used before.

  • Why not paint with coffee instead of brown watercolors?
  • Why not try out which materials you can use to conjure up structures in your acrylic painting (paper, kitchen paper, foil, woven fabrics, lentils, peas, oat flakes (no joke!), ...).

Just paint without intention.

If you approach your picture too cautiously, you quickly run out of ideas because your own standards are simply too high. Playing and experimenting is about nothing - and you can just freely engage in the creative process.

Here we go!

Take your inner child by the hand and go with a large portion A spirit of discovery and a thirst for adventure of your picture!

Be curious what will come of it! Your picture will paint itself as if by itself.

4. Browse Pinterest!

Pinterest is a real one Source of inspiration. There are so many wonderful ideas, pictures, photos, illustrations, drawings, sketches,…. Incredible!

Take your time and browse the platform to your heart's content - either search for topics you like or simply browse through Pinterest suggestions: You can use the "Discover" symbol to find numerous wonderful ideas, trends and inspiration. I promise you, you won't go back to your canvas with an empty head!

(but be careful: Don't paint - just let yourself be inspired! Let your feelings lead you to colors, motifs, images that you really want to see now. Then go back to canvas or paper WITHOUT a template and let your pens and brushes guide you for your very own ideas for painting!)

5. Continue painting instead of starting again!

Do you have old pictures at home that were never finished?

You made sketches but never painted the picture for them?

Do you have old canvases waiting to be painted over?

Then go: Now is the time to to continue working on an old idea, instead of starting over.

  • Especially when you feel empty of ideas, it is often easier to continue working on something that has already started.
  • You can also take a picture and go through it a second picture in a small series complete.
  • Or one variant create from an image that you have particularly enjoyed in the past.

Most ideas for painting are not new anyway - just a new kind of something that already exists. Pick up something that has been waiting for you for a long time - and finish it now!