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Blue Bayou - Blue Bayou

" Blue Bayou "is a song by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson. It was originally sung and recorded by Orbison, who in 1963 had an international hit with his version of it later Linda Ronstadt 's signature song, with which she had a top 5 hit Their cover in 1977 had the song has since been recorded by many others.

Roy Orbison version


"Blue Bayou" was originally recorded in late 1961 by Roy Orbison. In the UK it was released by London Monument as a double A-side track with "Mean Woman Blues" on a Monument Records single (HLU 9777) both sides reached number 3. In the US it was released as a single on the B-side published and reached number 29; The A-side, "Mean Woman Blues," peaked at number 5. The song also appeared on Orbison's 1963 album In dreams . According to the official US discography by Marcel Riesco's Roy Orbison, a rare other version of "Blue Bayou" was only released in Italy (London 45-HL 1499).

"Blue Bayou" appeared on his posthumous album in 1989 A Black & White Night Live from the television special from 1988 on Cinemax again.

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7 "vinyl

USA: Monument Records 824

Side one

  1. "Blue Bayou" (Roy Orbison, Joe Melson) - 2:29 - Recorded in late 1961.

Side two

  1. "Mean Woman Blues" (Claude Demetrius) - 2:23

Chart performance

References in popular culture

This song has been used in several films including:

Jacques Cousteau recorded an abridged version of the song during a "River Explorations" episode describing environmental changes on the Mississippi. This song was also used in the Netflix digital series Stranger Things (season 2, episode 6).

Linda Ronstadt version


Linda Ronstadt brought the song to number 3 in late 1977 Billboard Hot 100 , where it took place for four weeks, as well as at No. 2 Country and No. 3 Easy Listening. It also reached # 2 and stayed there for four weeks Cash box Top 100 table.

The single was awarded RIAA-certified gold in January 1978 (for sales of over 1 million US copies). It was the first of Ronstadt's three gold singles. Don Henley of the Eagles sang backup on the recording. "Blue Bayou" later went platinum (for over 2 million copies sold in the US). It was a worldwide blast.

Ronstadt's version was nominated for a Grammy Award for Record of the Year and for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Ronstadt also recorded a Spanish language version of the song entitled "Lago Azul (Blue Bayou)" which was released on the 1978 single Asylum E-45464, supported by "Lo Siento Mi Vida," a previously released Spanish song by Ronstadt himself wrote down. This version has never been reprinted by Simple Dreams recorded .

Ronstadt later played the song in episode 523 of The Muppet Show which first aired on October 26, 1980 in the UK and on May 16, 1981 in the US.

Because of this song draws Dickson's Baseball Dictionary on that a "Linda Ronstadt" is synonymous with a fastball, a pitch that was "blown away by you". This phrase was coined by Mets broadcaster Tim McCarver during a Mets broadcast in the 1980s.

Ronstadt's version appears in an edited form in the film American Made 2017 .

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7 "vinyl

USA: Asylum Records E-45431

Side one

  1. "Blue Bayou" (Roy Orbison, Joe Melson) - 3:57

Side two

  1. "Old paint (traditional, arranged by Linda Ronstadt) - 3:05

Chart performance

Notable covers

In addition to Orbison and Ronstadt, many other artists have covered "Blue Bayou" in English; Notable versions include:

  • The Dutch singer Piet Veerman and the new cats, 1980, on a single and his album Back to you .
  • Swiss (a reggae singer of Tongan origin in New Zealand), 2012, on the single Blue Bayou (a reggae version of the song).
  • Alisan Porter, winner of the 10th season (2016) of the program The Voice , sang the song during her blind audition and asked all four judges to turn their chairs.
  • Rick Price and Jack Jones have the song on their album California Dreaming (2017) covered.
  • Karli Webster, contestant of the 13th season (2017) of The Voice , sang the song in the knockout games against Janice Freeman. Despite losing the knockout, she came back as a comeback artist for Miley Cyrus on the live shows. However, Webster was eliminated again.
  • Harry Dean Stanton played the song in his biopic Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction .
  • Chris De Burgh played the song on his album Footsteps 2 (2011).
  • Hawaiian singer / guitarist Robi Kahakalau has the Hawaiian-style song on her 2010 album All I Want is All You Need recorded .
  • On December 1, 2020: Kelly Clarkson did this song in her second season of Kellyoke Kelly Clarkson Show covered.


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