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Südfilm or: The passion for storytelling

In July 2016, Freiburg was the location of a Turkish television production of "AyYapim" from Istanbul - SÜDFILM was the cooperation partner of this large Turkish film company. The current film production by “AyYapim” focuses on the Turkish guest worker generation in the Federal Republic in a series. With well-known directors of numerous “crime scenes”, Bülent Gençdemir is now tackling the filming of a first episode of crime stories. The author duo - whose names are unfortunately not yet allowed to be published - has already written several volumes of a successful crime series. The SÜDFILM production should not run out of material.

This makes it all the more important to have competent partners by your side when building your own company right from the start. When the company was founded, Bülent Gençdemir says with a smile, his greatest challenge was the bureaucracy, which he encounters again and again today. Optimizing the strategy and business plan, setting up financing for the initial equipment and getting the job market promotion off the ground - it was crucial for him to receive tailored advice from Johannes Merkel from the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Entrepreneurship and Development. In order not to make fundamental mistakes, he wanted to understand what the authorities want from him in order to take the right steps in the right order.

Today it is about even more: He has to “get the many projects under one roof with the corresponding bureaucracy”. The Steinbeis consultation was funded 100 percent, in the second phase 80 percent by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the European Social Fund (ESF). Rightly so, SÜDFILM is successful. But where do these successes come from, what is Gençdemir's recipe for success? “The world only works with stories. It is important that these stories are well told. As a passionate storyteller, it is always a pleasure for me to spread stories that are loved to be heard outside, ”says Bülent Gençdemir with full conviction. He also uses his penchant for storytelling as a journalist and writes for a well-known regional newspaper. And in the meantime he has even written his own script - together with his partner Tevhit Özbulut - and he hopes to be able to produce the book himself as a feature film soon.

Bülent Gençdemir is, as they say in Baden, a "creator", he is a filmmaker out of passion and in daily life, like his films: personable, credible and captivating. So the best prospects for the future. “To keep the store running”, he first needed professional advice from Steinbeis and now a back office, which has already been occupied by his partner Tevhit Özbulut and another employee - the next step in SÜDFILM's development is therefore mapped out.