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Meditation on the 4 levels of awareness.

The meditation on the four levels of awareness helps you to become more conscious in all areas of your being and is a wonderful basic meditation.

Brief overview:

1st stage: feel the body. Feel your body with loving mindfulness. Perceive all sensations without judging them. See in which areas you can let go even more. Feel the limits of your body and perceive the life within your body as it shows itself in this moment.
2nd stage: perceiving feelings. Perceive your feelings. Which feeling is most present at the moment? Which one is below? Perceiving means recognizing what is and feeling without rejecting the feeling. Here, too, be conscious with loving mindfulness and invite all feelings to show themselves to you. Even the so-called "cellar children" that you don't want to have. Part of you still remains an observer while you fully affirm your feelings.
3rd stage: observing thoughts. Now observe your thoughts with the same loving mindfulness. Let the thoughts pass you by without letting them drag you along. Don't judge them, just watch them like a movie.
4th level: Feel deeply into the eternal being that you are.Now go beyond these three levels. Who has this body, these feelings and these thoughts? Ask yourself: who am I? Feel deeply into the eternal being that you are. Let the answer arise in the heart, do not search with your mind!

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