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These were the most popular online courses in 2017

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Some topics and courses are included searched more often than others.

Which of the courses were particularly popular in 2017?

Below we show you a selection of the video courses that were offered by German-speaking users were most viewed (Was standing: Middle of December).

These online lectures and courses were particularly popular with users

Computer science

Java is considered one of the most important programming languages ​​and is therefore also popular with online learners. Java for beginners is available in this video course (MOOC) of the openHPI. The course runs for 4 weeks and does not require any programming experience. A detailed list of the Java courses from various providers is also available here.

The practical basics of Web development are taught in an online course on Udemy, which has also been viewed frequently. In almost 30 hours of video lessons, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python are explained for beginners. You can also find a more detailed course overview on web development here.

An online lecture at TU Darmstadt gives learners a more abstract introduction to the Basics of computer science. It contains over 100 video lessons and accompanying slides.

The University of Karlsruhe (KIT) is providing a video lecture for Program freely available. This is less intended for practical learning of a programming language, but primarily for explaining the basic concepts of algorithms and the computer-friendly modeling of problems. Programming examples are mapped in Java.


The Basics of business administration you can learn with an online lecture at the University of Hamburg. Interested learners will be given a first introduction to business administration in 10 lectures. (By the way, you can find more business administration lectures in this overview.)

The also comes from the University of Hamburg Basic course in economics. Participants get an overview of the two important sub-areas of economics (micro and macroeconomics).

How to be professional with Excel is learned in a video course at Udemy, which has also been widely viewed. This includes the basics of functions, formulas and pivot tables, among other things. A detailed overview of available Excel courses for beginners and experts can be found in this article.


A series of lectures on Electrical engineering. The series of the Clausthal University of Technology dates from 2005, but many important basic concepts are still presented up to date. (Alternatively, for an understanding of electrical engineering, the lessons from ET tutorials can also be used.)


Admittedly, this is not a very easy topic Relationship between body and mindas discussed extensively in philosophy. In a lecture recording from the University of Tübingen, learners can systematically deal with the relevant considerations of philosophical thought leaders.

In contrast, a series of lectures at the University of Hanover contains an easily understandable general one Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy. This is designed for freshmen and therefore also suitable for interested participants without prior knowledge. This article also contains a detailed overview of philosophy courses for beginners.


There is also great interest among online learners in psychology. From the almost 100 psychology courses in our search portal, the video course in particular became the Basics of psychology frequently viewed by Lecturio.


In the subject of history, many users were interested in topics related to middle Ages Interested. Here, among other things, the lecture series of the University of Tübingen was often called up, which contains an introduction to this historical epoch.


What freshman student would not like "Finally understand math"? A popular online course on the German MOOC platform mooin contains all the important basics for starting your studies (including script), including for the fields of engineering and mechanical engineering.


A Introduction to Astronomy for physics students there is this lecture at the University of Frankfurt. Alternatively, the somewhat simpler lecture series from Tübingen or Zurich are suitable for learners without detailed knowledge of physics.


Finally, in the field of biology, an introductory lecture at ETH Zurich was called relatively often. Here a Swiss lecturer gives a comprehensive overview of the most important Basics of biology, from evolution to the structure of a cell and metabolism.

(You can find all online courses on all topics here.)

What does this list say?

The often called not necessarily have to best rated or the on most often completed Courses, so this says first of all little about the quality of offers.

It is also clear that free offers more often at first be considered. That is why this list also contains a disproportionately large number of lecture recordings. In contrast, users often actually complete the better quality video coursesthat are specially created for online learning and offer course certificates.

Despite these limitations, the list is there insight especially popular online learning topics

And maybe it also contains ideas for your own digital education and training?

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