Boys always love slim girls

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WITTEN- Spacious, bright and freshly renovated 3.5 room apartment, 106 m², with open gallery, loggia, garage and large bedroom and living room is looking for new tenants. Gay friendly 🏳️‍🌈. Pets by arrangement. We look forward to numerous inquiries. Gladly on 01525/623 19 74.

He is looking for herHagen | 06.05.

Asyou once found me ... It took me years to understand that a HEARTFUL PHYSICAL EMBRACE is at the beginning of that path for sensitive couples who endure stormy days and bloom again and again. Let's look each other in the eye, dearest. Let's OPEN our heart. Let's KISS our lips as soft as velvet. Let warm hands run their course on longingly waiting SKIN. We enjoy meditation, read Rilke to each other, paint colorful pictures, hike through woods and fields, teach people healing together. I (57, longsilverhair, alternative type, NR, coaching) offer a SafePlace where we can meet freely. I like to add sensitive, loving hands and lips, humor and cleverness. I look forward to your serious picture caption. Are you coming? (BO, EN, HA, W)

Outout of LONELINESS, into TOGETHER. Which empathic, cosmopolitan, spontaneous, educated, down-to-earth man with a lot of sense for family, 60 to 69 years old, likes a widower, has a lot of free time like me, 59 years old, 173 cm tall - fancy hiking, biking, on getting to know each other, talking, music, campfire, experiencing spring together, experiencing security, laughing a lot and loving again. It's worth it, get in touch.

Atall, lively, very well-groomed and slim "Aquarius", 1.90 m, NR, 69, himself., without attachment, asks you: Do you feel strong enough (up to 59, attractive and self-confident), a firm, to enter into a lifelong and trusting relationship - without maybe, if and but ?????

Aloving offer !!! Man 54, tall, slim, cultured, flexible in his thoughts and actions, who loves to laugh !!!!!!!, likes conversations with depth, looks forward to candlelit food, enjoys walks hand in hand along the sea, Loves children, is looking for you, a natural, slim woman who lives her feelings and looks for an attentive partner at her side for both the beautiful and the less beautiful times in life. If you like, be invited on a journey together into a more beautiful existence ...

MiscellaneousWuppertal | 05/21

Hobby gardenerwould like to "live out", looking for a garden / property or similar, without a lot of "club dairy", buying, leasing or sharing in W‘tal, Schwelm or Sprockhövel. cipher

Lower Rhine(59, 183, 86), left ecological thinking - culture, museums, design, music, hiking, cycling, sun, traveling, discussing ... is looking for you with similar interests.

She is looking for himDüsseldorf | 05/21

HandsHold, spend time together outside and inside, smile and tease with you desired: You: between 46 and 56, attractive, sporty, witty and irritating. Me: 48, active, interested, ready to kiss (with chemical connection).

Humor,Nature, 56w, arriving, hiking, empathy, dog, jogging, cycling, photo, sapiosexuality, Mon +/- 25

Authentic,You (54, NR, k. Alk) are looking for a reflective counterpart! BmB

He is looking for herHagen | 19.05.

man(55, 183, 86), Akad., Vaccinated, single (visitable), daytime leisure available. Intellectual, imaginative, reliable, eloquent, well-groomed, warm-hearted. Looking to reflect you for exciting erotic time-outs, kfI. If you are sympathetic, like long-term friendship. BmB, look forward to you!

He is looking for herDortmund | 19.05.

Amslowly on the way to retirement, kids are big and out of the house. After the death of my wife, I am now alone. At 60, too young to give up on me. Shy and too inexperienced to approach you directly and speak to you. (Where also ??) I can't believe that an angel from heaven falls straight into my arms. So I'm looking for a stable relationship on an equal footing. Like me, you should be happy to laugh, be cheerful, happy, uncomplicated and NR. Do not abhor physical closeness, touch, and kissing. I am 194 cm, 96 kg, with shoulders to lean on, healthy, fit and suitable for daylight. If that makes you curious, write to me (with a picture would be great). Would definitely answer. Warm greetings to you.

searchMotorhome drivers for tours together from the time when you can realistically drive again. I am 65 years old and I long for it.

Sportl.Akad. With charisma (189/79 / NR), straightforward, charming, well-read, nature-loving, looks forward to team-minded lady (32-45), with brain, humor and laughing heart, happy forever, not just f . a couple of nice hours, although they are also important ;-)

Leisure contacts Wuppertal | May 18

Imale, early 60s, emphatic, educated, presentable and with a clear deficit in communication and contact at eye level, would like a presentable, classy friend + (also bound) in W / SG / RS and the surrounding area, for walks and interesting conversations, but also respectful discovery of the other. A friendship + that doesn't fail due to misunderstandings or too strong an ego.

Wow,what a lovely couple, say the others. We say the love of our life. I (54, 178, 73) know that you exist. Are you ready for the full program?

She is looking for him Cologne | May 18

Attractive,young woman (early 40s) is looking for a loving partner for joint ventures. I would be very happy to receive letters with a picture.

Wecould also meet us like this if we didn't have this Corona time now. Maybe at a concert, in the cinema, in a museum, or just for a walk in room E, OB, MH. But so you have to write to me (m51, 1.84m). With picture would be great.

Test seriesto refute the Hirschhausen theory starts immediately! She (57, 1.76, NR) looks forward to receiving letters from interested participants

Goodbye?! Bochum | 16.05.

14.05.Place at the theater. You (m, curly brown hair) with a friend on the wall, I (w, red coat, brown long hair) talking on the floor. You were far away, but you registered me. Then unfortunately I went away on my bike.

searchLike-minded people, for a view of the sky, for starlighting, cooking spaghetti, cycling and listening to music. Discover the world together, feel lightness and closeness, walk through thick and thin together. Essnerin, 170, slim, blonde, NR, is looking for you to fall in love and a future together.

Dysentery boy(46, NR, with HHH) is looking for Ruhrpottgöre for F +. Are you ready? BmB.

Leisure contacts Wuppertal | 16.05.

BrightShe, 56 years old, close to nature, interested in books, theater, Nordic walking and Zen meditations, is looking for like-minded people.

Leisure contactsDüsseldorf | May 14th

You / over 50,but by no means old (bake), looks forward to life outside and common activities. For nature, hikes, bike tours and eventually culture, restaurants, bars, arthouse cinema, cabaret, short trips to the sea, I am looking forward to an enterprising and communicative companion from Düsseldorf.