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Use of force inspired by conspiracy theories

Threatened violence against parents of shot school children

Hypotheses are popular in Truther circles, according to which terrorist attacks are actually attacks carried out by secret services, which are to be understood as "false flag" attacks. This also applies to gun attacks in schools with pupils or former pupils as perpetrators.

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown (USA, Connecticut) in 2012, which resulted in 28 deaths, was actually staged by actors to create yet another occasion for stricter laws against gun ownership.[1] In fact, after detailed investigations by the police, FBI and prosecutors, there are no doubts as to the course of the crime. Still, claims are circulating that the Sandy Hook assassination was just "big theater," a paid actor performance and a production by then-President Barack Obama's administration to enforce stricter laws against gun owners and eventually disarm citizens. Alex Jones did not shy away from mocking the parents of victims and calling them "Washington's useful henchmen." In 2018 it became known that six affected families who had received regular death threats from fans of Alex Jones in recent years are now vigorously defending themselves. Together with an FBI agent who was one of the first on the scene at the time, they have filed a defamation lawsuit against Jones in a Bridgeport, Connecticut court; they are demanding compensation in an unknown amount.[2] In January 2019, they achieved their first success in court.[3] Two other families had already reported Jones in Texas in April. They're asking for a million dollars in compensation. The defendant denied the allegations and invoked the right to freedom of expression protected by the US Constitution.

The Pizzagate attack

In 2016, Alex Jones was one of the first to promote a fake news-based conspiracy theory that American Democratic Party politicians were involved in an alleged pedophile ring scandal at a Washington pizzeria. This conspiracy theory, known as the Pizzagate, was intended to influence the American presidential campaign in favor of Donald Trump and his Republican party.

  • On December 4, 2016, the false reports encouraged a man named Welch, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, to break into the pizzeria in Washington in order to free the children allegedly held and abused there. He fired two shots at a door lock and a computer. After the attacker failed to find what he was looking for, the police arrested him. He was sentenced to four years in prison.
  • On January 23, 2019, the 23-year-old Californian Ryan Jaselskis carried out an arson attack on the Comet Ping-Pong pizzeria in Washington (DC), which is at the center of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory. An employee of the pizzeria was able to put out the fire himself so that there were no injuries. Jaselski's act was recorded on a surveillance camera and he was arrested. He admitted the crime and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Attempt at the Bohemian Grove

On January 19, 2002, a heavily armed and masked man named Richard McCaslin (of Carson City, Nevada) went[4] to the grounds of the Bohemian Grove Club, a meeting place for influential men in the US state of California. He carried a semi-automatic rifle with built-in shotgun (probably a Crossfire Mk1), .45 caliber pistol, crossbow, sword, knife, and a homemade grenade launcher; "Phantom Patriot" was written on his bulletproof clothing.[5] McCaslin later told the authorities that he had planned his armed action for a year after learning of Alex Jones' conspiracy theory that children were executed and cremated in ritual murders and that torture chambers were located there. For these alleged atrocities, he wanted to take revenge on the alleged perpetrators and kill them. McCaslin told a local journalist that he had expected "armed resistance" to break in and was ready to shoot. McCaslin found no one on the premises, got lost and stayed in one of the huts.[6] Then he tried to burn down some of the wooden houses and set off a sprinkler system in the process. McCaslin was arrested by local police, taken away without the use of force, and given a psychiatric examination in the local prison. He was convicted of armed threat (gun drawn), theft and arson and has been at large since May 2008.

Attempted attack against US President Barack Obama in 2011

According to one conspiracy theory, Barack Obama's presidency was illegal because he was allegedly not born in the United States, but as a Muslim in Kenya. The following of this fake news is also called the Birther movement. One of its most prominent representatives is Alex Jones.

Inspired by these fake news suspicions and after watching Alex Jones' film The Obama Deception, Oscar Ortega attempted to shoot the President in November 2011. The attack failed.

Use of force against the HAARP facility and employees

Inspired by conspiracy theories about the HAARP research facility in Alaska, which was shut down in 2014, an attack on this facility by two terrorists was planned in 2016. Coffee County Sheriff's Office, Georgia, US police arrested two men (Michael Mancil and James Dryden) on October 27, 2016, who were alleged to have planned the kidnapping of a HARP employee in order to use his car and ID -Get access to the research object, place explosives and destroy the facility. They believed that the system would be used for so-called mind control. The police got on her trail by buying weapons.[7][8][9]

Boston 2013 attack

The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was committed by perpetrators, at least one of whom (Tamerlan Zarnajew [1]) supported the conspiracy theories of Alex Jones. [10] The perpetrator's involvement in three murders (possibly with an anti-Semitic background) has been suspected but has never been fully investigated.[11]

2011 Tucson assassination

The 2011 Tucson assassination attempt was carried out by Jared Lee Loughner. This was influenced by the film "Loose Change" by Alex Jones, who seeks to support the conspiracy theory according to which the USA itself carried out the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. Six people were killed in the attack in Loughner, including a nine-year-old girl, and 13 others were injured, some seriously.

Attack on Oskar Lafontaine

The assassin of Oskar Lafontaine in 1990, Adelheid Streidel, believed for a long time that people from lower social classes were processed into canned food in huge underground killing factories or converted into intellectuals by cutting off their heads and sewing a new one on. You once saw a film in which Helmut Kohl visited such a factory.

Reich citizens and similar groups

Groups that question the legitimacy of the state of which they are citizens are not unique to Germany, but can be found in many societies. These include satirical action groups that want to point out (actual or imagined) grievances, but also groups prone to violence that even try to legitimize murder.

Sovereign Citizens

The Sovereign Citizens[12] are the largest and most dangerous group in the US to attract attention with conspiracy theories and extreme violence. Because of their absurd attitude towards the American constitution, they are most similar to the Reich Citizens' Movement. Other groups are named Freemen of the land or Posse Comitatus. The first murder clearly attributable to the Sovereign Citizens appears to have occurred in May 2010. A father and his 16-year-old son ran into a traffic stop. What was initially pure routine (the two were not wanted) escalated in a flash. The son shot both police officers, there was a chase and a showdown in which the father and son were killed.[13]

Wikipedia has a long list of violent crimes by this group.[14]

Reich Citizen

While the first activities as a citizen of the Reich often seemed involuntarily funny (Principality of Germania), there have always been violent fantasies, such as those expressed publicly by Axel Stoll. A number of serious incidents have now occurred (and the number is increasing [15]), partly with deaths):

  • German Police Aid Organization: In November 2012 "arrest" (vulgo deprivation of liberty and beatings) of a bailiff, which ended with imprisonment for the (temporarily fugitive) perpetrators.
  • Adrian Cause: An eviction escalated in August 2016, Mr. Cause was shot. The proceedings against him have not yet been completed (as of the beginning of 2018), partly because the judge had a psychiatric report obtained.
  • Wolfgang Plan has the dubious honor of being responsible for the first death (a SEK official). The deployment of the SEK had become necessary because Mr. Plan did not comply with the request to hand over the weapons he had hoarded.

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