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This order of mammals is roughly divided into dogs and cats. They mean that they predatory feed on preythat they kill either alone or in a group. Tigers, lions, bears, wolves, but also seals are considered to be predators. Biologists are round 270 species known, which are spread all over the world: From the Coasts of the polar regions to the tropical rainforests predators have adapted and specialized in different habitats and feeding grounds.

The scientific name “Carnivora” comes from the Latin: “carno ” and "Vorare" mean something like "To eat meat ” and already indicates their preferred prey: vertebrates. As the largest land predators are the polar bears, elephant seals and walrusesthat can weigh up to 3.5 tons. The fastest predator is the cheetah, which can reach top speeds of 93 km / h over short distances!


1. Predators are common all over the world

Both the canine and the feline live on all continents, with the population of the big cats being concentrated in Africa and Asia. However, the puma, jaguar, and ocelot are native to North and South America. Canine species have also been able to spread through humans in Australia, where they are known as dingoes.


Also in Predators like foxes, martens and polecats live in Germany and increasingly the wolf again. Even if you might not think of it right awayDogs and cats of course also predators, what your house tiger may prove to you sometimes with one or the other mouse. Due to the extinction of wolf and bear populations, there are hardly any indigenous predators left.


The hunting behavior of the predators differs depending on the habitat. Some kinds hunt in packs, especially in open terrain (Wolf, lion, hyena).


Info: The North American coyotes look very similar to their relative, the wolf, but hunt more individually or only in very small groups.


Others like Cheetah, fox and tiger go hunting alone and otherwise live rather solitary. The prey is proportional to the large or small predator: The bigger the predator, the bigger its prey must be. Some of the carnivorous animals also kill mammals that are significantly larger than themselves!


By the way: The giant panda and some small bears even feed on bamboo or fruits based on plants! However, since they still have the typical predator teeth, they are included in this order.


2. The most important characteristic of predators is their teeth

The predatory diet is only made possible by a special set of teeth. The Canines are particularly dominant in carnivores and serve to hold on to the prey. To tear the pieces of meat from the beaten prey, use the Predators have their typical fangs. In contrast to ungulates, predators hardly have molar teeth and can only move their jaws vertically - chewing movements, as observed in cows, for example, are not possible because the upper and lower jaws are fused together. This is the However, the jaw is much more stable and even able to bite into bones.


The predator's teeth are more likely to be used by the predator to capture, kill and then devour the prey. Therefore, the digestive tract is also relatively uncomplicated and short, since the energy is quickly obtained from food and, in order to prevent putrefaction, has to be excreted quickly.


In addition to the teeth, the predator skeleton has another special feature: The Paws are often narrow and many predators are so-called toe walkers. This also allows them to reach high speeds when chasing their prey.


3. Many species of predator can be seen from a safe distance in the zoo

Since predators in the wild can quickly become dangerous to humans as easy prey, Zoos and zoos offer visitors a good opportunity to get close to the exotic and magnificent animals. Some zoos also offer predator feedings at certain times, which can be observed through the fence or the glass wall.


Despite the safety precautions of the zoos, dangerous predators sometimes escape. In such a case it is better not to unpack your safari equipment, but rather stay at home until the security forces have recaptured the animals.


In our animal lexicon we introduce you to known and rare predators and summarize the most important facts in profiles. So you can use the Get to know imposing lions, tigers and bears with the help of photos and pictures in your own four walls.

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