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A round trip

“I hate tie-dye t-shirts. I would never wear one - unless it were stained with the urine of Phil Collins and the blood of Jerry Garcia. «It is probably not possible to express more vividly than Kurt Cobain in the early nineties what rock circles mean by tie-dye. to keep traditionally. The do-it-yourself dyeing technique, in which fabric is first tied and then dipped in color, became popular in America in the sixties, and from then on it was considered hippie shit. The circular, flower-like patterns are the textile counterpart to an illustrious LSD trip, actually Cobain's terrain. But you might get in a bad mood when not only the hallucinations in your head, but also the piece of fabric on your body is so psychedelically colorful that it pulls the seals out in front of the mirror.

It is not known which components Chris Martin's tie-dye shirt was dyed with, but the mixture obviously suits the taste of the Coldplay singer. He first appeared about a year and a half ago in a blue t-shirt with a tie-dye pattern on the side. Then he wore a jacket with tie-dye circles. Finally, the matching pants. The look went “viral” for him, at least, which was initially attributed to the fact that Kanye West had recently been seen in a tie-dye shirt and the effect reappeared even with Valentino and Saint Laurent.

While tie-dye quickly disappeared with the others, because such a supposed taboo break (cool guy actually wears uncool pattern, which in turn makes it extra cool) wears off quickly, Chris Martin stuck with it: He wore a white shirt with circles on his shoulder and right side at the Superbowl in February of last year and although he came across as a harmless flower child between Beyoncé with stylized ammunition belts on his body and Bruno Mars in black leather outfit, he has been happily continuing with it ever since. At the “Tribute to Manchester” or at a concert in Munich he wore the blue batik variant, and he can always be seen in it privately, always with a tight long sleeve underneath. Not even the Kastelruther Spatzen manage to be so consistent.

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Of course there are reasons: Coldplay's last album "A head full of dreams" is in a sense a hippie album, as Chris Martin explained in interviews, including previous self-awareness and self-cleaning. The record cover is adorned with an acid-colored "flower of life" print, the geometric creation pattern. But because a nice band like Coldplay tends to be drug-free, there is only the textile trip - and Martin obviously got stuck on it.

Just as Mark Zuckerberg only wears gray T-shirts and Jean Paul Gaultier mostly wears a sailor look, the singer is now the batik man. It's not particularly cool, but it serves the same purpose as any uniform: Recognition in times of flood of images increases tremendously, the time spent choosing clothes and shopping is almost zero. Ultimately, Chris Martin has arrived at what so many secretly strive for: in a deeply relaxed style nirvana that is decoupled from fashion.

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