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Coin counters and banknote counters online

With the cash calculator you can count euro coins and euro bills online and free of charge at any time. The cash calculator automatically shows you the individual sums as well as the complete cash amount.

In this way, you can quickly and easily determine the monetary value of a cash balance, from small change from the domestic money box to extensive cash receipts. The cash calculator is just as helpful if you want to put together suitable denominations for a desired amount of cash, for example for change.

The cash calculator offers various input options: On the one hand, you can enter the number of coins and notes directly. Alternatively, the number of pieces increases or decreases by clicking on the plus symbol or minus symbol each in individual steps - very practical for the targeted compilation of precisely fitting denominations. And finally - especially convenient when counting cash - you can also click directly on the images. Here, too, the number of pieces increases by 1 each time.

The cash calculator adds up all entries in real time, directly as they are entered. This means you can keep an eye on your cash holdings, all the individual sums of coins and banknotes and the total at any time. Offsetting is thus ruled out.

If you want to save your result, the cash calculator also offers the option of saving the complete overview of the cash holdings, including all denominations and sums, as a PDF file or printing it out directly.

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