How professional painting can benefit you

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Are you looking for a professional painter or varnisher to paint your home? Painting always means upgrading your property - both qualitatively and visually. You can completely change the look and charm of a building or apartment. Of course, you only want to entrust such a task to a painting company that you can fully rely on. With painter Steinbacher you are guaranteed to be at the right address! No matter whether painting, wallpapering, plastering - whether working indoors or outdoors: The painters and varnishers from our network belong to certified master painters who provide professional support in all of these tasks. Fill out our contact form now and receive up to five non-binding offers from painting companies in your region. Easily compare tariffs and find the best offer for you!

The activities of a recognized painter

Customers often ask themselves which tasks they can commission a painter or varnisher to do. The areas of responsibility that a master painter fulfills are more diverse than some think. Even the training to become a painter is divided into various disciplines (design and maintenance, buildings and corrosion protection, church painting and monument preservation). In addition to the standard tasks such as painting, varnishing and wallpapering as well as painting or cleaning facades, varnishers also take on other work: This includes building maintenance (often by coating stressed surfaces), as well as lining interior walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors and building facades or coating different surfaces. Cleaning work as well as painting and stucco work can also be carried out by a master painter. Decorative stucco in particular is often requested - it can give your home a new shine.

Painting work inside

A painting company takes on a variety of tasks inside the house and apartment. When painting your rooms, painters or varnishers can set color accents. Old, outdated or dirty paintwork is professionally painted over by a master painter. Wallpapering is also one of the standard tasks of a painter. Whether as a wall covering or a patterned accent - the wallpaper is currently experiencing a kind of renaissance and is in great demand. In the interior, painters also take care of the coating or cladding of interior walls, ceilings or floors. You can also leave the plastering to a master painter. Does your stucco need maintenance? Or are you interested in decorative stucco? The painter you trust gives a room with high-quality stucco work a luxurious atmosphere.

Painting outside

The area of ​​activity of a painter is not limited to the inside. Painters also perform a wide range of activities on outside surfaces. Exterior painting work includes maintenance, among other things. Facades have to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and are at the same time the flagship of the house. Painting a facade enhances a building and gives it a new look. Master painters also paint or varnish windows and doors. Furthermore, a painting company takes care of the facade renovation. This includes removing fungal or algae infestation or repairing damage caused by winter frost. A painting company can also remove mold or improve the thermal insulation of your facade. Is the front of your house healthy, but would you like the look to be upgraded? A master painter also attaches fine exterior stucco as a high-quality eye-catcher to your building.

What does a painter cost?

Before you hire a master painter, of course, you want to plan for the expenses that will come your way. The cost of painting depends on various factors. Surface size, type of order, choice of material, qualification of the staff and order region play a role in the pricing. Prices are usually given per square meter. The cost of painting a square meter starts at five to seven euros. Wallpapering costs between 15 and 20 euros per m². A painter's business charges around ten to twenty euros for every square meter when filling. The facade design is remunerated at around 20-30 euros per square meter. As you can see, the price range for painting is high. Our overview helps you to calculate costs in advance. It is best to make precise price agreements with a certified painting company from our network!

Plastering work

Plastering makes up a large part of basic painting. A painting company offers various services related to this topic. A distinction is made between interior and exterior plaster. Inside, the plaster serves as a coating for ceiling or wall surfaces. They are usually applied in several layers of different thicknesses. Painters use interior plaster as a smooth base for attaching tiles, wallpaper or for painting or varnishing. Different colored decorative plaster with different structures and design options is enjoying increasing popularity. In addition, plaster regulates the room climate. Exterior plaster has to be more robust because it has to withstand wind, weather and solar radiation. It supports water repellency and thermal insulation of the house. Last but not least, external plaster also shapes the external appearance of a building. Master painters often use it to positively influence the appearance of a house.

Save time, money and nerves

Do-it-yourselfers are happy to take on painting work in the house. If you have little experience, wallpapering, painting and varnishing often end in chaos. Mottled floors, granular glue, knobbly wallpaper or uncleanly worked paintwork. If you commission a painting company from our network, you are guaranteed not only high-quality workmanship but also low prices. This not only saves you valuable time and money, but also a lot of nerves. When you commission a certified painting company from our network for your painting work, you know that your order is in professional and reliable hands! We only work with experienced varnishers and painters from the region, whose work we appreciate and know. From painting or varnishing to coatings and stucco work to all activities related to the facade - our painters are discreet and reliable in your house!

Compare offers without obligation

When you entrust your painting work to a professional painting company, you want to be sure that you have found the perfect offer for your needs. As individual as you and your house, as diverse are the offers and tariffs of different master painter companies. You save face value by cleverly comparing different offers. With the service of master painter Steinbacher you are well advised here. With us you receive - completely without obligation and of course free of charge - up to five offers from painting companies in your region. Fill out our contact form quickly and easily. Here you can specify which painting work should be done. How to find the painter who offers you the best value for money.