What are business papers

What do I have to consider with business stationery templates?

Professional business papers underline your competence. The effort put into a customer meeting - from the well-groomed appearance to the product presentation - should of course also be invested in the business papers.

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  1. Criteria for a "business paper template"
  2. Legal terms
  3. Documents for download

1. Criteria for a business paper template

In principle, the business papers should have a uniform look (corporate identity). Usually these are provided with the company logo. Regardless of whether it is an invoice, inquiry, reminder or offer, the following points should be on the company documents:

  • Sender, possibly with company logo
  • receiver
  • date
  • Subject
  • content
  • Closing formula
  • Footnote: Company data such as VAT number, telephone number, etc.

2. Legal Terms

According to the law:

  • the legal form,
  • the company headquarters,
  • Commercial register number and registered office

on your business documents.

With everbill you can give your business stationery a personal touch. Read here how exactly it works to personalize the stationery.

Documents for download

After you have implemented your personal design for the business stationery, you will find templates for:

Business papers represent your company. They should be well thought out and designed consistently. After all, they serve as a business card for your EPU or SME and it says a lot about how you work: If one document is not the same, it looks unprofessional - and that is the last impression you want to give your customers.