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General remarks

Dodgeball is a popular game that is often played out of tradition and due to the simple organization. The game idea of ​​shooting the opponent is often criticized from an educational point of view. Also, none of the big sports games have a similar game idea. In spite of this, or precisely because of this, the game lives from a very high level of tension.

It is important that the rules of the game and the play equipment (softball) are selected in such a way that the weaker and fearful students are also integrated into the game.
The intensity of the game can be increased with a second ball.


Lower, intermediate, advanced

1. Basic form / rules of the game

The game is played in two equally sized playing fields divided by a center line. One player per team goes to the sky (behind the baseline of the opposing field). Each team tries to shoot down opposing players from their playing field. Whoever has been hit has to be behind the playing field of the opposing party and from there can also try to "hit" opposing players. If you can catch the ball, you keep your life. The party that first has no more players in the field loses.

1.1 variant

- If you are in the sky and shoot an opponent, you can go back into the infield.
- The last player has two (three) lives.

Fig .: Völkerball basic shape

2. Cover dodgeball

Exciting variant of the basic form more ..!

3. Special - cone dodgeball

An exciting variant of the skittles ball ..!

4. Wrong dodgeball

The game begins as it ends with normal dodgeball: everyone is outside and one player is in the inner field. The players in the outer field try to shoot the player in the inner field. Whoever scores a hit may go into the infield. Those hit in the inner field may stay in the field. Slowly the inner fields fill up more and more, it becomes easier and easier to get in, as there are more and more "goals". The team that has no one outside the fastest wins.

5. Panther Ball

Great variant, but only fun if the participants take a certain risk. Panther ball >>>

6. Castle dodgeball

At the castle dodgeball, each team is allowed to build a castle with various devices (mats, boxes, etc.), which serves as cover. Both teams receive the same number of balls. The players of the teams are marked by different playing bands. The aim is to conquer the opposing castle and hit the opposing players. You can move freely in the hall. Players hit must leave the field. The game is over when a team runs out of players.

TOP 25 dodgeball

TOP 25 dodgeball

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