Why are Pixar movies so sad

The real reasons Pixar makes us cry

What's the secret behind Pixar's heartbreaking films? The Above Average comedy troop peeked into Pixar's Sad Laboratory and revealed why Finding Nemo and Co. are so bloody sad.

Pixar films not only impress with their humor and loving animation. No, films like Oben, Die Monster AG and Alles is upside down are also damn sad and should never be watched without at least one handkerchief. With so much expertise in making people cry, the suggestion is that somewhere in the Disney / Pixar space there is also a section for sad characters and storylines. This is exactly what the creators of the comedy website Above Average thought and show what could be going on in Pixar's SadLab.

The Pixar SadLab is doing a lot of research to find out what makes people cry the most. A sad balloon, a rabbit that can't hear the color yellow? All very sad, according to the research from the sadness laboratory. A special tactic is to attack the audience from behind, as in the first few minutes from above:

You think this is a children's film. What could go wrong, there are balloons and then WHAM! Miscarriage and a dead wife.

Nemo's underdeveloped fin, the farewell scene between Boo and Sulley in Monster AG - the greatest successes of sadness make even the scientists howl (also with pride) snot and water. Access to the Toy Story 4 test room is even top secret - probably too sad.

Do the measures of the SadLab work for you? Which Pixar film did you have to take out the handkerchiefs for?