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How to lubricate a mosquito bite in children: folk remedies, ointment, treatment for normal and allergic reactions

Regards It seems that a mosquito bite is one of the most harmless things one can expect from an insect. But if this happened at night and the itching does not make you fall asleep, the situation becomes much more uncomfortable.

And if an adult can make an effort without combing the bite in the blood, it's much more difficult for children in that regard. I propose to talk about how to spread a mosquito bite in children so that the itchiness goes away, and with it the desire to constantly comb a small but still sore wound. All the details are below!

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How to anoint a child with mosquito bites

How mosquito bites are smeared on a child depends on the complexity of the symptoms. With a normal reaction of the body, it is enough to use elementary antiseptic sedatives. A pronounced allergic reaction is treated with antihistamines, antiallergic drugs.

Folk remedies

You can anoint a mosquito bite on a child with a homemade remedy or buy it in a pharmacy.

  • The unpleasant manifestations of mosquito bites are eliminated by the essential oils of tea tree, lavender and peppermint. Relieves inflammation, eliminates irritation from marigold oil, sea buckthorn, olives. Apply the drug pointwise to the affected area.
  • A traditional folk antiseptic remedy is baking soda paste. Water is added and mixed to a thick, even consistency. Lubricate the affected area, let it dry, and then just shake it off. Eliminates inflammation, swelling and itching. If necessary, repeat the manipulation.
  • If the child was bitten by mosquitoes, the affected areas should be treated with foam made from household tar. Massage, leave on for 5-15 minutes. Wash off with pleasant water. They also use tar from mosquitoes.
  • You can anoint mosquito bites with vegetable porridge at home. Grated potatoes, carrots on a fine grater, apply to the epidermis. A patch is placed on top and held in place for 15 minutes.
  • Grind an aspirin tablet, add a little water and grease a mosquito bite with a paste. It is forbidden to use the method for vivid manifestations of allergies.
  • Toothpaste helps to soothe the skin, relieve irritation and symptoms. Treat the bite site and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse with water at a comfortable temperature.
  • To anoint so that the mosquito bite does not itch, the inflammation can go away faster with calendula ointment. Traces on the skin disappear in just a few days.
  • If mosquitoes bite the baby badly, then you need to make a paste from a diphenhydramine tablet, lubricate the wounds. Almost immediately relieves itching.

If mosquitoes bit a child in nature, there is no way to use a special tool, helpers use it.

They lubricate wounds with their own saliva, which is a natural antiseptic, celandine juice, dandelion, lemon, cucumber.

Mosquito bites on a child have always been burned with a diamond green alcohol solution (brilliant green), which is a very strong and good antiseptic. Eliminates itching almost instantly.

However, with frequent use, application to sensitive skin leads to the drying out of the epidermis. Brush green skin of a child is allowed no more than 2 times in one place.

Ointment for a newborn

For the treatment of babies, homeopathic medicines based on plant extracts, oils and safe ingredients are allowed to be used.

They are made in the form of gel, balm, cream, milk, lotion. Apply diaper rash ointment, which perfectly soothes the delicate epidermis, accelerates the healing process, an ordinary baby cream.

Treating a child with a normal reaction

A mosquito bite is accompanied by swelling, inflammation, itching. The stain is clearly visible, but the diameter does not exceed 1 cm. There is no severe swelling, rash.

  1. Bepanten. Safe for babies from birth. Eliminates irritation, treats abrasions and helps with insect bites. The composition includes chlorhexidine, a powerful antiseptic. As well as vitamins for the rapid regeneration of the epidermis. Increases the resistance of the infant's skin to the influence of external factors. Apply dot one to five times a day. It does not have an anti-itch effect, but when the epidermis heals, this unpleasant symptom will also go away.
  2. Asterisk A child can be wounded for up to a year with an ointment known since the Soviet Union. It contains around 20 natural ingredients, including oils and plant extracts. The balm has a pleasant smell, is well applied, has a refreshing and calming effect. The relief occurs immediately after the application.
  3. Boro Plus. Children's ointment with a strong antiseptic effect. It is made in 2 options - a tube of green, purple color. Green Boro Plus is suitable for babies from birth. The natural composition is based on plant extracts, oils. It smells good, is quickly absorbed, moisturizes, nourishes, soothes and stimulates cell regeneration. It has a wide range of actions, is actively used by mosquito bites, mosquitos. It should be applied thinly twice a day.
  4. La Cree. Baby cream with soothing, moisturizing, antiseptic and healing properties. Acts on the basis of medicinal plant extracts, panthenol. It smells good, all parts of the body and face can be worked on. Used as an aid in treating severe allergies.

An allergic reaction in infants is common. Severe reddening and swelling appear at the site of the insect infestation. With first aid, the condition will normalize within an hour, but the stain will be there for another week.

Treatment of severe allergies in a child

It is characterized by the lack of a positive tendency to heal within 2 days. Blisters appear in the place of the bite, severe irritation, inflammation, additional rash.

To get rid of unpleasant symptoms, antihistamines and antiallergic drugs are needed. When choosing the right medication, you should focus on age as there are limitations.

  • Suprastin. Classic antihistamine ointment against mosquito bites in children from birth. The active ingredient is chloropyramine hydrochloride. Distribute in problem areas with a thin layer. Use twice a day for the first few days of therapy, as the symptoms disappear, reduce the dosage to once. The course duration should not exceed 5 days.
  • Advantan. If mosquito bites do not go away, the itching does not stop, the redness increases, a hormonal antiallergic ointment is used. Advantan is produced in different forms - cream, lotion, ointment. It is allowed to use from mosquito bites and mosquitoes babies from 6 months, in special cases - from two. Apply a thin layer 1 time per day, maximum twice. The duration of therapy after a mosquito infestation should not exceed 5 days.

Cream against mosquito bites in children can cause allergic reactions. To avoid an uncomfortable situation, the first thing to do is to do a sensitivity test.

Ointment for children from 1 year

With age, immunity no longer reacts sharply to mosquito bites and mosquitoes. A protective reaction occurs that is not so noticeable after an insect infestation.

In some cases, there is an increased tendency to allergies for up to 3-5 years. The choice of drug for the treatment of bites depends on the complexity of the clinical picture. Many others are used with the tools above.

  1. Lifeguard. Oil-based bite gel, plant extracts. Contains tea tree oil, sea buckthorn, lavender, echinacea, terpilin and vitamin E. Eliminates unpleasant symptoms, stimulates tissue regeneration and provides moisture. It smells good and is quickly absorbed. It is allowed to apply if the child is 1 year or younger.
  2. Gel balm from the Moskitol series. Works on the basis of panthenol, plant extracts, allantoin, oils. It smells good, is applied well, is quickly absorbed. The disappearance of itching is observed after 5 minutes, the epidermis is eventually restored if the drug is used for 3-5 days.
  3. Fenistil gel. It is used when mosquitoes, mosquitoes are severely bitten, there is unbearable itching, irritation. Fenistil is an antihistamine for children from one year old. It stops the production of histamine, which reduces the manifestations of allergies. Relief occurs 5 minutes after application. Spread in a thin layer. It is allowed to process the epidermis up to 2 times a day. The period of use should not exceed 10 days. If symptoms persist within 3 days, you need to use an antiallergic drug.
  4. Hydrocortisone ointment. Ointment after mosquito bites based on the hormonal component. Quickly stops the manifestations of allergies and helps restore the epidermis. Use twice a day for the first days of therapy and then reduce the dosage. It helps against mosquito bites with complications during the week.
  5. Menovazine. Inexpensive ointment with a natural composition. Active ingredients menthol, benzocaine, procaine. Immediately soothes the epidermis, eliminates itching and swelling. Distribute point by point over the affected area. It is allowed to use 2 times a day.
  6. Levomekol. Cream after bite, accompanied by the addition of a secondary infection. When combing, pathogens penetrate the wound, ulcers and suppuration appear. The treatment is carried out with local antibiotics. Active ingredients are chloramphenicol, methyluracil. Combined agent with antibiotic, stimulator of local immunity. Do not use more than 10 days, apply a thin layer twice a day.

The product range is extremely wide. Which tool to choose depends on the individual characteristics of the body, age, personal preferences and financial possibilities.

Funds are sold in pharmacies, specialty shops and on the Internet. It is recommended to use mosquito repellants, which will prevent parasites from biting children in the summer.

How to anoint mosquito bites to a child to remove puffiness and scabies

The most common mosquito victims are children. Insects bite sensitive skin without any problems, making it easier for blood to be drawn.

Substances injected by a mosquito trigger a reaction in the body. This is what causes itchy blisters to appear. Very often children comb the affected area, which damages the skin even more.

Unpleasant sensations disrupt the baby's sleep, can trigger allergies. There is also a risk of infection.

First aid child

After a mosquito bite, parents can provide first aid to the child to relieve itching and pain:

  • Wrap a product in the freezer with a towel and attach it to the bite site. This quickly relieves severe itching.
  • Brush the affected area with soda pulp every hour.
  • To prevent infection when combing, it is recommended to anoint a mosquito bite with brilliant green or another antiseptic.
  • If the child has suffered numerous mosquito attacks, it is necessary to take an antihistamine. Treat bite sites with fucorcin, fenistil or another antiallergic ointment.
  • The itchy area can be rubbed with fresh tomato juice.
  • A thoroughly washed strip of plantain on the affected area of ​​skin alleviates the child's suffering.

You need to understand that all of the above methods are for first aid only. It is possible to take some strong medications only with the pediatrician's permission.

What to do if a child is bitten by a mosquito

The most important thing parents should do is get the pain relieved quickly. Of course, there are many folk remedies that will help you with this.

However, it is not always possible to use them in nature. The use of Fenistil pharmacy gel will be much easier and more effective.

The role of the active component is played by Dimethinden. It blocks histamine receptors, which leads to a rapid decrease in itching.

Fenistil gel is not only effective against itching, but also anti-allergic. It provides local anesthesia that is ideal for the baby.

As soon as you apply the affected skin, the child immediately feels a slight cooling. This tool not only relieves the symptoms of pain, but also significantly reduces the swelling.

The gel has excellent absorption properties, so your child does not feel severe itching and does not comb the wound.

The effectiveness of Fenistil Gel lasts approximately four hours after use. It is enough to apply it with a thin layer without rubbing heavily. It is recommended to lubricate the bite site four times a day.

One of the advantages of the tool is that it is completely secure. That is why pediatricians are allowed to use the gel for children from one month.

Fenistil gel is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. It can be used by absolutely all children who do not have any individual intolerance to the active ingredients of the drug.

It is sufficient to take a tube of this product with you in order to provide the child with first aid quickly and correctly in the event of mosquito infestation in nature.

How to give mosquito bites to a child

In the warm season, many mothers wonder how to anoint mosquito bites to a child. Often times the baby, bitten by mosquitoes, is not in danger, but for some time the unpleasant consequences will remind you of yourself and make the child naughty and nervous about his parents.

It is difficult not to scratch an itchy red spot, so parents should know how to apply mosquito bites to a child with pharmacy or folk remedies.

The baby must not only refrain from combing the problem area with all his might, but also not bring the infection into the wound.

If the child has already reached a conscious age, parents should try to explain to them that combing a bite shouldn't be. Such a belief will help lessen the unpleasant consequences of mosquito attacks.

Causes of discomfort and itching from a mosquito bite

Most of the time, a bite from a pesky insect is painless, but a child with more sensitive skin may experience mild pain.

The mosquito is specifically looking for the most vulnerable areas with nearby capillaries and attacks. The insect pierces the skin and wall of the selected blood vessel and injects saliva into the body.

Substances contained in the secretion of mosquitoes are called anticoagulants. There is no poison in the mosquito secretion, so we cannot speak of serious reactions and, above all, of a fatal outcome.

It's anticoagulants that cause skin redness, swelling at the site of the bite, and uncomfortable itching. As the baby combs the wound, the mosquito saliva spreads to nearby tissues as well, making the reaction even stronger.

Of particular concern are young children's bites as they simply cannot explain why it is impossible to scratch what is itchy.

Multiple bites usually cause much bigger problems as the baby becomes restless and often cannot even sleep.

Usually mosquitoes attack in nature and simply on the street, but small insects invade the apartment through window nets and closed frames.

Folk remedies for mosquito bites

If the child was bitten by a mosquito, then it must first be applied cold to the wound - ice or a bottle of water, which you need to wrap in a handkerchief made of natural fabric.

In the field, you can also use the gifts of nature known from childhood: leaves of basil, thyme, mint or parsley.

The ideal antiseptic option is plantain, which must be washed, kneaded and applied to the bite site. Such immediate measures help with itching and irritation.

Often, experts advise using dandelion or aloe juice, as well as treating the lesion with a piece of garlic or onion.

However, it should be noted that such active ingredients have a bitter taste and, in some cases, can cause allergic reactions.

Since the panacea is for the child, you need to understand that the baby can pull the affected area in his mouth, which is also not always useful.

Whatever funds are always at hand can be used to get rid of the negative consequences of a mosquito bite in children:

  1. Toothpaste with menthol or mint has a cooling and bactericidal effect. Such a tool will help with local edema, you just need to anoint the itchy sore with a white solution.
  2. A solution of ordinary greenbacks should be applied to a cotton swab and the bite site should be gently anointed. Such a tool quickly dries up the wound, relieves edema and is good for small patients, since they do not care much about its green-spotted appearance.
  3. Iodized salt can be mixed with soda to the state of mud and applied to the site of the bite.
  4. Yogurt or sour cream will quickly and safely relieve itching and relieve swelling. Such funds save not only from sunburn, but also from the side effects of mosquito bites, which often accompany children after resting with their parents in nature.
  5. Raw potatoes relieve local heat and discomfort after mosquito bites, as well as swelling around the wound.
  6. Zvezdochka ointment is suitable for children from 3 years old, which must be applied to the place of the bite with a thin layer.

You can get rid of bite signs not only with the help of folk remedies. On the shelves of drugstores you can find a lot of drugs that both deter insects and eliminate the consequences of their bites. In the pharmacy, carefully treat wounds with medicines and follow the instructions.

Pharmacy drugs

With a small number of wounds, as well as mild reactions, you can buy drugs that are more related to dietary supplements than medicines.

These medicines include Boro Plus, Rescuer, or Calendula Cream. The drugs are completely safe as they do not contain any ingredients that can negatively affect the health of infants.

Such ointments are based on zinc, iron or medicinal herbs, which means that the active ingredients have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. An inflamed area should be anointed with a thin layer of a suitable cream, and the itching will soon go away.

Medical gels

With an average severity of symptoms, experts recommend using topical agents specifically designed to treat bites of non-toxic insects:

  • Fenistyle. Such a tool is the most popular in the fight against an unpleasant reaction after an insect bite. It is intended for both adults and children and is available in the form of drops and gel. The drug combats itching, has an antiallergic effect, greatly alleviates the symptoms and has a pleasantly cooling effect. The gel is so safe for the human body that it is also allowed to be used by infants.
  • Psilo balm. It is made in the form of a gel, has a cooling and calming effect and relieves allergic reactions. The separating mold is convenient to use and the consistency of the gel leaves no residue on linen and clothing. Only use this tool for children 2 years and older.
  • Panthenol. Available in the form of a spray and a cream, it relieves local edema and has general anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Nezulin. Ointment that should be in the arsenal of every young mother. A panacea relieves discomfort, swelling and irritation and also has the property of a repellent. Once applied to the body, the components of the ointment repel insects from the baby.
  • Vitaon baby. The balm contains only herbal ingredients, so the product is absolutely safe even for the smallest insects affected by the infestation. Balm quickly eliminates the inflammatory reaction and itching.
  • Soventol in the form of a gel. The main function of the drug is to relieve itching and redness. There are restrictions for the little ones - it is forbidden to apply the product to large areas of the skin.
  • Off after bite. The tool in the form of a spray relieves irritation, discomfort and itching after mosquito bites in children. Spray is recommended for children from 2 years of age.
  • Gistan. The cream contains only herbal ingredients. A medicine is used to relieve itching, allergic reactions, or inflammation after mosquito bites. The cream is recommended for children from 2 years of age.

If the baby has very sensitive skin and there is always an insect infestation, the swelling and irritation do not subside for a long time, it may make sense to use hormonal agents based on hydrocortisone or prednisolone.

Such drugs should be selected long before an excursion into nature in the mosquito den, in order to have time to test their effectiveness on the child.

Many mothers are not unreasonably afraid of taking hormonal drugs in children, since the Internet is full of information about the irreversible consequences of taking such components.

Ointments and creams intended for children are thoroughly tested and have quality certificates so that they do not harm small bodies. In addition, such short-term use (2-5 days) can not have negative consequences.

Many local hormonal drugs are also allowed to be taken by pregnant women and infants.

In this case, it should be noted that this group of drugs has a powerful effect, and it is simply dangerous to use them without first consulting a specialist. The doctor can determine the dosage and rule out cases of individual intolerance.

After studying the drugs offered by nature and modern pharmacology for mosquito bites in children, it is time to choose the most suitable for the age and skin type of the baby. You need to treat a wound right away.

Every mother should have at least one such remedy for the season and carefully monitor its shelf life. Such drugs should be kept in a cool place inaccessible to children.

How to treat a mosquito bite in a child at home

Often times a mosquito attack is accompanied by uncomfortable itching, pain, and swelling in a child - common symptoms that parents know how to deal with.

Some children tolerate them very easily, for others they have serious health consequences.

Medical practice has shown whether there may be an allergy to the lesions of such animals. In such circumstances, every responsible parent should know not only about the danger but also about the treatment of mosquito bites in children.

What's this

In medical practice, a mosquito bite that leads to an allergic reaction is called a kulitsidoz. In the place where insect bites, swelling and redness appear, the epithelium changes color and a rash appears.

Mosquito allergy manifests itself in different ways. There are different stages of the pathological process. There are two types of reactions:

  1. Organic local reaction. At the site of the bite, redness up to 5 cm in diameter and swelling of the soft tissue is observed. These signs are accompanied by burning and itching; If an infection is introduced, the affected area becomes weak, nausea and weakness occur, and the temperature rises.
  2. A pronounced local reaction is characterized by reddening over 5 cm in diameter, swelling of the tissue. Hyperemia and tumor can increase a few days after the incident and last up to a week and a half. Additional symptoms: weakness, nausea, loss of appetite.

The main reason for an allergic reaction lies in the fact that the immune system does not produce antibodies that are resistant to insect venom and saliva.

For information: Babies up to 3 years of age react the most to insect bites due to a disturbed immune system.

There are several reasons for the development of allergies:

  • Hereditary disposition. If there is a family history of allergies to pests, the information in the genetic code can be transferred to the baby.
  • Failure of the immune system. It is impossible to predict the reaction. Allergies also develop in those children who are not prone to such manifestations.
  • The particular sensitivity of the child's body to bites. In this case, the reaction is aggravated by the following conditions: sleep disorders, malnutrition, general fatigue, etc.

The danger of bites is not only in the development of allergies, but also in the diseases that insects transmit: mosquitoes are potential sources of yellow fever, flies are dysentery and typhoid, etc.

What does a mosquito bite look like?

The normal skin reaction to a mosquito bite is a single wound on one part of the body that is accompanied by a slight round reddening. Sometimes you can notice a small hole in the middle - a trace from the sting of a bloodsucker.

Often times, in the middle of the reddening, a blister appears that resembles a nettle burn.

Itching is observed only at the site of the bite. If you don't comb the wound, all of these symptoms will go away on their own within a day or two.

First aid

Knowing what to do after a mosquito bite can prevent edema from developing. To avoid such undesirable consequences, you need to follow several procedures:

  1. We wash the place of "defeat" with a cold soapy solution.
  2. We make an ice compress for a quarter of an hour. To do this, simply take the ice, wrap it in gauze and apply it to the bite site. Such manipulations will help remove dirt from the skin and prevent the development of the inflammatory process.
  3. The next step is an antiseptic treatment. As vegetable juices, antiseptics can be used, which are prepared according to a folk recipe (we will talk about this later).

Such events take place twice a day. When a mosquito bites a child, it is necessary to explain to him that scratching the wound is extremely undesirable, as it can lead to infection and long treatment.


Therapy for mosquito bites at home is symptomatic. If the body's response is moderate, then there is no need to treat a small, reddened skin tubercle.

However, children are often allergic to a bite, so therapy is required. In order not to harm the child, drugs should be taken according to the age dose.

When treating folk remedies, it should also be borne in mind that some recipes are designed for adults, and their use can cause allergic reactions in a baby.

Other recommendations:

  • give syrup (tablets) against allergies with numerous bites;
  • Apply gel, balm, or ointment to the skin. Mosquito bites for children relieve itching and redness.
  • Make decks drink more: It is important to remove toxins from your body. Suitable boiled water, mineral water without gas. Be careful with herbal cookings: some worsen allergic reactions.
  • Dress the child in light, long-sleeved clothing made of natural fabrics. Synthetic things are not suitable: irritations, allergy symptoms are often aggravated by contact with material that does not allow air to pass through;
  • Explain to older children that you cannot comb the bite sites or the infection will seep into the wounds.
  • After applying the treatment gel or ointment, check how the body reacts. If after a few hours the size of the red spots does not decrease, the symptoms will worsen. Take the child to the hospital urgently.
  • If there was no gel or balm against mosquito bites at home, use folk remedies. Then be sure to go to the pharmacy for medicine.
  • If you have strong signs of allergy, call an ambulance, especially if you are a young child.

With the development of Quincke's edema, incomprehensible, suspicious spots in the body, severe shortness of breath, you need to immediately call an ambulance.

Before the medical team arrives, it is important to provide first aid to the affected child. Recommendations for dealing with severe allergies in children are listed above.


There are two ways to treat insect bites: remove common symptoms with oral antihistamines and act directly on the affected area.

Antiallergic drugs are given for several days until the little patient's condition improves. Children up to a year old are prescribed Fenistil, Zodak, Zirtek, Suprastin. Do not give adult medication, so as not to worsen the condition.

Lubricate the site of the bites should also be regular until a full recovery and relieve swelling. The following means are used for local exposure:

  1. Fenistil Gel - relieves itching, reduces hyperemia. The drug contains antiallergic and anti-inflammatory components.
  2. Psilo Balsam is an antihistamine for external use with anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties.
  3. Mosquito spray balm - for a quick effect.
  4. Balm Rescuer - numbs, relieves swelling and itching.
  5. Sudocrem is a zinc-based drug. Relieves irritation, eliminates bubbles in a short time.

With severe inflammatory processes, which are accompanied by significant edema, means based on glucocorticoid are indicated.

Such drugs quickly penetrate the epidermis through the superficial stratum corneum of the skin and inhibit inflammatory processes. You can not use them more than once a day unless the doctor has prescribed a single dose:

  • Advantan cream 1%. The drug can be smeared from 6 months.
  • Hydrohorizon ointment - used for 2 years.

Folk remedies

The most common skin reactions to mosquito bites are itching, redness, and swelling. The most common methods are therefore aimed at eliminating precisely these symptoms.

The first thing to do after a mosquito bite is to rinse and disinfect the wound. For babies, use normal boiled water at room temperature; for older children, use water with a small amount of soap.

If there are a lot of bites, you can make a local bath with 1-2 pinches of sea salt, 1-2 teaspoons of mint tincture, or the same amount of apple cider vinegar.

To relieve suffering and relieve itching, folk healers recommend the following remedies:

  1. Baking soda in the form of a solution or slurry. For the solution, take 1 teaspoon of soda in half a glass of cold water. For porridge - the same amount of powder mixed with a few drops of water to a pasty state. The solution is used to make lotions or to wipe the areas of bites. Gruel is applied thinly to the wounds and, after drying, washed off with damp gauze or simply with water. Since it is safe to use soda externally, this method is suitable for children of all ages.
  2. Toothpaste. A small amount of toothpaste with mint, menthol or eucalyptus with a cotton swab is applied to the site of the bite. After drying, the paste can be removed with a piece of cotton wool moistened with room temperature water and the steps repeated.
  3. Apple cider vinegar tool should only be used in cases where the wounds are not combed! A small cotton ball is moistened with a drop of vinegar, then applied to the site of the bite and, if necessary, stuck to the skin with a piece of adhesive plaster. The process can be repeated after 15-20 minutes.
  4. Plants: plantain, mint, aloe vera, parsley. The leaves need to be stretched with your hands, then the secreted juice should be lubricated by mosquito bites.
  5. Kefir or yogurt. The wound treated with these products is much less itchy. The lubrication of the bite site with a dairy product can be repeated until the condition is eliminated or the itching and redness have completely disappeared.
  6. Ice A piece of ice wrapped in several layers of clean, dry tissue will reduce the development of edema and relieve pain. The minimum time for applying cold to the affected area is 10 minutes and the maximum time is 1 hour. In the case of extensive skin damage, the ice should be kept for 10 minutes at intervals of 10-15 minutes. This means that the inflamed area is no longer hypothermic than necessary.
  7. Essential oils (lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, chamomile, basil and others). As a first aid, only tea tree oil can be applied undiluted to the bite site in an amount of 1-2 drops. The remaining oils must be diluted according to the instructions before applying to the skin! Repeat the action every hour or as needed. For severe inflammation, the use of a paste made from 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 drop of lavender oil is recommended. These ingredients should be mixed in a small container and diluted with a small amount of distilled water to a pasty consistency. The resulting product is applied to the site of the bite with a cotton pad until the discomfort is reduced. Aromatic oils can be used for children from birth. However, before proceeding with wound treatment, make sure that the child is not allergic to this product.Using a cotton swab, apply a microdose of oil to an undamaged area of ​​skin and monitor the baby's reaction for 10-15 minutes. If the condition of the skin and the general well-being of the child do not change, you can oil the site of the bite with oil.

How to choose the right tool

Choosing a method of reducing the manifestation of unpleasant consequences after a mosquito bite for a child, you should be careful and careful.

The ideal option is the use of drugs and folk remedies, as prescribed by the doctor. If it is not possible to see a doctor, or if you do not consider it necessary, carefully read the instructions of the manufacturers of pharmacy products.

Do not ignore the recommendations and precautions related to the age of the child and possible side effects. Most methods should be used when the wounds have not been combed.


Preventing the appearance of itching and swelling due to the "attack" of bloodsuckers is much easier than fighting their consequences. Experts identify several ways to avoid mosquito bites:

  • Mosquito nets. Do not forget to equip doors and window frames with such devices for the summer. They will help keep those little bloodsuckers from getting into the house, which will calm your sleep.
  • Ultrasonic repeller. Devices that make mosquitoes sound unpleasant and deter them from their area of ​​action.
  • Smokers, traps and spirals. Devices are usually delivered a few hours before bedtime. Not only will they help kill these bloodsuckers, but they will also prevent their appearance around the house.
  • Bracelets against mosquitoes. Ribbons that can be worn on the arm and ankle. Drift food parasites. The lifespan of a bracelet is no more than 8 days.
  • Aerosol sprays, balms and emulsions. Such means are used either for opening a part of the body or for clothing. The most popular of them are "Off", "Mosquitall", "Gardex-Famili", "Taiga", "Picnic".

If you know how to treat mosquito bites in children and adults, you can avoid the unpleasant consequences of this "attacking mosquito".

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