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Can You Freeze Cooked Pinto Beans?

Q. My son is very fond of cooked pinto bean rice, but since he's young and just learning how to cook, I usually still cook for him. The other day he decided to make something himself and fails to understand how much dry pinto beans are used to get a few servings cooked. Anyway, to make a long story short, we now have a pot of cooked pinto beans that we don't know what to do with. I thought of just throwing the extra away, but he suggested we freeze it so next time he could just thaw a few beans without having to boil a saucepan. Can You Freeze Cooked Pinto Beans?

Can You Freeze Cooked Pinto Beans?

A. Yes, you can absolutely freeze cooked pinto beans. Dried beans take so long to cook it's a great way to save time and ultimately money because canned beans are so much more expensive. The trick is to freeze them so they don't dry out and then thaw them so they don't turn to mush. Fortunately, both are pretty easy to do.

How do you freeze cooked pinto beans?

The first step is to start with freshly cooked beans. Cooked beans will spoil pretty quickly, and nothing is worse than the smell of rotting beans! Allow the cooked pinto beans to cool and then drain about 3/4 of the cooking liquid. If the beans are already drained, then you need to add a little water or a little broth.

Portion the cooked pinto beans in the desired portion sizes. If your son is the only one really eating them, about ½ to ¾ cup servings should work. Scoop the cooked pinto beans into freezer bags or freezer containers and add enough liquid to cover the beans. This will prevent them from drying out or freezing. If you freeze in a hard container, remove the excess air or place a piece of plastic wrap over the beans. Seal the bag or secure the lid to the container. Label and date the pinto beans. Frozen cooked pinto beans are best used within 3-4 months of freezing.

To use frozen cooked pinto beans, thaw them in the refrigerator for hours or overnight rather than quickly defrosting them in the microwave. If you thaw them slowly, they will keep their shape and consistency. Add cooked pinto beans to each recipe in the final minutes of cooking. The beans are already cooked and just need to be warmed through. Excess cooking breaks them down and turns them to a pulp.