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Web-to-print is the hot topic in the printing industry. But is it also sufficient as a printing company to simply offer its own products and services on a homepage or via a standardized online shop? The effects of "eBusiness" on the business models of the printing industry examined the economic committee of the Federal Association of Printing and Media (bvdm) under the leadership of Thorsten Anhalt (Fries Printmedien, Cologne) and Ernst Zoller (C. H. Beck, Nördlingen) at the autumn meeting in Mainz at the end of October.

In his future-oriented lecture, Bernd Zipper (zipcon consulting, Essen) showed the effects of the changes in communication and media on the shopping habits of print buyers and consumers that are already taking hold. In order to be successful in the future, it is not enough to put an “off the shelf” print shop on the Internet. The entire business model must be checked intensively and adapted to the requirements of digital market communication. Zipper: "What the world doesn't need are 'printers' that also go online." But: "When used properly, the possibilities of 'eBusiness Print' are the guarantee of survival for every printing company." Because the acceptance of online-based services is faster than expected and forecast. Business customers are increasingly relocating the purchase of print products to the Internet. According to Anhalt in the subsequent discussion, this “requires new value chains for the print sector”.

Print portals are one option for companies of all sizes and structures. "With flexible adjustments to target groups and specializations," says Kollin, "especially for smaller companies, they offer a first option to help shape the change in the industry towards eBusiness".

Many entrepreneurs are likely to simply overwhelm the effects on their own business model. Working with experts in digital business is therefore an important step. In particular, the printing and media associations, in cooperation with zipcon and the web-to-print and ePrint portal congresses, offer important platforms and assistance for orientation.

At the end of the discussion, Anhalt drew the conclusion "that the effects of the change to Internet business are underestimated in large parts of the industry and that a new understanding must be developed". Because without that Alignment of the business model with eBusiness It will hardly be possible for many companies to survive in the future.

Source: Bundesverband Druck und Medien e.V.

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