Many American women wear seam stems

Stockings in the office

For many business women, the nylon stocking is just an ordinary piece of clothing like any other. Business women, for example, appreciate the special comfort of hold-up stockings or suspender stockings under costumes or trouser suits. Often times, tights are not suitable for everyday use in the office because they either pinch or the warm temperatures make it unbearable to wear tights. In addition, of course, there is also the fashion aspect, a fine nylon stocking with a seam looks very elegant with a costume. But stockings are not always seen for what they actually are. If something unintentionally flashes out here and there, it creates a laugh at best, but at worst a warning or whispering in the office. We asked some women who are dependent on sophisticated and elegant clothing in their professional life about their experiences and the rather unwanted side effects of their stockings. We would like to present the collected field reports to you on this page.

Claudia (27, sales manager from Hamburg)

I have to say, I've never been a fan of tights. That hasn't changed much in everyday office life today. I therefore tend to wear hold-ups under my skirt or pants. There are also various reasons for this. On the one hand I don't like the feeling of wearing "pants" under my skirt and on the other hand I find tights absolutely unsuitable for myself. Despite my job, I want to feel like a woman and also like to show my legs. It has definitely happened before that the lace edge of my stockings peeked out in a meeting, but I have made the experience that there is a look, but it stays that way. So far I have not been approached by either men or women in the office. Therefore, when it comes to going out in the evening, I tend to wear socks rather than tight tights.

Sylvia (39, product manager from Bonn)

Since I am in direct contact with customers every day, I attach great importance to well-cared for clothes. I find tights rather uncomfortable and therefore only wear nylon stockings, preferably with seams. There is also a reason for this: I think that the seam of a stocking accentuates my legs a lot better and makes them appear longer. Seamed stockings make a great costume and the fairy tale that the suspenders stand out under the skirt is, in my opinion, incorrect. And even if someone sees it and catches a glimpse, in my opinion a little look doesn't hurt in everyday life, which is otherwise so serious. Unfortunately, it is difficult to buy good nylon stockings in Germany, so I usually bring some from my business trips. Italy and the USA offer themselves with an excellent selection.
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