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  • Dedicatd Server for Windows and Linux
  • Managed server: 100% performance without administration effort
  • Inexpensive V-Servers from 1 € for Windows and Linux

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Rent a powerful Minecraft server

Minecraft is a popular computer game played by people from all over the world Build your own block constructions in a virtual 3D worldthat you can also explore. In order to implement his construction project, the player must collect various resources. Occasionally, monsters make life difficult for you. The game is similar to other open world games such as Starbound or Terraria and is twice as much fun in multiplayer mode with friends.
Often times, however, servers are overloaded, which can lead to lags and connection errors. This is of course particularly annoying. With a powerful game server from STRATO you can avoid such problems.
  • Exactly suitable for your needs: Large selection of different server types
  • Access to all game settings and modifications
  • Password protection for control and security

Different server types to choose from

When looking for the right server, STRATO offers you a multitude of options. Which server type you choose depends on your storage space requirements and hardware performance. Depending on your personal preference, you can opt for a Minecraft server with Linux or Windows as the operating system.

Install Minecraft on Windows servers

If you want to install Minecraft on your Windows server, do the following:

  1. Make sure you have the latest Java version installed.
  2. Download the current version of the Minecraft server from the Minecraft download page.
  3. Save this file in a new folder on your server and run the file.
  4. In order for the server to start, change the entry in the "eula.txt" file eula = false on eula = true.
  5. Determine how much Random Access Memory (RAM) Minecraft should be available.
  6. To continue configuring the server, first stop it and then make changes to the file. Here you enter, for example, the port via which users can access your server from outside. In Minecraft, this is standard Port 25565.
  7. Your teammates have to IP address of your server and the port to use the multiplayer mode.

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Install Minecraft on Linux servers

Of course it is also possible to install Minecraft on a server with Linux. To do this, follow the steps below, similar to Windows:

  1. Check that the latest Java version is installed on your server.
  2. Download the current version of the Minecraft server for Linux from the Minecraft download page.
  3. Open the downloaded file “minecraft_server.jar” using Java and the server will be installed.
  4. Here, too, it can happen that you still click on eula = true need to adjust.
  5. As with Windows, you assign a port for external access. By default, this is also the Port 25565.

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Settings and security

Anyone who hosts their own server is fully responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. In addition, the server must have sufficient performance - this is particularly important for the multiplayer mode. You keep that complete access on the game server and can make game settings and modifications manage independently.

With a password protection decide who can access your server. But there is also the possibility to open the access for everyone. With a large number of gamers in particular, security is of crucial importance. All STRATO servers are in one well protected data center in Germany. Nevertheless, you should also ensure that you use passwords that are as secure as possible.

Minecraft's multiplayer mode

If you rent your own server for Minecraft, you benefit from many advantages: The Multiplayer mode Certainly represents the biggest plus point. Playing with friends in a team and building new worlds together increases the already great fun. Since the character in the game can also starve to death or be killed by monsters, it is advantageous to work with multiple players in the search for food or in the fight against creatures. The communication required for this is simplified by Teamspeak. This makes it possible to communicate with your fellow players simultaneously using a headset while playing. Many virtual architects want to set up their own private Minecraft server and the Adjust game settings according to your individual preferencesto enjoy the best possible gaming experience together as a team. A separate Minecraft server at STRATO offers you security and complete control over access.

That's why it's worth having your own Minecraft server

  • Quick installation
  • Game settings can be set individually
  • Different server types and suitable memory for every need
  • High level of control and security thanks to password protection and reliable German data centers
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