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10 proofs that commas matter

Status: 04/16/2021 4:45 p.m.

German language difficult language? The rules around commas alone show that this much-quoted sentence is not just an empty phrase.

Commas can save lives - or at least avoid major misunderstandings. Don't you think so? Here are ten examples to smile about!

1. Prohibition or request?

Now what - should we turn off the computer or not? The upper sentence says the second, the lower the first. We are confused!

2. When punctuation marks save lives

"And, was Grandpa tasty?" ... Or rather: "And, was it delicious, Grandpa?"

3. Who is speaking?

Who says who can't drive a car? In the first example, the man says that the woman cannot drive. In the second sentence the woman says that the man cannot. Crazy what punctuation can do, right?

4. How a compliment becomes an insult

Believe us: a comma can destroy relationships. In the second example, "far and wide" is used after the comma to describe the bottom, while "far and wide" without a comma means "as far as the eye can see".

5. Really good stuff ?!

"Please do not smoke the guests" vs. "Please do not smoke" - sometimes it makes sense to simply rephrase the sentence if you are not so sure about the punctuation. Not that anyone else gets stupid ideas!

6. Then not ...?

This is how quickly a simple question can turn into a passive-aggressive defensive stance.

7. Who wants to - and who doesn't?

In the example above, he just doesn't want her, below he wants her, but she doesn't want him. Complicated huh?

8. Quarrel at school

So who is better off, pupil or teacher? In the example above it is the teachers, in the example below it is the students.

9. A choice of life and death

Aside from the fact that it is best not to kill anyone, these two sentences have completely opposite statements. The first sentence someone is released, the second sentence someone is killed.

10. Lost in punctuation marks

Hopefully at least the addressee understands whether he is following someone himself or whether others are following him! Otherwise it could make a pretty funny picture ...


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