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WWE Monday Night RAW # 1456 results + report from Tampa, Florida, USA from April 19, 2021 (including videos and voting: your vote is required!)


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WWE Monday Night RAW # 1456
Location: Yuengling Center in Tampa, Florida, USA
First broadcast: April 19, 2021

Today's edition of RAW kicks off this week with the # 1 challenger to the WWE Championship, Drew McIntyre. The Scot was attacked by T-Bar and Mace last week and is now looking to answer. Drew talks about the Triple Threat Match from the week before and underlines his ambitions to be WWE Champion again in "Wrestlemania Backlash". But apparently MVP has found a couple of new henchmen and Drew can't wait to get his hands on them. He's off on "retribution". Suddenly the music from MVP sounds and this reminds the Scot of the unforeseen end of Wrestlemania, when he lost consciousness due to the Hurt Lock and with it the match. Last week's attack was just as unforeseen. But it should be made clear that MVP has nothing to do with the attack. However, that doesn't matter. The "All Mighty" WWE Champion will again defeat McIntyre. In addition, there is no interest in expanding the "hurt business" again after Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin were kicked out. MVP also wants to remind Drew that the Scot was still challenging the entire roster just a few weeks ago. So he mustn't play the surprised one. McIntyre doesn't believe a word of MVP and is now slowly going out to resolve the matter himself. Suddenly the Scot is attacked again by T-Bar and Mace! The two beat up challenger number one and then disappear backstage. There they are intercepted by Kevin Patrick and questioned about the attacks and whether they were hired by MVP. They do not respond to this, but promise to clear the Scotsman completely later. In the ring, Drew slowly comes to as the show goes into the first break.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre searches for Adam Pearce and demands a match against T-Bar and Mace. Pearce doesn't want a handicap match, but demands a tag team partner from McIntyre. The Scot doesn't want to hear any more and wants the handicap match.

1st match
Tag team match
The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) won against Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin via pin to Alexander through Ivar after the Viking Express.
Match time: 05:26

With this, the Viking Raiders celebrate a victory against Alexander and Benjamin again this week. Kevin Patrick has the "Viper" Randy Orton as a guest. He wants to know from Orton whether the feud with the "Fiend" is finally over. Randy emphasizes that he has already left the "Fiend" behind. Much more important is the fact that he won the match last week and should actually have a WWE Championship match. Suddenly Riddle pulls up on his scooter. He congratulates the "Viper" on the big win at Wrestlemania and would like to found a tag team with Orton. You could then call yourself “RK-BRO”. Riddle is excited about it and goes on talking incessantly. Meanwhile, Randy disappears without a word and just leaves Riddle behind.

Adam Pearce is visited by Randy Orton in the office. The "Viper" can't believe how much disrespect he is shown towards backstage. That's why Orton wants to beat Riddle with some respect later in a match. Pearce will probably grant his wish. The announced match against Braun Strowman seems to be off the table.

Last week, Charlotte Flair made her return to the shows and she made it clear what ambitions she has. The "Queen" intervened in the RAW Women's Championship Match between Rhea Ripley and Asuka and later that evening Flair will meet Asuka. But before that, Charlotte will probably comment on the events. She has already grabbed a microphone and makes it clear that she is demanding more respect. After all, she's the biggest star on the entire roster. But flair is not treated that way at the moment. After all, it wasn't even on Wrestlemania's card. Charlotte can only smile tiredly at the headlines about Rhea Ripley and Asuka. She can beat both Ripley and Asuka and today she will start with the Japanese. The latter can no longer be asked and comes into the ring. But before Asuka can say anything, the music of Rhea Ripley can be heard! Charlotte stops the two times immediately and she offers Ripley to make a few notes so that she can learn something. Ripley just smiles and is sure that Asuka will win later. The Japanese also makes this clear after she did not have a say several times. The segment comes to an end with a determined Asuka.

Randy Orton slowly makes his way into the ring. However, he is overtaken by Riddle and this only makes the "Viper" angrier.

T-Bar and Mace versus Drew McIntyre has now been made official.

2nd match
Singles match
Riddle won against Randy Orton via pin after a Crucifix pin.
Match time: 13:31

Riddle celebrates his win, while Orton is shocked. The "Viper" looks angrily in the direction of Riddle.

We see Adam Pearce in his office and United States Champion Sheamus joins them. He was called up by Pearce to congratulate the Irish and remind them of John Cena's United States Open Challenge. This had a big impact on this belt. Sheamus is initially not convinced of being compared to Cena. But he will grant Pearce his wish and call an Open Challenge ... only the title will not be at stake.

3rd match
(Non-Title) Tag Team Match
Lana & Naomi won against Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via pin to Shayna Baszler through Naomi after a double facebuster.
Match time: 04:14
- Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke came out during the match and showed us a video of what happened over the past week. After that, Nia left her partner alone to pursue Rose & Brooke. Baszler was distracted and lost the match.

The commentators remind us of Bad Bunny's great performance at Wrestlemania 37 against The Miz and John Morrison. After that, Bunny gave an interview and described the moment as one of the greatest of his life. He enjoyed standing in the ring with Damien Priest and will never forget that moment. Priest also underlined the great performance and the hard training that Bunny has taken on in order to be able to retrieve that performance.

A brand new edition of Miz TV awaits us today! Maryse will also be there again today. The music of Miz and Maryse can already be heard. The two want to celebrate the great debut of the new episodes of "Miz & Mrs." today. Miz welcomes us to this new edition and reminds us of his performance at Wrestlemania where he made Bad Bunny a star. In addition, Miz won last week with Morrison against Damien Priest. And to top it off, "Miz & Mrs." was a complete success. The two kiss each other amid large fireworks and now want to toast with champagne. This Sunday the documentary of The Miz will also be broadcast on the network. Damien Priest interrupts the big party and gets a microphone. He wants to show us how it came to a "big" victory last week, about which Miz spits such big tones. Maryse had a hand in this and this only shows Priest that Miz has no eggs. Maryse has heard enough now and she gives Priest what he wants. A match against her husband! Then she sprays the champagne in his face and disappears with her husband. So later we'll see Damien Priest against The Miz.

The New Day meet Riddle backstage! They congratulate him on his great victory against the "Viper". The three men make plans for a joint project. After that, Kingston and Woods continue towards the arena.

Elias and Jaxson Ryker are in the ring and Elias wants to play something for us. But his guitar doesn't seem to be in tune. But suddenly we see Xavier Woods playing a guitar by the entrance ramp. Then the music of New Day will play and it will be time for the next match of the evening!

4th match
Singles match
Elias (w / Jaxson Ryker) won against Kofi Kingston (w / Xavier Woods) via pin after a flying elbow drop.
Match time: 04:39

We see Alexa Bliss in her "Playground" with her doll Lilly. She wants to tell us something about Lilly. The two have been friends for a long time. We see pictures with Bliss and the doll from her youth. Alexa also remembers knocking another girl off a swing. That girl had broken her arm back then. Why did she do that? Lilly had told her to. Alexa has a final warning. Lilly didn't like "him" and she doesn't like us either. The segment comes to an end with a boisterous laugh.

We see Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke at Sarah Schreiber's. Rose underscores the fact that they are not the bad guys in this situation. After all, Nia started bullying about her little accident at Wrestlemania. Suddenly Nia joins them and the two women disappear very quickly. Jax is stopped by Shayna and she underlines the fact that Jax should concentrate more in the future, otherwise the whole thing will not end well. Then we see Angel Garza. Jax asks what she actually sees in Reginald. With these words Garza disappears again and leaves a confused Nia behind.

5th match
2-on-1 handicap match
Drew McIntyre won against T-Bar & Mace via DQ after the two kept beating McIntyre in the corner of the ring.
Match time: 05:56
- MVP watched the match backstage.

After the match, the music from Braun Strowman will be heard immediately! This comes to McIntyre's aid and can sell both T-Bar and Mace. It looks like we're going to see a tag team match now ...

6th match
Tag team match
T-Bar & Mace beat Braun Strowman & Drew McIntyre via DQ after McIntyre kept beating Mace in the corner of the ring.
Match time: 06:23
- During the match, McIntyre pulled the mask off Mace's face.

After the match there is a brawl in which Strowman also tears off T-Bar's mask. This is the first time that T-Bar and Mace can be seen without a mask.

The Miz and Maryse make their way into the arena.

7th match
Singles match
Damien Priest won against The Miz (w / Maryse) via pin after the hit the Lights.
Match time: 05:03
- Maryse wanted to intervene in the match again, but the plan did not work this week and Priest was able to prevail.

Sheamus is in the ring and he reminds us again to be the United States Champion. The Irishman promises us to be a "fighting champion". He will host an Open Challenge every week. Suddenly the music of Humberto Carrillo can be heard! Arriving in the ring, Carrillo is immediately attacked by Sheamus and thrown out of the ring. Outside the attack continues and Carrillo is severely beaten. Then Sheamus throws his "opponent" into the ring and finally gives him a brogue kick. Sheamus then poses with his belt and the segment comes to an end.

RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley will be watching the following match up close.

8th match
Singles match
Asuka won against Charlotte Flair via pin after a scooter.
Match time: 09:15
- Rhea Ripley attacked Charlotte and thereby solved the Figure Eight. Then Charlotte Ripley wanted to attack and Asuka used this distraction for a roller coaster.

Charlotte Flair is beside herself after the match and attacks the referee. The "Queen" does not give up on the official until she is driven away by other referees. After that, Flair seems to want to disappear, but comes back again and attacks the official again! Today's issue goes off-air with these images.


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