How kind are you to strangers

Why are we often much nicer to strangers than to people who are close to us?

- Take a break. If this feeling of irritability comes from satiety, it means you need to take a break if you don't want to cause tragedy. In fact, just imagining moving away from a person can be enough to induce a feeling of gratitude. In fact, nothing binds us to anything more than the thought of losing it.
- Create sociable situations. When being with someone you love brings out the most irritable and negative part of yourself while being totally adorable in other company, combining the two things can be a good challenge: creating moments in which you are with your family member and acquaintances. Your compulsion to be kind will extend to your relationship with the family member as well.
- Cultivate your own interests. When a relationship becomes conflicted, there can be many reasons for it. However, one thing you can do is eliminate the problems that arise from your discomfort with yourself. To do this, you have to find yourself again by doing something on your own. This will help to clarify your ideas and maybe you can then approach conflict situations with more clarity and without the stress of being tight.
In general, we should never treat loved ones worse than strangers. When we do this, there can be many different reasons and they are good to investigate. What we have given you is food for thought, and the information that satiety, habit, or pride can lead to irreversible alienation.