How do I stay consistent and determined


  • consequent - consistently… German dictionary

  • consequent - Adj. (Intermediate) Determined, persistent Examples: You have to be consistent in your actions. They followed their plan consistently ... Extreme German

  • Consequent - (Latin), consistent, conclusively correct, in agreement with oneself, true to one's principles or opinions; See consequence ... Meyer's Large Conversation Lexicon

  • Consequent - (Latin), consistent, firm in principles; Consistency, consistency, also persistence; the necessary sequence of something ... Small conversational dictionary

  • consequent - »consequently; determined, persistent, purposeful ": The adjective was borrowed in the 18th century from the Latin consequens" consequent ", the adjective used part. Pres. from Latin con sequi" follow, follow, etc. ". - In addition the counter-education ... ... The dictionary of origin

  • consequent - consistent; coherent; logical; logo (colloquial); conclusive; coherent; persistent; penetrative; determined; persistent; throughout ... universal lexicon

  • consequent - 1. Consistent, logical, natural, conclusive; (educational): stringent; (obsolete): consequently. 2. persistent, iron, [firmly] determined, straightforward, stubborn, steadfast, straight, unwavering, unwavering, unwavering, dogged, tenacious, ... ... the dictionary of synonyms

  • consequent - kon · se · quẹnt Adj; 1 without contradictions ≈ logical ↔ inconsistent & LT; consistently think, act & GT; 2 mostly adv; so that one does not allow oneself to be dissuaded from something ≈ persistently & LT; consistently pursue a plan, a goal & GT; || on this ... ... Langenscheidt large dictionary German as a foreign language

  • consequent - (Latin) firmly determined, unwavering, persistent, logically imperative to remain consistent, to think consistently ... The elementary school dictionary of foreign words

  • consequent - kon | se | quẹnt 〈adj.〉 Ggs .: inconsistent 1. consequent; act consistently 2. persistently, consistently, true to principles [Etym .: & LT; lat. consequens "consistent"; zu sequi »Follow«]… Lexical German Dictionary

  • consequent - consistent & LT; from equiv. Latin consequens, Gen. consequentis, Part. Pres. of consequi, cf. ↑ consequent & GT ;: 1. consequent, logically compelling. 2. a) unwavering, determined; b) persistently, always, every time. 3. the slope of a ... ... the great foreign dictionary