Why do I always dream of falling

Dream interpretation fall

The very idea of ​​losing the ground underfoot and falling deep makes most people uncomfortable.

The cause is the fear of falling, for example as a result of a fall or a sporting mishap. This type of physical loss of control can not only be very uncomfortable, a fall can also have dire consequences. Nevertheless, falling has always been an adventurous experience, an exciting and instructive experience. It is not for nothing that so many people enjoy plopping into the water, flying into other people's arms or - in the more extreme form - falling from a great height, secured only by a rubber rope or a parachute. And also the symbolic "Letting yourself go" is positively linked as a dream image.

But what does it mean when you dream that you will fall or fall? As is so often the case, it depends on the exact circumstances of your dream and the feelings you feel about it. What can be said in advance: Usually it is more negative sensations such as fear or horror that go hand in hand with dreams of falling.

Would you like to learn more about the different dream situations about falling and their possible interpretations? Then take a look at the most common dreams about the symbol “falling” that we have compiled for you below!

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Dream symbol "falling" - The most common dreams about the symbol

"Falling down" - what is hidden behind the dream?

The dream symbol "fall fall" often indicates a loss. Above all, it is important to pay attention to the exact details of the dream, as they contain important information about the fall or the crash. Was there a plane crash? If so, plans should be reconsidered. If one falls in the dream, this can also announce that the efforts of the sleeper in the waking world are finally paying off. If another person falls, it is often a sign of envy and jealousy.

Seeing someone fall as a dream scene

Seeing someone fall into the water, a dream analysis

As a dream, falling into the water is usually a warning. It is possible that negative developments are announcing themselves, which often relate to the financial situation of the dreamer. Unfortunately, a project cannot be implemented in the way the person concerned would have liked - the image of the water reminds us to let go of an idea. If you are not careful, you can get into great distress.

To see someone fall out of the window - a great shock in a dream!

You have to watch helplessly in the dream world as a person falls out of the window. Many a dreaming person has already awakened from such a sleep experience with a pounding heart. The person should be careful when falling out of the dream window, especially if he falls himself: a conflict may be imminent, and the person concerned should not rely on outside support. - But don't worry, if you rely on your inner strength, you will be able to cope with the difficulties.

People fall and die. Death in a dream

To see the death of people who fall into the depths in a dream is frightening and can turn into a nightmare for sensitive people. If the falling people are unknown and strange in reality, small, everyday problems in the waking world are very worrying. The dreamer is overloaded and nervously stressed. You should find compensation or medical advice, otherwise - in the worst case - an inner emptiness could develop into depression.

Are the falling, who die, loved ones with familiar faces, then the dreaming should think about how he can strive for more social contacts. Having a stable social network is important in bad times. In good ones too, of course.

Ouch! Even falling down in the dream world

If someone falls in the dream world, this can be an indication, especially on a psychological level, that the person has fears within himself. These fears can be of very different nature and range from fear of life to fear of failure to fear of losing control. From a general point of view, one's own fall usually indicates a danger from outside.

Who or what fell in a dream?

Tree falls! Falling trees in a dream

Even if it may initially only look like the spectacular fall of a green giant, a falling tree in the dream has a much deeper meaning: In this dream image there is an impaired life force as well as a lack of structure in the life of the dreaming. A fallen almond tree often illustrates the end of a happy phase of life; a more common tree like an oak, tipped over, indicates that a separation from a loved one may be imminent.

Falling child - traveling in a hurry?

If you see a child stumble and fall in the dream world, this can herald a new phase of life, before which, however, some obstacles have to be overcome. Furthermore, it is possible that the falling child symbolizes dependency and immature behavior on the part of the dreamer. If you see a child falling off the swing, you are struggling with your own childish personality. Maybe you approached a matter too naively?

The dream symbol "falling objects"

If a situation appears in the dream in which objects fall down, it is important for the interpretation of this dream to pay attention to which things were the ones that fell. For example, the shards or broken glass from fallen porcelain or a vase stand for luck, but also for injury and high spirits. If larger objects such as furniture such as a chair or sofa suddenly fall from above in a dream scene, the dreaming person should be particularly careful with family matters - there is a risk of misunderstandings.

Dream shooting stars fall, oh how beautiful!

A positive dream symbol is to see falling stars in the dream world. Here there is the possibility that long-cherished wishes will come true in the near future or that a completely unexpected experience will be announced, which will trigger joy in the sleeping person. If the shooting star meets the dreaming at the fall, positive events could arise with regard to love. Perhaps the person had been hoping for it for a long time.

Where to and from what fall? Nightmares of falling

Falling down the stairs: painful even in a dream

The staircase is often equated in the dream interpretation with a link between the individual areas of the personality of the dreamer. Falling off the stairs can symbolize a loss of power in relation to one's own personality. Falling down the stairs in a dream is also the expression for an impending disappointment, but also a personal development, triggered by the disillusionment.

A falling elevator: horror fear dream!

An elevator crash can be a real nightmare. Anyone who dreams of an elevator crash may actually have a real fear of falling in an elevator. Regardless of this, the crash of a lift can also symbolize that the dreamer has too high demands on himself. The sleeping person is very likely to fail unless they finally set their own limits lower.

Falling from high-rise building in dream interpretation

Falling from a building, such as a high-rise, warns of rash actions. In addition, falling of a building can mean that the dreaming desires certain properties, which he can only achieve with difficulty due to doubts and lack of self-confidence. In this case, it is better to focus less on what other people are good at and master, but rather to promote your own abilities.

Falling off a cliff - danger to life!

To fall from a slope or a cliff in a dream symbolically represents the fear of failure and of not being able to master a challenge in the real world. You may have set yourself certain goals in life that may have been set too high and you are slowly realizing that they are not fully achievable.

Dream of falling into the depths - endless fall?

In front of us the abyss, the depths - what follows is a deep fall, an unstoppable fall into the bottomlessness. But what is hidden behind such a dream? Even if the dream event can be interpreted differently, it is also a rather negative dream that stands for difficult situations and losses.

Plop! Falling into a hole in a dream

If one falls into a hole in the dream world, it is very possible that one still suffers from the consequences of bad treatment by others. However, in this context the dream can also be understood as a call to finally actively deal with it and process the events in order to look into a positive future.

When something fails in dreams

Falling teeth: a disgusting dream!

Dreams of tooth loss and tooth loss can be very diverse and range from loose teeth to broken and rotten teeth to dream events in which all teeth fall out. Often times, dreams of losing teeth symbolize a loss or failure in the real world. The loss can relate to any area of ​​life: from the separation from the partner to losing a piece of jewelry, to the loss of a job or a lack of energy.

Hair falls out in a dream

Hair loss in a dream can herald times in the waking world that will be rather depressing for the person concerned. Especially on a psychological level, the dreamer's fear of losses of various kinds in private and professional areas is also reflected in the falling hair. Stress often plays a role here. When the dream image “hair is falling out” appears, it is even possible to have a burial soon.

Letting go: devotion and love in your sleep

Even if fall dreams are often interpreted negatively, a positive message can be recognized in a dream in which the dreaming "lets himself fall" and accepts emotions. Letting go of dreams makes the sleeper understand that, on the one hand, he has the ability to devote himself fully to one thing. On the other hand, he has a deep trust in other people.

Dream symbol "fall" - the general interpretation

First of all, a moving, intense dream of falling can be pure medical cause to have. You probably know that moment shortly before falling asleep, when you suddenly have the feeling of falling down and then waking up again, frightened. This is a reaction of the body to the entry into the resting phase. The muscles relax and the limbs twitch.

At the same time, the organ of equilibrium in the inner ear has already adjusted to the sleeping position and therefore reacts differently. For the (almost) asleep this feels like a stumble. One is frightened, tries automatically to catch the fall and wakes up in the process.

Even in later stages of sleep, falling dreams can be a reaction to an excessive drop in blood pressure and the associated lack of blood flow to the brain during sleep. In these moments, sleepers dream that they fall or fall over and wake up. If such fall-dreams occur very frequently, a thorough medical one is necessary Cardiovascular check-up advisable.

Fall dreams can, however, also be interpreted meaningfully - namely if they appear not as a purely physical reaction, but rather as part of a context. Generally interpreted, a dream of falling can be interpreted as warning be understood:

The dreamer should remain attentive and realistic even in familiar situations. The person shouldn't lose sight of their goal. Or in short: you shouldn't take off. If we fly to it in a dream, fall down or hit the ground, this can indicate dangers that await us in the future.

Other causes of a dream about falling can be loss Self-confidence be or be drastic changes in life that force the dreamer to a new description and definition of his own goals and values. The precise circumstances of the fall are decisive for the exact interpretation of the dream event of falling.

Further interpretations of the dream symbol "fall":

  • Fall into a ditch: loss of image through self-inflicted
  • Injury when falling: Warning of invisible bad intentions of third parties
  • stumbling without falling: overcoming obstacles happily
  • Falling over objects, for example stones or from the sidewalk: important insights for your own future
  • Falling from a great height: unforeseen misfortune, loss.

Dream symbol "to fall" - the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol of falling refers to fears of life, lack of self-confidence and doubt. A distinction must be made here between dreams in which you slip and stumble - that is, fall - from those in which you fall into the depths. Fall dreams represent temporary problems and how to overcome them.

A fall into the bottomlessness, to a depth with no visible bottom, is mostly interpreted as a sign of low self-confidence and general fears. The dreamer is faced with a situation that appeals to him Overwhelmedthat he thinks he cannot cope with. This is accompanied by doubts about one's own abilities, coupled with fear of failure.

A dream of free fall can also mean that the sleeper is the symbolic "Ground under your feet" was torn away. This feeling often arises in situations of loss: Perhaps a loved one has died or the person affected has lost their job or feared that they would lose it in the near future.

Fall dreams can symbolize the loss of power and public standing. They can be an indication of the lost self-reference or also as a warning to be understood from superficiality, daring and arrogance. This is especially true for dreams in which sleepers balance uncertainly and finally fall.

If a parachute appears in the dream, then this is a sign to be evaluated well. Because if you can open a parachute in the dream world, this symbolizes this ability Strength and courage. They see possible solutions for their situation and have the will to overcome fears.

The founder of psychological dream interpretation, Sigmund Freud, had dream motifs about falling sexual importance to. According to the famous psychoanalyst, dreams of falling refer to difficulties in contact and inner inhibitions as well as the desire to overcome these and to "let go" emotionally.

Dream symbol "to fall" - the spiritual interpretation

A dream of falling is always about fearswhich can often be of a spiritual nature. The negative case experience is not infrequently accompanied by a strong feeling of Relief and liberation connected.