Why is my Barclaycard rejected?

Barclays refuses credit card application without further explanation

  • Hello Community, Barclays rejected my credit card application with a 08/15 letter without any further explanation. No chance to find out a reason here, not even from the hotline; reference is made to "internal bank" guidelines, which are exactly the same. I would have been very interested in an answer because my finances are perfect. Does anyone have similar, unpleasant experiences?
    VG Septimus

  • Yes, it happens. There are usually no reasons.

    For example, Vattenfall rejects frequent changers. The forgetful are their customers.

    Income below EUR 1,500 net?

    Just moved?

    Otherwise pull a Schufa.

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  • is a completely new experience, but without a reason or trying to contact us to clarify possible misunderstandings is not possible at all.

  • it's like rejecting job applications. Discussing time costs money. And the justification can negotiate a complaint for discrimination against the employer. Why, from his point of view, should he do this? Zero advantage for the other side.

    Just tick it off.