Why did Janet Jackson marry a Muslim

Janet Jackson's Marriage Horror - “She was a prisoner in her own home

Janet Jackson (51) is going through a lot right now ...

She is in the middle of a divorce war with the millionaire entrepreneur Wissam Al Mana (42). And it looks like the time up to the breakup was quite a horror.

Janet became"Verbally raped" by her husband during their marriage and felt like "a prisoner in their own home". This is what her older brother Randall "Randy" Jackson (55) said to the magazine "People".

Randy Jackson explained that his sister felt restricted by her husband and was insulted again and again: "No pregnant woman has to put up with being called a 'slut' every day!"

Al Mana lawyers then announced that their client would not respond to these "deeply hurtful allegations." "The break in his marriage to Janet Jackson is a cause of great grief for Mr. Al Mana, and his only concern is the well-being and privacy of their son, Eissa," the statement said.

Janet's first son Eissa was born in January of this year. Only three months later, the new parents separated.

They are currently negotiating the custody of the eight-month-old baby in court.

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Randy Jackson is upset: “Enough is enough. She is very hurt. Janet had to go through so much with her divorce. "

A lot is at stake when it comes to coal: According to the marriage contract, Janet Jackson should be entitled to around 180 million euros.

Now the court will decide on the child's finances and future. The fact is, Janet's marriage to her third husband changed. So she avoided those tight stage outfits at concerts that had once made her famous.

Even more: Wissam is said to have urged her to appear in public less often. A huge change for Jackson growing up in front of the public.

After the birth of their son, he even ordered that neither mother nor son leave the house, as reported by the Daily Mail, among other things. There are also rumors that Janet converted to Islam for her husband.

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