Why are child-free weddings growing in popularity?

The 11 most beautiful rituals for a free wedding ceremony

Where can a free wedding ceremony take place?

You should choose the location for your free wedding ceremony where you like it best. You can get married under the open sky in the forest in a clearing, on a meadow or a field, by a lake or a river or in your garden. Many wedding locations also offer a nice place under the trees or in a pavilion in their garden or park to hold the free wedding ceremony there. This is of course particularly practical, as you can go straight to the champagne reception, menu and wedding celebration with all guests after the wedding.

Why a free wedding is so special

Since you can plan the free wedding ceremony individually according to your wishes, you can freely choose the readings and songs you want to sing or play. You can also involve your family and friends in the ceremony with texts and rituals much more intensively than is the case with Christian weddings.

Our tip: It is especially nice when you both give each other an individual promise of loyalty that you have written yourself at your free wedding ceremony.

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The course of the free wedding ceremony

Church weddings have clearly prescribed procedures and thus naturally restrict the freedom of the bride and groom to design. Since the free wedding ceremony can be designed individually, the procedure for each ceremony can of course be different. For example, there are a variety of rituals through which your free wedding ceremony can establish a personal relationship with you as a couple. The most beautiful rituals for free weddings can be found below.

Part one: opening

  • Indent
  • Welcome by the freelance speaker
  • reading
  • song

Second part: wedding ceremony

  • Ceremony
  • Blessing of the rings: This can be done by your guests or the wedding speaker, for example.
  • song
  • (personal) promises of loyalty and ring changes
  • Confirmation of the wedding by witnesses
  • Intercession
  • song

Third part: conclusion

  • Blessing of the couple (optional)
  • abstract

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11 rituals for your free wedding ceremony

The idea behind a free marriage ritual is that two things become one as a symbol of the marriage that is about to be concluded and the couple now join together as a new family. Here you will find the most beautiful and popular rituals for a free wedding ceremony.

1. Mourning candle

A ritual that is also known from church weddings is the lighting of the Mourning candle with two candles. The mourning candle symbolizes accompanying the bride and groom with their light in good and bad times. Often the text "The mourning candle speaks ..." is then read.

2. Let the balloons rise

It is now very popular to let white or colored balloons rise into the sky at weddings, to which the guests have tied good wishes for the bridal couple. Every guest can note their good wishes on balloon cards and the person who finds the card is asked to send them back to the bride and groom. In this way, the thoughts of your guests will reach you weeks after the wedding.
The Balloon cards For example, you can either put a pen on each seat or the Church notebook enclose.

3. Time capsule

Collect various memories of the day of your wedding and pack them in a box, which is then locked and buried. After many years you can dig up the box together and indulge in the memories of your wedding day.

4. Blessing of the rings by the guests

It is very popular as a ritual for the free wedding ceremony to thread the wedding rings onto a ribbon that has previously been laid through the rows of guests. The guests pass the rings on from back to front and, so to speak, mentally send good wishes for the bride and groom to the rings.

5. Knot ceremony

At the knot ceremony, the hands of the bride and groom are tied together with a rope by your wedding speaker and "blessed" with wishes.

6. Start a fire

At your free wedding ceremony, your guests can also write down good wishes on a piece of paper and place them in a bowl with a fire during the ceremony. The wish then rises as smoke in the sky. If you add some herbal branches to the fire, the branches will also create a pleasant scent during this ritual.

7. Plant a tree

Another idea is for the bride and groom to plant a tree together during the free wedding ceremony - possibly just from a smaller vessel to a larger one. Because if you have your own garden, it would of course be nice if you could plant your tree there after the wedding and watch it grow.

8. Individual wedding promise

Since your free wedding is already very personal and individually designed according to your wishes, it would of course be particularly emotional if you make promises of loyalty you have written to each other.

9. stones

You can distribute flat stones to your guests, on which they write good wishes with a marker. During the ceremony, these stones can then be collected or given to the bride and groom by each guest. You can then distribute the stones in your garden later or keep them in a box in your apartment.

10. Sand ceremony

A very well-known ritual for the free wedding ceremony is the sand ceremony. You will each receive a glass with colored sand, whereby your two colors are different. Then you alternately pour some sand into a larger vessel, which creates a very individual pattern. This ceremony becomes even more meaningful if, for example, you take sand from a beach where you like to spend your vacation.

11. Lay the foundation stone

The bride and groom can press their hands into clay plates, which can later be used as the foundation stone for the common house or as a decorative element on the terrace or the first step to the front door.



* The topic "Can you remarry after a divorce" differs from one church to another. In the Protestant Church this is not a problem. In the Catholic Church it is a bigger problem, since the Church regards marriage as a sacrament and thus as indissoluble. If you want to marry again in a Catholic Church after your divorce, you must justify an exception to the indissolubility of the marriage. You can initiate nullity proceedings before a church court or apply for the dissolution of your marriage.