What if a friend is possessive

Friend is possessive - what to do?

Hello my dears,
My boyfriend and I have been together for a good six months and at the beginning everything was very harmonious, but now I have the feeling that I am with an actor .. actually he is very loving and attentive but over time he became pathologically jealous and starts getting more and more extreme to control myself, for example I am not allowed to go out in the evening without him and if I meet a friend for coffee, I have to send him a photo proof so that he knows that I'm really not doing anything else.
Despite all the control, he thinks I'm cheating ...
Due to his constant mistrust, we have constant arguments and the topic of separation has also come up several times. He often disrespects me in an argument and is very aggressive towards me, but when he comes down he apologizes a thousand times and says he would never want me to go ..
Another point of contention is his desire to have children, he would like to have a child with me right away and accuse me of not loving him if I say that after six months of relationship I don't want a child, even if I definitely have children myself would like to.
Since we argue every other day, at some point I confided in his mother, who told me unsurprised that he had played a lot for me at the beginning ..
Now I don't know what to do next, I can't deal with his jealousy, his accusations, etc.
My friend treats me as if I were his property - do you have similar experiences and can you change someone who is like that?
Or is separation the only solution?