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What does "GoT" mean? Definition and explanation of the abbreviation


"GoT" is an abbreviation that has been used a lot in recent years. Don't you know what this abbreviation means? Netzwelt reveals more about the definition, meaning and use of "GoT".

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The abbreviation "GoT" has become a trend, especially in the past few years, as has "TWD" and "FTWD". What does "GoT" mean and where can you find this abbreviation? Netzwelt explained.

"GoT": definition and meaning

"GoT" is an acronym that means that each letter of the abbreviation represents the first letter of a word. In this case "GoT" stands for "Game Of Thrones ". This is a fantasy drama series that was broadcast from 2011 to 2019 on the US broadcaster HBO and also in Germany on pay TV on Sky Atlantic, on free TV on RTL 2 and on various streaming services such as Sky Ticket or Amazon Video aired. This series was so successful that the final season of 2019 was awarded 12 Emmys.

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"GoT": Explanation and Use

Like the series itself, the abbreviation "GoT" became a hype among many series fans. Therefore, this acronym is mainly used in series, in various forums, but also in communication between series fans via WhatsApp or in social media such as Facebook. The trend today is not only to shorten long phrases like "Hold my beer" (HMB) or "Outfit of the Day" (ootd), long series titles are also part of this trend. So the abbreviations for the series "The Big Bang Theory" (TBBT), "How I Met Your Mother" (HIMYM) and many more were included in the parlance.

Even if the series has already come to an end, the story of GoT continues. Some prequels of the epic are already being planned and some have been confirmed. So the abbreviation in "Bloodmoon" (working title) and "Fire and Blood" (working title) will certainly live on.

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