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MIUI - How to Use the No. 1 Custom ROM from China

Xiaomi Tech was only founded in 2010 and has seen a rapid rise since then. In China, it is already number one for smartphones. Worldwide, this company ranked third behind Samsung and Apple in 2014 with around 60 million smartphones sold.

In addition to the low price, the Android-based ROM MIUI is a guarantee for the success of the devices. The name pulls the three words "Me You I" together. The sixth major version of the custom ROM is now available.

Xiaomi Tech delivers the firmware not only for its own devices, but also for numerous smartphones and tablets from other manufacturers. On the download page you can get an initial overview of whether your hardware is also supported.

Different versions of MIUI

In the first step, you can filter by the manufacturer of your device. As a result, you will receive a list of the supported models. This is divided according to the different versions of MIUI. The latest is MIUI 6 and uses Android 5 as the basis. However, it is not yet widely available for all third-party manufacturers. For many older devices, Xiaomi only offers MIUI V5, which is based on Android 4.4 Kitkat. Many integrated apps are available in both versions, such as the Mi Cloud or the in-house app store. Due to the different Android versions, however, there are also other options for devices with Android 5 support.

Preparations before installation

Before you start installing the ROM, you should create a "Mi Account". This is more conveniently done on your PC than on a smartphone or tablet. To do this, go to the log-in website and register with your email address. In the next step, set a password; no further data is required. After logging in for the first time, you will see the "Control Center" for administering your device.

The Mi account is crucial for the use of other functions such as Mi Cloud or Mi Talk. The “Mi Account” website summarizes the central settings. You can also set a new password there and set various options. If the mail account that you used for registration is not sufficient for you, you can alternatively set a security question "Security Question" or enter a telephone number. In the second case, you will then receive the new password as a short message on your phone.

Instead of a password, you can also use your Facebook account for identification. You manage the resulting authorizations via "Activation Authorization".