Have you experienced a ghost visit

Visit from a ghost ?!

Hi first . I start with my 'story'

A few months ago something weird happened in the night, I still haven't forgotten it and I really worry about it. I say from the start that I sleep like a 'dead' one. That means someone next to me can sing loudly or whatever and I won't wake up!

As always, I was actually in a deep sleep and suddenly woke up, automatically, like a set alarm clock, I sat up because that was a bit strange, looked around my room and of course it was dark ... but I did Then I heard a rustling at my window to make sure that it was really coming from outside, I went closer and was wrong, this strange noise came from a corner of my room, I thought strange and since I actually wasn't so believe in supernatural things (Paranomal Activity) I lay down. Of course, I was a bit excited and couldn't close my eyes so easily and go back to sleep. To be on the safe side, I looked around my room again and suddenly a very pale white cloud appeared next to my TV, it just floated around there for a minute. I was terrified!

I snuggled up in my bed and tried to forget because it was really, really, really scary!


A few days ago, however, I was sitting in my room and eating on my bed, when my grandma came in (she is a believer) and said to me that I shouldn't do that because that's not good (as you can 'günah' in Turkish says, I don't know what it's called in German) and I said that it doesn't matter because I don't make my bed dirty and it's just a bed .. I was very stubborn ..

After what happened that night, I ran to my grandma and told her everything in detail, she said to me that it was my guardian angel and should just warn me that I won't eat on my bed anymore because it is just 'günah'.

Now my question is, was it really my Guardian Angel? A ghost? What is supernatural?

I repeat once again that the question and the 'story' should be taken seriously and that no stupid answers should come, thank you in advance!