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Monday April 20, 2015

Brief reports
Good morning Footballland.
It's Monday morning and the clock shows ... a quarter to Tebow.
Yes, the comeback of the completely overrated college favorite, who unfortunately didn't make it in the NFL, is imminent. Today he is due to sign a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, as reported by these ominous well-informed circles.
The Eagles collect quarterbacks, but only mediocre ones. Or just Tim Tebow (picture).
He did a trial with the Eagles last month, and head coach Chip Kelly seems to have liked that.
The quarterback should be fresh, because it's been over two years since he was last on the squad of an NFL team, let alone on the pitch.
As mentioned, the Eagles don't have a decent quarterback in their ranks, but Tebow is unlikely to be on the team when the season starts. Even to get past the injured Sam Bradford or the butt fumbler Mark Sanchez, it shouldn't be enough. Perhaps he'll be # 3 ahead of the not-to-mention G.J. Kinne and Matt Barkley, but even that is difficult.
In terms of the game system, Tebow fits into Kelly's offense. She doesn't need a pocket passer, but a quarterback who can run out of the shotgun. Neither Bradford nor Sanchez can do that. Is that enough to get Tebow a place in the season squad?
We will see it.

The Vikings' first voluntary training sessions begin today.
The question in Minnesota, of course, is, "Will Adrian Peterson be there?"
It is very likely that the many reporters who are waiting for the arrival of the running back will leave in disappointment.
Peterson wants to get away from the Vikings, so it would be very strange if he showed up for the first training session.

In week three, an injury to his right fibula and ankle ended Danny Woodhead's season prematurely.
When the Chargers' first training sessions are due today, Woodhead will be there. The running back said he is fully recovered and one hundred percent ready to go.
Woodhead is a sure passport catcher who has been sorely missed. In his first season in San Diego, he caught 76 passes for 605 yards and 6 touchdowns.
His substitute, rookie Branden Oliver, caught 36 passes for 271 yards and 1 touchdown in 2014.

Sunday April 19, 2015

Brief reports
Antonio Gates (picture) would like to clarify something.
The Chargers tight end said they never asked to be on the court when fewer moves were made.
He loves competition, he continued. Everyone knows that. He loves being able to help his team win. And he couldn't do that if he was on the sideline, he could only do that on the pitch. So it would be nonsense to ask for fewer stakes.
Gates can't imagine where this rumor came from. Somebody must have misinterpreted something there.
The Chargers can therefore continue to rely on the full use of the tight end. Especially since his stakes have already fallen from 996 moves in 2014 to 787 in 2014.
Gates also believes he shouldn't be compared to other players his age. The nearly 35-year-old tight end has never played college football, so he believes he didn't take as many hard hits as other players of his age.
Gates is in the final year of his contract with the Chargers. But he doesn't feel that it could be the last year of his career.

Bruce Miller, arrested in March, is back home.
The 49ers fullback was in jail on suspicion of beating his wife. Law enforcement is still investigating the case and no charges have been made.
Niner's general manager Baalke said Miller will not attend the upcoming training sessions. He would try to get his affairs in order in his home in Georgia.
Miller is an excellent pre-blocker that the team would love to keep using.

The 49ers can use Aldon Smith.
The linebacker pulls a swarm of misconduct behind him, including several alcohol rides, shootings, a false bomb alarm, just for fun at the Los Angeles airport and one or the other little thing.
He's looking forward to playing again, even if there are still several court dates to come. But now he wants to prepare for the season with the team first.

The Jacksonville Jaguars gave Stefan Wisniewski a $ 2.5 million one-year deal.
He started in 61 games for the Oakland Raiders, 46 as center, 15 as guard over the past four years.

The Jaguars gave Marcedes Lewis a new contract. This is not supposed to be a contract extension for the 30-year-old tight end, but a new contract for reduced payments.
Lewis has been playing in Jacksonville since 2006. Last year he only caught 18 passports.
One can assume that his salary in 2015 will be far from the $ 6.65 million that would have been granted to him under the old contract.

Saturday April 18, 2015

Brief reports
“Football is the ultimate team sport.” Seahawks General Manager John Schneider came to this not unimportant conclusion.
That may be the reason why the contract negotiations with quarterback Russell Wilson (picture) are so tough. Schneider doesn't just want to keep Wilson, he wants to keep as many top performers as possible.
For some time there have been enough daunting examples of the idiocy of paying too much to a single player and thus having to do without other top performers. The Ravens, Cowboys, Saints, Bears, etc., they pay their quarterback huge sums of money and have to disband half the team for it, to put it a bit exaggerated.
Of course, the Seahawks have to hold Wilson, and the price for that will be high. But perhaps the quarterback will also see in the course of the negotiations that he needs a functioning team around him in order to be able to win the Super Bowl a few more times.
When his ego doesn't get in his way. The aspiration mindset is so pronounced that everyone thinks they have to earn more than someone else. If quarterback A gets 20 million, then quarterback B, who thinks he's better, demands 22 million. He doesn't care if he harms his team. His only concern is that everyone sees that he is worth more than his colleague.
Of course, this is not only related to quarterbacks, but here the salaries have reached immoral realms.
Let's see how it goes on in Seattle.

"I'm looking forward to seeing my teammates again next week and focusing on football and my desire to be the best possible player, teammate and man possible," said Johnny Manziel at the end of a rather disappointing apology.
Although the advertising agency most likely commissioned had so much time to write this speech, the authors couldn't come up with anything new. It was a perfectly normal apology that has been heard a thousand times.
His last sentence was the only one worth mentioning. With that, the quarterback announced that he will be participating in the Cleveland Browns' first voluntary training session, which begins Monday.
It is doubtful whether his teammates are just as excited to see Manziel as he is looking forward to seeing them again.
But Monday will be a beginning, and we will see what Manziel has internalized during the months in the rehab clinic.
With the signing of Josh McCown, it was seen that the club management did not have too much hope in Manziel. There should be an open fight for the position of the starter between him and Manziel. Manziel could win that straight away, because McCown is not exactly a revelation as a quarterback.
So on Monday, everyday life begins for Johnny Football, who has one goal, namely to earn tons of gravel in the NFL. Let's see if it still works.

Brandon Marshall had an operation on his foot.
The Broncos linebacker had Lisfranc surgery on his right foot. Although he missed two games in December because he couldn't play because of the pain, he scored the most tackles on the team over the season.
He'll probably miss the pre-camp training sessions, but Marshall should be back in action in August.

Next week the NFL will publish the full schedule for the 2015 season.
When exactly, said the league spokesman Brian McCarthy not yet, but if it is like last year, then it will be on Wednesday.
The publication will again be broadcast live on the NFL Network.

Friday 17th April 2015

Brief reports
Today the time has come: Adrian Peterson's (picture) ban will be lifted.
The running back of the Vikings can then participate in all team activities again.
Commissioner Goodell should have removed Peterson from the list of banned players on Wednesday, but he probably wanted to make it a little exciting and show who is ultimately in charge.
Goodell advised Peterson that any further violation of the League's code of conduct would result in further punishment, including expulsion from the NFL.
The running back agent announced that his client would prefer a new start on a new team to a return to the Vikings. But Peterson's contract in Minnesota runs until after the 2017 season and brings him nearly $ 13 million annually. A new team would have to take over this contract and that's where things get difficult. Hardly any team has that much money left under the salary cap.
The Vikings have stressed time and time again that they want Peterson back.
We’ll be excited to see what’s going on there.

"I'd happily accept a cracked shoulder for a title," said Dont'a Hightower.
The Patriots linebacker was able to decisively stop Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch in the last Super Bowl, and did it with only one functional arm.
Throughout the playoffs, Hightower played with a torn pan lip in his right shoulder. He didn't tell anyone about his injury because he had the feeling that many of his teammates had their minor pains and injuries like that.
In an interview earlier this week, he said his rehab was right on schedule. With a little luck he could take part in part of the training camp, but he expects to be ready for action at the start of the season.
The Patriots keep an eye on what linebackers are out there, just in case ...

Who wouldn't want to go to their employer and say: "You boss, I want to work a little less soon?"
Antonio Gates just did just that. The Chargers tight end will soon be 35 and doesn't want to get as many appearances as last season. There he was on the field on 787 plays, catching 69 passes for 821 yards and 12 touchdowns in a season when many had expected the young Ladarius Green to come out big.
Gates is entering his 13th season and the final year of his current contract. He sees the end of his career coming even though he hasn't said anything about what he wants to do in the future. It may be that he wants to add another year or two.
Which is not wrong, because when he's healthy he'll be one of the better tight ends in the league.

And justice for all?
If Jameis Winston finds his team in the draft, it will be as a suspect on suspicion of rape.
Erica Kinsman reported the quarterback on Thursday. Like Winston, she was at Florida State University. Winston allegedly raped her in 2012.
She is demanding $ 15,000 from Winston in a civil lawsuit pending jury trial.
The quarterback never had to answer to a court of law for his - alleged - act.
John Clune, one of Erica Kinsman's attorneys, has already sued the college after an investigation into the alleged crime concluded that Winston had not broken the school's code of conduct.
This opinion was later followed by the court before which the lawsuit against the university was heard.
Clune said Mr. Winston never had to answer for what he did. He was not charged, nor was he held accountable by the school. It would now be time for justice to be found, at least through the civil lawsuit. If the responsible authorities were not interested in justice, his client could at least hold the quarterback accountable in this way.
Jameis Winston's attorney was prepared for the lawsuit. He said some time ago that there was already a counterclaim against Mrs. Kinsman for defamation and defamation.
To the outside viewer, it almost looks like no one in Tallahassee was interested in a real investigation into the case. Winston was probably too important as a player for the university team.
After Erica Kinsman reported the rape to the police, the officers should have gone out and gathered evidence immediately. But they didn't. It was only when the matter was picked up by the media nine months later, which caused a considerable stir, that the police pretended to be doing something. The investigation was discontinued a month later.
Along with all of Winston's other misconducts, it throws the NFL in an incredibly bad light that such a person is a top contender for the next draft.

"I'm a star, eat my dust"
They often come from the most brutal of backgrounds. They have enjoyed stardom in school and college. They often misbehave and get away with it.
They grow up believing that because they are stars, different rules apply to them.
How are they supposed to learn what it means to take responsibility for one's actions?
One hears again and again that misconducts of college players are swept under the carpet because they are the stars on the team.
It was the same with Aaron Hernandez.
The tight end grew up in a dangerous neighborhood in Bristol, Connecticut. Nevertheless, he came from an intact family, which is rather rare for these areas. Hernandez and his brother did not grow up with a single mother, but had a father whom he looked up to and listened to. The father developed the sporting talents of his sons. He preached to them the value of hard work and discipline.
When his father died when Hernandez was 16 years old, he sought support from the wrong friends. This is where his journey began, which led him to life imprisonment.
All of his coaches and supervisors, who then worked with Aaron Hernandez, turned a blind eye when the talented tight end got into trouble again.
After a few months in Florida playing for the Gators, Hernandez was involved in a brawl, was interrogated for shooting a moving car, and was convicted of using marijuana. The latter earned him the suspension for a game in 2008, although it was heard that the tight end had not only failed that one drug test.
But how did it come about that the New England Patriots called up this player? The Patriots in particular make it a point not to sign players who cause problems. Maybe that's why the Patriots are the team with the most white players?
Still, they brought Hernandez on board, knowing that his problems outweighed his talent.
As long as the NFL and colleges continue to turn a blind eye to their star players misconduct, their belief in their inviolability will not change.
The case of Aaron Hernandez shows where this can lead with the most brutal clarity possible.
This is how the reaction of the former star tight end when the verdict was pronounced when it became clear to him that he was being held responsible for one of his crimes for the first time in his life is to be understood. Hernandez went pale as a sheet and pressed his lips together, looked at the jury in disbelief, and then got permission from the policeman guarding him to sit down. In his world, this guilty verdict was simply unimaginable.
In the real world, however, it can happen that one is held accountable for one's actions.
And in the NFL you should pay more attention to who you are bringing into the league.
Maybe we should start with the upcoming draft. There should be at least one player who has an extremely negative reputation.

Thursday April 16, 2015

"Guilty on all counts"
What could you do with $ 40 million?
Quite a lot ... if you were free.Then you could have a wonderful life with 40 million. To lie on the beach. Travel around the world a few times. Build yourself a house around your private cinema, etc., etc.
If you were free.
But Aaron Hernandez (picture) isn't and never will be again. The former Patriots tight end has been found guilty of all charges in the murder trial against him. The particular cruelty with which he carried out the murder of Odin Lloyd earned him a life sentence without the possibility of ever being paroled.
Close the cell, remove the key in his case.
As a reminder, Hernandez was a very talented tight end for the New England Patriots. In 2010 he was called up in the fourth round of the draft. On August 27, 2012, he signed a five-year contract for $ 40 million. This included a $ 12.5 million signing bonus. The highest signature bonus ever paid to a tight end.
Hernandez played his last game in the NFL on January 20, 2013. It was the AFC final against the Baltimore Ravens.
After that, it was all about murder and manslaughter for Hernandez.
On June 17, 2013, Aaron Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd. The jury came to this conclusion, although no murder weapon was found, nor could it be established beyond doubt who fired the fatal shots.
The prosecution based its evidence on the recordings of the movement profile of Hernandez's cell phone and testimony that Hernandez was out with Lloyd that evening, along with two other people, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz. As accomplices, they are still waiting for their trials in this murder case.
A video from a surveillance system camera in Hernandez's house showed him about 10 minutes after the crime with a dark object in his hand, which the prosecution called a weapon. As I said, the murder weapon was never found. However, the police found ammunition in the defendant's home that matched the bullets found in the victim.
The motive for the crime was clear to the prosecutors. Odin Lloyd, the friend of the sisters of Hernandez's fiancé, knew too much about another murder of which Hernandez was suspected. In 2012, the tight end in Boston reportedly shot two occupants of another vehicle from his car. The reason was a fight in a nightclub because one of those killed had spilled a drink on Hernandez.
The jury did not learn anything about this motive, however, because the judge forbade the prosecution to mention this motive because it would only be speculation.
So the indictment shifted and brought up another incident as the motive. Two days before the murder, Hernandez and Lloyd had a row in a nightclub. That was the new motive for the crime. Not quite as spectacular, but you take what you can get.
Hernandez is also to be tried for the double murder in 2012.
Reason investigators immediately focused on Hernandez as the killer of Lloyd was because of a car key. Investigators found the key to a rental car that Hernandez had rented in a pocket of the victim, who had been shot six times. The wasteland where Lloyd was executed is just a minute from Hernandez's house.
A reason for the defense attorneys to accuse the police of sloppy investigative methods. A prominent suspect would have been found quickly and then everything would have been done to portray him as a murderer.
No attempt was ever made to find another possible perpetrator.
Therefore, the defense tried to use the move of reasonable doubt.
The other two men who were with Lloyd and Hernandez killed Lloyd, the defense claimed on the last day of the trial.
In the closing argument, the defense admitted for the first time that Hernandez was at the scene with the victim and one of the other two men. But Hernandez did not shoot himself, claimed his defense lawyer, instead, as a 23-year-old young man, Hernandez had to watch as the boyfriend of his fiancée's sister was brutally executed. That would have shocked Hernandez and taken away.
Another move that didn't work. Other video images from the surveillance system in Hernandez's house spoke against this. Shortly after the fact, they showed the accused with Wallace and Ortiz in the swimming pool room, how they relaxed with each other and how Hernandez hugged his little daughter warmly.
Nobody looked shocked on it.
Nevertheless, experienced trial observers rated the length of the jury's discussion as a good sign for the accused.
Thought wrong.
The jury came back with a crystal clear verdict, found Aaron Hernandez guilty on all counts.
The charges in detail:
Planned murder (1st-degree murder) - guilty.
Carrying a firearm without a license - guilty
Carrying a large-caliber gun without a license - guilty
Possession of ammunition without an FID card (Firearm Identification) - guilty
Possession of firearms without a FID card - guilty.
All of this resulted in a life sentence for Aaron Hernandez. Since the particular cruelty of the act was also established, Hernandez has no chance of ever being released early on parole.
So now as a 25-year-old, formerly forty-fold millionaire, father of a daughter, very talented and hopeful tight end, he has to go to prison for life, and three other people are dead because someone has poured a drink on him.
Was it worth it?

Brief reports
Within 12 years of leaving the NFL, one in six former players files for personal bankruptcy.
That was the result of a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Approximately 2,000 players who were recruited between 1996 and 2003 and are now retired have been screened.
According to the research, the peak of the bankruptcy declarations would be about two years after leaving the NFL.
Often the reasons are divorce, trust in lousy counselors, and an excessive lifestyle. Then I remember that saying of an English football player who once said: "I spent a lot of money on alcohol, cars and women, and I celebrated the rest."
Currently, Warren Sapp and Terrell Owens recently filed for personal bankruptcy.

Daryn Colledge ended his career.
The offensive lineman has played in the NFL since 2006 and started in 137 games.
His path took him from Green Bay via Arizona to Miami.
On Wednesday he announced his retirement.

Wednesday April 15, 2015

Where do the rivers flow to?
The rumors about Philip Rivers (picture) do not fall silent. On the contrary, they keep picking up speed.
Although the quarterback repeatedly assured not to leave the Chargers, and the team repeatedly asserted that they wanted to keep Rivers, new rumors of transfer are kept coming into being.
Rivers also said he wouldn't mind moving the team from San Diego to Los Angeles, but that doesn't seem to be at all true.
Rivers is in no hurry to renew his contract, which will end after the 2015 season. He said he had a home for himself and his family in San Diego that he wouldn't want to leave.
Then he won't like the latest rumor at all. If he didn't want to move the team to Los Angeles, he wouldn't like moving to Nashville, Tennessee, would he?
The latest rumor is that Rivers will be given to the Titans.
On the other hand, that is the more possible scenario. Rivers grew up in Decatur, on the Tennessee River. A move to the vicinity of his old home would probably appeal to him more than a move to the not so peaceful city of angels.
In the course of this rumor, the rumor emerged that the Chargers were interested in quarterback Marcus Mariota in the draft. He completed a trial training session in San Diego on Tuesday.
A lot fits together.
But the Chargers are a solid team. They have won 19 games in the past two seasons, including a playoff game. It wouldn't be a good thing to let a regained quarterback go.
The Titans are completely on the ground. Rivers would ignite a spark there, but it will not be able to start a wildfire.
Head Coach Whisenhunt and Rivers know each other from times together in San Diego. Whisenhunt would love to have the quarterback. His currently listed quarterback, Zach Mettenberger, has a strange reputation. He is known as "Tom Brady for poor people".
Let's see what happens when the rumor mill has finished cooking this soup. The rivers will probably flow somewhere.

Brief reports
“Take it easy, folks. It's not called “voluntary training units” for nothing, ”Matt Forte had ready as a saying for the fans of the Bears. They were worried because the running back did not show up with the other teammates for the first, voluntary, training session.
Forte trained, however, with a personal trainer. Will that reassure the fans who flooded his Twitter account with insults?
His contract status also worries the fans. Forte is entering the final year of its current contract and is in no rush to renew. And that where he almost alone carried the offense of the teddy bears last year.
In the meantime, fans in Chicago should take it easy, even if it's tough in today's hyperactive online world.

The new uniforms of the Cleveland Browns look really nice. They were presented to the public yesterday evening. At least you can see changes to the previous design here rather than the disappointing new logo introduced a few weeks ago.
3,000 fans and some players attended the presentation. Johnny Manziel wasn't among them. The quarterback was watching a baseball game in a good mood.
After all, he wasn't drunk at a party. That is a huge step forward.
His absence, however, was another topic of conversation. Safety Donte Whitner said that Manziel lost a lot of trust from his teammates. Whitner said that the chance of winning something back would be gone. He went on to call his quarterback next week to start voluntary training sessions urgent expected. According to the name, these units would be voluntary. In reality, however, they would be part of the pre-season and everyone should take part.
Interested readers can get their own picture of the new jerseys here:

Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, slated to be the No. 1 and 2 players to be recruited in the next draft, will not be in Chicago.
26 other possible players who could find a team in the first round have confirmed their participation. There is probably no other quarterback among them.

Another Steelers defender ended his football career. Cornerback Ike Taylor hangs up his football boots after 12 years.
The 34-year-old won two Super Bowls with Pittsburgh.
His last season was overshadowed by bad luck. First he had to accept a pay cut in order not to be thrown off the team.
In week three he broke his right forearm against the Panthers. He was back in week 14 against the Bengals, only to be injured again.
And anyway, the Steelers weren't counting on Taylor, who has been a free player since the beginning of the month. He doesn't want to move to a new team, so he declared his career over.

Tuesday April 14, 2015

Brief reports
Michael Crabtree (picture) announced on his Twitter page that he has signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders.
The former wide receiver of the 49ers was considered the best wide receiver to get in the draft in 2009. But the Raiders proved once again that they could deliberately miss, and they took Darrius Heyward-Bey. Three jobs later, the 49ers recruited Crabtree.
Heyward-Bey flopped. He was quick, but not sure of the catch. Crabtree became a valuable member of the 49ers' Receiver Corps.
Now it ended up in Oakland after all, after it became dispensable for San Francisco. After an Achilles tendon injury in 2013, he no longer became the same.
The Raiders gave him a one-year contract for $ 3.2 million. With bonuses he can raise it to $ 5 million.

John Kuhn stays in Green Bay.
The fullback signed another one-year contract. In his ninth season with the Packers, he will earn $ 870,000. With bonuses, the 33-year-old fan favorite can raise it to $ 920,000.

The jury also advised on the murder trial against Aaron Hernandez on Monday without coming to a conclusion.
Even if the length of the discussion speaks for the accused, he would not get out of prison if he were acquitted.
After that, a double homicide trial would begin. In 2012, Hernandez reportedly shot and killed two occupants of another car from a car in Boston.

The Dolphins signed Zack Bowman.
The cornerback eked out his existence with the Giants behind Prince Amukamara and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.
On Monday he signed a one-year contract in Miami.

This month is a bad one for former NFL players.
On Friday, Baltimore Colts tight end Jim Mutscheller died of kidney failure. He was 85 years old.
In eight seasons he caught 220 passes for 3,684 yards and 40 touchdowns.

Monday April 13, 2015

Brief reports
The 49ers have a new quarterback.
Colin Kaepernick (picture) is his name.
No, I haven't lost my memory over the weekend.
Tight end Vernon Davis had this to say about his quarterback after the two of them trained together for a bit on Friday.
"My God, what did you do?" Davis asked Kaepernick after training.
For the tight end it is certain that Kaepernick's voluntary special training with Kurt Warner was more than worth it.
As soon as the quarterback ran back to fold, Davis saw a big change in the way Kaepernick set his feet. To him, his old teammate looked like a completely new one.
Davis is convinced that the 49ers will win more than eight games with the new Kaepernick in 2015.

Kendall Hunter is set to exonerate Colin Kaepernick in 2015.
The running back tore a cruciate ligament on the second day of the 2014 training camp. His rehab is on schedule and Hunter has started running.
It will probably be ready for the season.
Linebacker NaVorro Bowman is expected back at the beginning of the training camp after his cruciate ligament rupture.

Torn cruciate ligaments are the NFL's worst hostage.
Another convalescent is Branden Albert. The Dolphins' offensive tackle is preparing for his return from the serious injury he sustained in Week 10 with boxing training.
It will also be ready for action at the start of the season.

Player of two sports?
Russell Wilson would like to be.
Questioned whether the Seahawks will allow their quarterback to take on a major league baseball alongside his job with them.
In any case, it should be strange that an employer who shovels millions into a player's account allows one to take a part-time job that takes the player for a large part of the season.
Wilson said in an interview that he is seriously considering playing baseball with a team called Rangers in addition to football. They hold the rights to him in the MBL, and he has trained with them in his spare time for the past two years.
When you look at how excruciatingly long such a baseball season would keep Wilson away from the Seahawks, it should remain a dream of his. The days when a player played football and baseball would have ended with Neon Deion Sanders.
The club swing game starts in April. The end of the season is November, when these Rangers should make it into the final series.
And do you want the Seahawks to make Wilson the highest-paid player in the NFL?
Rather not!

The Rams want a new stadium.
Those in charge of the city of St. Louis would like to give them one, but don't know how to pay for it?
In order to be allowed to waste taxpayers money on construction, they have to let the taxpayers vote. Then maybe a defeat threatens.
In order to be able to circumvent this annoying questioning, they turned on the court. This is to clarify whether the stupid taxpayers really need to be allowed to vote on what will happen to their money.
The resolution, which provides for a vote, dates back to 2002 and is described by the city authorities in well-chosen terms as at least antiquated and completely unclear.
Therefore, a judge's ruling should provide clarity.
If building a new stadium on the banks of the Mississippi doesn't work out, city leaders needn't worry and wonder what to spend their residents' tax dollars on?
You're still paying heavily on the rates for the Edward Jones Dome, which opened in 1995.

Are you still planning or are you already building?
In Minnesota, the answer is, "We're building."
As reported last week, the new stadium there is right on schedule.
So that the new building does not suffer the same fate as the old one, it will get roof heating.
The roof of the old Metrodome collapsed under the weight of the snow.
By the way, there is a live stream of the construction work on the new stadium on the official team page of the Minnesota Vikings. So if you would like to watch others at work .... Of course you have to pay attention to the time difference, otherwise you won't see much.

Sunday April 12, 2015

Johnny problem child
Johnny Manziel (picture) has been released from the rehab clinic he voluntarily went to on January 28th.
As it is said, he would have worked well and successfully on himself.
But what lies ahead of him is another hard piece of work. He has to win the trust of his teammates, who don't really like him.
Will he succeed?
An addiction expert told ESPN that Manziel came out of the clinic as a different person. His wild past would now be behind him.
That would be a good start.
Roger Staubach, legendary quarterback of the cowboys from the good old days, sees a lot of potential in Manziel. For him, Johnny Football belongs in the Russell Wilson category. Manziel could also be used as a passer as well as a runner, just like the Seahawks quarterback. Manziel would even have the stronger arm of the two.
Either way, now it is up to Manziel whether he invests his energy in his job and trains to perform on the pitch, or whether he continues to wander through the party landscape and let himself be photographed with rolled-up money on some toilets?

And another problem child
With Johnny Manziel you suspected that there was a problem child coming into the NFL. Jameis Winston is known to have a problem child coming into the NFL.
Even Winston's lawyer is convinced of this. David Cornwell said at a symposium for sports attorneys that his client Winston is not ready for the public life of an NFL player.
Harsh words from someone who is paid to represent you rather than kick you.
And Cornwell told the story of the meeting between him, Winston, and Roger Goodell. The three met in the NFL chairman's office. Winston looked around, saw a Super Bowl trophy and said, "I want one too."
Goodell looked at Winston, pointed to another statue and said, "I would appreciate it if you tried to earn this first."
And Winston looked at the statue in question, the Walter Payton Man of the Year trophy, which is given to players who do voluntary charitable work.
Winston's reaction to Goodell's gesture was not echoed by Cornwell. Instead, the attorney said that Winston is ready to be a good quarterback on the court, but that he is not ready to be a good representative of the NFL off the court.
When asked whether the Buccaneers Winston will still be called up as the first player in the draft, Cornwell replied: "That's good."
Cornwell was then asked why he had refused to represent Ray Rice but had taken Winston's defense on the rape charge? Cornwell replied, “I represented Winston because I knew very well that he was innocent. When I saw the videos of Ray Rice beating his then fiancée, I saw it through the eyes of a father to a daughter and I didn't want to defend Rice. If that had been my daughter, I'm not sure if Rice would still be alive today. "
Cornwell then condemned some media representatives who exaggerated the alleged rape matter and said that media was part of the problem.
In conclusion, however, it should be noted that even Winston's lawyer, who is certainly not badly paid, believes that his client is far from being purified. At least that's ... remarkable.

Brief reports
What a joy to have on a one-year contract.
On Friday, the newly signed running back Stevan Ridley had a huge jet tattoo on his right forearm, or what is it called?
Is it worth it? Tattoos are permanent, a one-year contract is not.

The Jets withdrew their option on Quinton Coples' fifth year.
The outside linebacker has proven to be a good pass defender. Coples is getting $ 7.8 million in his fifth year.

The Denver Broncos gave James Casey a one-year contract.
The ex-Eagles tight end is considered a solid blocker.

Saturday April 11, 2015

Brief reports
The Saints try to bolster their unspeakably holey defense. The latest member of the group is Anthony Spencer (picture).
The former cowboy signed a one-year contract in New Orleans.
Spencer was called up by Dallas in 2007 in the first round of the draft. He was used as a linebacker and defensive end. In 2014 he scored 25 tackles, half a sack, a forced fumble as a defensive end and he carried a captured fumble back to the touchdown.
In 2012, he put down a season that got him into the Pro Bowl. His defensive coordinator at the time, Rob Ryan, whom he now meets in New Orleans.

One is always the best paid.
The NFL's highest-paid center has recently become Mike Pouncey. The Dolphins gave him a five year contract extension and $ 52.2 million.
Instead of $ 7.4 million a year, Pouncey will get $ 10.4 million.

There appears to be disagreement among the jury in the case of Aaron Hernandez.
After four days of intensive deliberations, the 12 did not come to a conclusion. They have had the weekend off since 1 p.m. local time on Friday and don't meet again until Monday.
They not only have to advise whether Hernandez is a murderer, but also whether he owned illegal weapons and ammunition.
Observers assume that the length of the consultation could be positive for the accused.

The Giants have to do without Victor Butler in the first four games.
The linebacker was convicted of taking prohibited substances and suspended.

Will Allen signed again in Pittsburgh. The 32-year-old Safety started in four games for the Steelers last year.
After Troy Polamalu announced his retirement, the hardship was on, which Allen could alleviate.

"Talk less, perform better," is the new motto of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.
RG3 said his sayings about what a great quarterback he would have been would not have helped him, so he had resolved to let his performances on the pitch speak for him in 2015.
A great idea.
The Redskins fans, who have seen a great rookie quarterback, would certainly be very happy if Griffin III could build on this performance again.

"A bad product," is how former Titans star running back Eddie George calls his old team.
He would like $ 2 billion to buy the Titans and make them a better product. Malfunction and disorder would mark the management. Those responsible would not be able to put the house in order.
The fans would be horrified, continued George. In the past they would have seen how to win championships. But that would have been a long time ago.
George made the playoffs four times in his eight seasons with the Titans. Tennessee was half a meter away from winning a Super Bowl. There is no trace of that today, and that upsets George.
And the worst thing for him is that there is no improvement in sight.

Friday April 10, 2015

Brief reports
It always hurts when a very, very, very big one ends.
Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Dan Fouts, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, even Lawrence Taylor, I wept a tear, among many others.
Now it's that time again, because Troy Polamalu (picture) has announced the end of his career.
The Steelers Safety has been called up to the Pro Bowl eight times after being called up in 2003 in 16th place in the first round of the Draft by the Steelers. Polamalu scored 771 tackles, 32 interceptions and 12 sacks.
In recent years, injuries have set him back and his performance has deteriorated visibly. It is therefore logical that the 33-year-old should hang up his football boots.
But you have to get used to the thought of never seeing him jump over the line again to catch the opposing ball carrier.

Let's stay in the city of delicious ketchup.
The NFL suspended LeVeon Bell for the first three games.
The running back was arrested last August for driving a car under the influence of drugs. For this he now got the penalty from the league. Bell has already appealed against them.
The Steelers were prepared for this, which is why they gave ex-Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams a contract. He's injured forever, but hopefully he'll be able to make it through these three games one day.

Ketchup sticks, so here's a message from Pittsburgh.
The Steelers withdrew the option of their guard David DeCastro's fifth year.
After a knee injury handicapped him in his rookie year, DeCastro became one of the NFL's top line players.

Andrew Luck will stay with the Colts until the end of the 2016 season.
The team drew the option for the fifth year of their rookie contract.
That’s no surprise. Of all the quarterbacks called up in 2012, Luck is by far the best. And Luck himself had no intention of switching.
Unfortunately, 2012 marked the first year in which rookie salaries were capped. Luck had to play for a meager $ 3.4 million in 2015, even though he belongs to the league of Manning, Brees and Brady who don't put on football shoes for under $ 19 million.
After 2016, given the expected increase in the absurd salaries for quarterbacks, his annual salary is likely to be ten times as much.

The Panthers signed Charles Tillman. The cornerback signed a one-year contract.
Tillman played for the Bears for 12 years and was elected to the Pro Bowl twice. He has only played 10 games in the last two seasons with a few triceps injuries.

Is Jimmy Graham a wimp?
For Michael Bennett, yes!
The Seahawks linebacker doesn't think much of his new teammate. For the linebacker, the tight end is soft and the most overrated player in the NFL.
Bennett doesn't understand the bohei that was made about Graham's move. For a run-oriented team like the Seahawks, you'd need a tight end that can block. Graham would definitely not be, according to Bennett.
Maybe Graham can convince his new teammate otherwise?
Let's wait and see.

The matches for the preparatory games have been set. The exact kick-off times are still missing, but if you are curious you can check who is against whom ...
The announcement of the schedule for the regular season is expected in about two weeks.

Thursday April 9, 2015

Brief reports
It became known a few days ago, and it has been official since yesterday: Sarah Thomas (picture) is the NFL's first female full-time referee.
Shannon Eastin may have been one of the substitute umpires we had so much fun in 2012, but of course that doesn't count.
Sarah Thomas becomes the first full member of a real Referee crew.
She intends not to get into the limelight and only to convince through her achievements. She knows that it will be said more often: “For a woman very well,” or “Well, she's just a woman,” but she hopes that will quickly subside.
She doesn't really want to hear the title of pioneer either, but she won't be able to defend herself against it. She's a trailblazer, and she hopes that at some point, female referees will be a normal thing in the NFL.
But at first she just wants to do her job out of love for football. Quite normal, just like her male colleagues.
Ouch ... when I think of the crap they whistled together last season.
Sarah ... do it better !!!

Stevan Ridley switched from the Pats to the Jets.
The running back only played six games last year before tearing a cruciate ligament. In 2012 he scored 1,263 yards and 12 touchdowns.
In New York he signed a one-year contract.

The Denver Broncos are awaiting specific news regarding Aqib Talib.
The cornerback is said to have been involved in a "physical altercation" with his brother in a Dallas nightclub.
A nightclub employee testified that he tried to resolve a dispute between three people. One of the people would have hit him and aimed a pistol at him.
And aiming at someone with a pistol, that's what Talib is known for.
A shot is said to have been fired outside the club, as various witnesses confirmed.
The Broncos made no comment. They are waiting for the police report.

Half is done.
When the Vikings stadium was being built, those responsible announced that half of the project had been completed. Everything would be on budget and on schedule. Nothing should stand in the way of the opening in July 2016.

That took a long time.
In 2007, five men broke into Redskins Safety Sean Taylor's home and tried to rob it.
Taylor faced them, armed with a machete. In the course of the argument, Taylor was shot dead.
On Wednesday, the last of the five men, Timmy Lee Brown, pleaded guilty. Everyone else is already in jail.
Brown took 18 years to build.
The shooter, Eric Rivera Jr. got 60 years ago some time ago.

Eric Berry has Hodgkin's lymphoma.
The Chiefs Safe's brother told the press that Eric is bravely fighting cancer and will not let himself get down.
Evan Berry, a sophomore defensive back for the Tennessee Volunteers, said his brother has three more treatments to go and that Eric is fine.
Whether Eric Berry will be able to continue his NFL career is not yet certain.

Another death of a former NFL player has to be announced.
Former Raiders wide receiver Art Powell passed away at the age of 78.
Powell was recently hospitalized with a heart condition.
In his career, in which he made stops with several teams, he caught 479 passes for 8,046 yards and 81 touchdowns.

Wednesday April 8, 2015

Brief reports
Adrian Peterson (pictured) met with Roger Goodell on Tuesday.
It is not yet known whether the Vikings running back can be optimistic that the NFL commissioner will actually declare him eligible to play again on April 15th. Peterson has not complied with the League's request for psychological treatment, and Goodell could blame him for that.
The usually well-informed circles assume, however, that Peterson will not be punished further.
Neither side commented on yesterday's meeting.
The Vikings remain convinced that Peterson will play for them in 2015. Whether this is wishful thinking, or whether it really turns out that way, remains to be seen. Peterson believes he'll be playing in 2015, but not in Minnesota.

Speaking of the Peterson name. Cardinals fans were concerned about cornerback Patrick Peterson.
His power curve was down a bit last year while his pre-season weight went up.
Peterson had himself thoroughly examined by the team doctors and it was found that his blood sugar levels had reached questionable levels. In short, Peterson has diabetes.
The doctors would have adjusted him well after the diagnosis, and so his performance curve showed up again during the season.
Peterson thanked the fans for all the congratulations on their congratulations and told them on his Twitter page that they didn't have to worry about him.

The NFL suspended LeGarrette Blount for a game.
The Patriots' running back was convicted of taking banned substances.

“Chip Kelly doesn't respect stars,” was LeSean McCoy's conclusion.
The running back of the Bills emphasized that he does not want to follow his former head coach at the Eagles. But you can see clearly that he has a hard time nibbling on his exchange with the bills. Last week he said that training with the Bills was more like the NFL than training with the Eagles. That would have reminded him more of his training in college.
And Kelly would have problems with it being called DeSean Jackson and the Eagles, or LeSean McCoy and the Eagles. For Kelly it has to be "Chip Kelly and the Eagles". Therefore, last year wide receiver Jackson and this year McCoy would have been given to other teams.
McCoy doesn't like the way his own swap with the Bills went. That would have been very disrespectful. But now it would only mean helping the Bills and delivering a thousand yard season. Everything else would be in the past.

Lawrence Tynes is suing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
The team's former kicker contracted a staph infection on the Bucs grounds that affected a toe in his shotsbone. So Tynes had to end his career.
Tyne's attorney puts his client's lost earnings at at least $ 20 million.
The Bucs made no comment on this ongoing case.

The Vikings gave center John Sullivan a contract extension until after the 2017 season.
This was accompanied by a pay rise. Instead of $ 4.65 million per season, Sullivan will receive $ 5.9 million from now on.

Lions Safety James Ihedigbo will not attend his team's pre-season preparations.
He wants a new contract, even though he only signed a two-year deal last year.

And another former NFL player passed away.
Dick Wood was the Miami Dolphins' very first quarterback. He died on Saturday in Atlanta at the age of 79.
The cause of death was not published.

Tuesday April 7, 2015

Aaron Hernandez ... murderer or not?
Did Aaron Hernandez's defense (pictured) do a lousy job, or are they so convinced of their arguments that they only did a fraction of the work that the prosecution did?
It took 39 days and 131 witnesses to try to prove that the Patriots' former tight end killed Odin Lloyd.
It only took the defense a day and three witnesses to try to prove Hernandez's innocence.
Among these three witnesses was an expert on PCP (phencyclidine also known as angel dust). The defense has chosen to use the reasonable doubt tactic. She has presented the two accomplices as the main suspects, who were traveling with Hernandez on the specific day in June 2013. The defense claims that either Carlos Ortiz or Ernest Wallace shot Odin under PCP influence. A witness testified at the trial that she saw Ortiz and Wallace use PCP before the day of the crime.
Since none of the three perpetrators testified, the testimony of the witness is important, but remains doubtful.
In any case, the defense drug expert stated that there may still be aggressive freaking out on the part of the users associated with the drug for days after taking PCP.
A prosecution drug expert disagreed. According to his findings, there was no evidence that taking PCP could lead to such behavior days later. A clear tie.
Of course, the move not to let Hernandez testify can backfire. Some of the jury might wonder why Hernandez doesn't just take the stand and share his point of view?
Isn't he doing this because otherwise he could incriminate himself?
Is he such a bad actor that he can't lie to such an extent that the bars bend to frame Ortiz or Wallace for the murder?
We will see what kind of conclusion the jury will draw from it. The final speeches will be held today, Tuesday, and then it will be up to the jury.

Brief reports
Several former members of the NFL died that Easter weekend:
Ex-Packers running back Terdell Middleton died on Good Friday at the age of 59.
After his time in the NFL, he became a firefighter.
The cause of death has not yet been announced.

Former Eagles and Steelers wide receiver Don Looney died of old age at the age of 98.

Charlie Summers was 84 years old. He played as a safety in the league and was then assistant coach of the Raiders.
His best tactical decision was made in the Super Bowl after the 1983 season.
Towards the end of the first half, he got Matt Millen off and sent in replacement linebacker Jack Squirek. He intercepted a pass from Redskins quarterback Joe Theisman, and carried the ball into the end zone. Seven important points in the 38: 9 victory for the Raiders.
Summers died on Good Friday in Maui of complications from gallbladder surgery.

Jet's defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson is unhappy with his contract situation.
Until he gets a new contract, he won't take part in the Jets training sessions.
Wilkerson enters the final year of his rookie contract and earns $ 6.9 million in 2015. He wants to get a long-term contract with the Jets before the season starts.

The seriousness of life has begun for the Bills, Jets and Falcons.
These three teams held their first training sessions
With the jets, of course, Geno Smith has a lot to prove. The quarterback must attend training sessions just to collect $ 276,328 of his contracted salary. If he stays away from the units, he won't get that money, 32% of his annual salary.
Whatever the reason, the Jets see Smith as their starter. But they don't have any alternatives either. Substitute Ryan Fitzpatrick is still recovering from a broken leg in December. And it doesn't exactly have starter qualities either. A fight for the title of No. 1 should therefore not take place.

Even if Johnny Manziel returns to the Browns recovered and refined, he will encounter some rejection.
The would-be quarterback lost too much trust in his teammates.
It started with the money-counting gesture at the draft. Here Manziel proved what mattered to him.
His boastful, disrespectful behavior afterwards didn't exactly make him more personable. Work out? Study the playbook?
But not Johnny Football. It's only for illiterate football players. He was a talented star.
That didn't exactly earn him popularity points on the team.
If his actions on the square had whitewashed his cocky demeanor, it would have been a good thing, but on the square Manziel made himself look ridiculous.
Hardly any of his teammates are looking forward to welcoming Manziel back to the team soon.
And the fans who saw Johnny Football as a savior for their ailing team aren't really keen to see him again.
Will Manziel manage to catch up with this huge loss of trust?

Monday April 6, 2015

Are the 49ers in crisis mode?
It was barely two years ago that the 49ers were one bad pass away from winning the Super Bowl.
Judging by this, the 8-8 season 2014 was a bitter disappointment. It ended with Head Coach Jim Harbaugh being allowed to end his contract early and go to college for a lot more money.
The team's former quarterback, Jeff Garcia (pictured), finds it all very unfortunate. The team was absolutely competitive, said Garcia. It would have been at the height of his talent. It was one move away from winning a Super Bowl and one move away from getting into another Super Bowl. Garcia wonders where we're going now?
Many top performers would have left the team, the coaching staff would have been rebuilt, all of which would mean a lot of work to get the team used to new game philosophies. And that in NFC West, where you have to pass the Seattle Seahawks to get into the playoffs. Whether the Arizona Cardinals were a one-season flyer, or whether they too are a real playoff candidate, remains to be seen. San Francisco has to reckon with them.
Jeff Garcia doubts club leadership skills. Some of those in charge didn't have a football background. For example, CEO Jed York would never have played football. He is the son of Denise DeBartolo York and Jon York and that qualified him for the job.
Jon York is a retired cancer doctor. Denise DeBartolo York was a co-owner of the 49ers. She and her husband are still on the board of the team.
Garcia sees weaknesses because, in his opinion, these people lack the necessary specialist knowledge.
The three-time Pro Bowl quarterback sees no solution to the problem. That would have to relieve some people with a lot of influence at the top of the team, and that would probably not happen.

New team, old problems.
Bill's head coach Rex Ryan faces the problem that his new team does not have an NFL-qualified quarterback. He declared the fight for the post of starter on.
The same words were heard from him on the New York Jets last year.
Some will remember what became of it.
The fans converted the battle cry J.E.T.S., Jets, Jets Jets into M.E.S.S., Mess, Mess, Mess.
There are several translation options for Mess, I'll take Chaos as the most appropriate.
In the Jets there should be a duel between Geno Smith and Michael Vick. Should ... because the coaches gave Smith so much more confidence in the preparation time that Vick publicly expressed doubts as to whether there would really be an open race for the post of starter?
In Buffalo, Ryan has EJ available to Manuel, who was recruited by Buffalo in the 2013 first round of the draft. The second man he has is 30-year-old Matt Cassel, who has actually played quite well in places in the past. Behind these two are Tyrod Taylor and Jeff Tuel in the squad, but they are probably not really in the race.
It remains to be seen how seriously Ryan takes his saying about the open race this time around?

Sunday 5th April 2015

This Easter egg did not find a buyer
A football signed by Bear's quarterback Jay Cutler (pictured) remained at auction without a single bid.
Of course, Cutler isn't the Bears' most popular player in Chicago, but his value has hit a new all-time low. At a charity auction of the anti-cruelty society (an animal welfare organization) the egg was now lying around, was offered like old beer and lay and lay and lay.
The starting bid of $ 100 was certainly not high.
After the auction ended, there was still a bid for the ball from an anonymous bidder.
The Anti-Cruelty Society happily announced this on their Facebook page.
But the first answer immediately showed what the Facebookers thought of it: "I bet Jay Cutler himself is the unknown bidder," wrote a certain T. Smith. And this tenor continued, with a few exceptions.
Well then, happy Easter!

The court granted the NFL's request
The NFL received the requested evidence from the Greg Hardy trial.
The Defensive End, who was still playing for the Panthers at the time, was charged with beating a woman. In the first instance he was convicted for this.
Hardy appealed and for whatever reason the plaintiff did not show up on the appeal date, after which Hardy was able to leave the court as a free man.
A few weeks ago, the cowboys signed the woman beater, which caused quite a stir.
NFL Chairman Roger Goodell presented the pictures to B. Todd Jones and Lisa Friel. Jones is the new director of the league's disciplinary department. He was previously the chairman of the bureau responsible for the supervision of tobacco, alcohol, firearms and explosives.
Friel was a public prosecutor and handled sex crimes.
Those involved in the investigation are still silent and sift through the evidence before they publish their results.
And they will take their time and weigh everything carefully. Once again, Roger Goodell, the league, cannot afford such a gross mistake as in the Ray Rice case.
The time of the conviction stands in the way.
Hardy was sentenced before the NFL released the new catalog of sentences. This means that the guy with a ridiculous six game ban could get away with the old catalog of penalties.

Brief reports
Johnny Manziel plays golf.
On Saturday he was spotted playing a round of golf with his father in Shreveport.
But one must not conclude from this that Manziel's withdrawal is complete. The Browns quarterback is allowed to take a break from rehab every now and then.
In February, the biggest disappointment in the last draft went to an addiction clinic voluntarily.
But the Browns are optimistic that Manziel will be able to take part in the first compulsory training units. They start on May 26th.

The Saints gave Joseph Morgan a new contract.
The wide receiver signed in New Orleans for another year.
Last year he caught four passes for 92 yards. In the middle of the season he was suspended by Head Coach Payton for unspecified reasons, and then even fired in December.
Is the need with the Saints so great that you have to keep a player like that?

Most of the player changes have been wrapped up. The number of signed players says nothing about whether the team in question signed the right people, but here is a brief overview of what happened.
Most new players signed the Colts and the Patriots, at 18.
The interpretation that the Colts want to be No. 1 in the AFC and the Patriots want to remain No. 1 immediately comes to mind.
The Rams were very satisfied with their players or dissatisfied with what was on the market. They only signed six new players.

One will still be allowed to dream.
Josh Freeman dreams of becoming the new Kurt Warner.
Warner tinged through the NFL Europe and the Arena Football League before he was signed by the Rams as a substitute for Trent Green.
After Green injured himself in the preparation phase in 1998, Warner laid out a career that had never been thought possible that made him the MVP of the league, the MVP of the Super Bowl and later perhaps even a member of the Hall of Fame.
And that's what Josh Freeman wants to do now.
The quarterback has just been signed as a substitute for Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. But first he has to assert himself against Matt Moore.
Then he would have to hope that Tannehill doesn't play. Be it that he injured himself, be it that he was put on the bench for persistent failure. If Moore takes Tannehill's job and Freeman takes it, then he could start the steep career he dreams of.
But only then.
So rather not.

Saturday 4th April 2015

Brief reports
It's been a long time since tight end Jimmy Graham switched from the Saints to the Seahawks.
But quarterback Drew Brees told the press that he still hasn't gotten over the shock of the move.
He said that there were always insane player changes during this time of year, but he never expected such insane changes.
But, he went on, this decision would show the trust the team leaders have in the young players. You should now fill in the footsteps that Graham left.
Brees insisted that Graham was like a brother to him and that he won't just miss him on the pitch.

The NFL has hired the first female referee. Sarah Thomas will be accepted into the referee crew as a line judge with immediate effect.
In this position she has already whistled a few preparation games and was at the Saints training camp last spring.
She is one of seven new umpires to join the NFL in 2015.

Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray asked quarterback Tony Romo if he wouldn't accept a pay cut to keep him in Dallas?
The quarterback then replied to the running back: "Of course, I'll do it."
But team owner and general manager Jerry Jones never asked his quarterback to forego any of his $ 17 million for 2015.
As Tony Romo revealed to the press this week, he would have been willing to forego $ 5 million from his 2015 salary. He would have been willing to reallocate his salary and spread it over the coming years, even if he actually had to forego a few million.
Jerry Jones must have heard the words. Let's see if he'll ask Romo about a wage waiver if, for example, Adrian Peterson could be obtained.

The NFL won't put any pressure on Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota.
The two quarterbacks could be recruited as number one and number two in the next draft, but neither of them want to participate in the event.
There is something like criticism and regret coming from other players who were present at the draft. The two would be robbing themselves of a life changing experience if they didn't participate in the draft. It's not just about the brief moment on stage, but about the festivities that start the week before.
But, so the tenor, everyone must know for themselves what they are doing and what they are doing without.

"Gronk not afraid!"
This is how you could describe how Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski thinks about the long-term effects of head injuries.
If he was afraid of an injury, it would be a knee injury, but not a concussion, said Gronkowski. A bad knee injury would put his career in jeopardy, a concussion would not.
Another reason why he would not be afraid of losing his memory in later years is because today he often cannot remember some things. For example, he doesn't know how he got into his hotel room last night, he said in an interview.

Reggie Wayne has decided to play another 15th season in the NFL.
The Colts have already said goodbye to the wide receiver, but Wayne hopes to be on another team.
If it were up to him, he would love to play for the Patriots or the Broncos, but would they like to sign the aging star?

Sammy Watkins is considered the best wide receiver of the Bills.
He underwent hip surgery in January and has been in rehab since then.
When he can get back into training is questionable. What is certain is that he will miss a large part of the preparation time.

In the last few days, of course, some players have switched from team to team, while others have signed contract extensions.
Josh Freeman got a one-year contract with the Miami Dolphins.
The quarterback joined the Buccaneers in the first round of the draft in 2009, but he was unable to produce any proof of his NFL eligibility. In 2014 he was not on any NFL team squad.
In Miami he has to fight for the post of first substitute for Ryan Tannehill.

The cowboys were happy with Rolando McClain. The linebacker was out of the NFL in 2013, but the Cowboys gave him a chance in 2014. He used it.
Now he's signed a new one-year contract in Dallas that can bring him $ 3 million.

The Buccaneers gave Dashon Goldson to the Redskins.
The Redskins will give Tampa Bay their option for safety in the sixth round of the 2016 draft.
It wasn't until 2013 that the Bucs gave Goldson a five-year $ 41 million deal.
The Redskins will pay Goldson $ 4 million in 2015.

The Saints renewed Jahri Evans' contract. The Guard signed a contract that will keep him in New Orleans until the end of the 2017 season.

The Bears fired their longtime center Roberto Garza. To replace him, they signed Will Montgomery for a year.
Montgomery has played for the Panthers, Jets, Redskins and the Broncos.

The Broncos took center Gino Gradkowski from the Ravens. As compensation, Baltimore will receive an option to be specified by Denver in the 2016 Draft.
Gradkowski started in all 16 games for Baltimore in 2013, in 2014 he was only used in eight games.

Wednesday April 1, 2015

Brief reports
Just imagine it says, "First in the draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take Jameis Winston," and he doesn't even come on stage in Chicago.
It has probably never happened before that the player who was called up in the first place did not come on stage. Winston said he is still considering going to Chicago but is more likely to think he will stay home.
And for the next draft, the second player should not be in the building either, because Marcus Mariota also said that he will not be present at the event.
Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota plan to watch the draft on April 30th with their families on television. Winston lives in Alabama, Mariota, Honolulu.
Both have family members whom they don't want to travel long distances, but with whom they want to celebrate when they are made millionaires.

The Packers came to an agreement with two players.
Defensive linemen Letroy Guion and B.J. Raji stay in Green Bay. The terms on which the two signed was not published.

The 49ers gave linebacker Desmond Bishop a new contract.
Bishop didn't come to San Francisco until December and played in two games. He signed a one-year contract.

Running back Jacquizz Rodgers ended up with the Bears.
The former Falcon signed a one-year contract. Rodgers is a good pass blocker and could relieve Matt Forte, who does not like blocking.

The Baltimore Ravens have signed an experienced replacement quarterback, Matt Schaub.
The 33-year-old was awarded a $ 3 million one-year contract.

That was it for a couple of days. I'll take a short break and I'll be back in action on Saturday at the earliest.

Tuesday March 31, 2015

Forget Deflategate, here come Textgate and Noisegate.
The NFL imposed penalties on the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons.
The Falcons committed Noisegate, and it got expensive. They increased the noise level in the 2013 and 14 seasons at home games by artificially generated audience noise that they played over hidden loudspeakers.
The NFL suspended Falcon President Rich McKay in his capacity as Chairman of the Competition Committee effective April 1. He can apply for an end to the suspension on June 30th at the earliest. McKay has been a member of the committee for 22 years.
The team was also hit hard. It lost its option in the fifth round of the 2016 draft and has to pay $ 350,000.
It didn't do much good. In 2013 and 14, the Falcons only won three home games each.
Falcon's owner Arthur Blank (picture) has already said that he will not appeal the penalties.
At the Browns, General Manager Ray Farmer was suspended for the first four weeks of the coming season. He had sent text messages from his place in the stadium to the coaching crew during several games, which is not allowed.
Farmer is not allowed to contact any other member of the team during his suspension. He is also not allowed into the stadium during this time.
The Browns are fined $ 250,000.

Brief reports
Demaryius Thomas is on strike.
The Broncos wide receiver has yet to get a new contract, and until he does, he doesn't want to train with the team.
He also wants to skip the voluntary training with his quarterback Peyton Manning next week.
That would also benefit his right ankle, said Thomas. He injured himself on December 3rd when a teammate stepped on him. A little more rest would certainly do him good.
Thomas emphasized that he would only care about his well-being. He would just try to get what he thinks he deserves. Even his agent would only do what was best for him, Thomas. Other players and the team wouldn't interest him.
If the negotiations for a long-term contract were not signed by July 15, then he would sign the "franchise tender," the Broncos' prerogative contract for $ 12.8 million for 2015, the wide receiver said.

Jameis Winston travels all over the country not only to advertise his skills as a quarterback, but also to fight against his bad image.
After all, the player who will probably be called up first in the next draft has to contend with rape, theft and other crime allegations.
But will he go against his image?
Will he be able to change?
Will he be able to refute the saying: "You can get the guy out of the ghetto, but not the ghetto from the guy"?
Is the NFL really going to make a reality with its grandly announced cleansing of the league of criminal subjects?
Winston won't have to worry about that. The attempt to create a clean image for yourself falls on fertile ground. Those in charge of the Buccaneers, the team that will likely recruit him, have decided to buy Winston for his efforts and promises to become a better person. The members of the Glazer family, who own the Bucs, also want to believe him, because they, too, absolutely want the quarterback on their team. After all, Winston completed 66% of his passes for approximately 8,000 yards and 65 touchdowns. He led Florida State as a starter to a 26-1 record and a national championship. One likes to wipe such a stupid criminal past off the table.
Anyway, Winston said, “I know I've made mistakes in the past. But I learned from it. I have grown up and have left this past behind me. "
Well, if that doesn't convince even the last doubter.

Yes, Russell Wilson will become the highest-paid player in the NFL for a while, but ...
The guaranteed amount that the Seahawks want to write their quarterback in the contract should be high but not particularly high.
That got out, even though the negotiations between the Seahawks and Wilson have not even started.
Nevertheless, there should be a signed contract by the beginning of the training camp.
From Seattle it makes sense not to go into total debt for a single player. Whether Wilson really plays along will be the crux of the matter.

Miles Austin signed a one-year contract with the Eagles.
The 30-year-old wide receiver, who first played with the Cowboys and last year in Cleveland, will receive $ 2.3 million and has the chance to earn another $ 700,000 with bonuses.

The Eagles came to an agreement with DeMeco Ryans.
The linebacker has signed a two-year contract for $ 7.5 million and can earn $ 10 million from bonuses.

Monday March 30, 2015

Brief reports
Boring, but harmless, look the pictures that Larry Fitzgerald (picture) and Russell Wilson published from their vacations.
In contrast to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady jumping off the cliff, the two took it easy.
Cardinal's wide receiver Fitzgerald was also standing on a cliff, but not to jump off, but to hit a golf ball.
Fitzgerald played the longest "par-3" in the world, whatever that means, but it seems like something very special.
This "extreme 19th hole" is in South Africa, about 400 meters above sea level, and once you've played the ball, it takes a five-minute helicopter flight to get to your ball.
Seahawks quarterback Wilson took it easy. He attended the Texas Rangers baseball team's training camp and hit a home run.

On Sunday morning, Saint's cornerback Brian Dixon was arrested in Miami Beach.
He is said to have offered passive resistance when he was arrested.
The police did not want to disclose why he was arrested.
The Saints announced that they would investigate the case.

Chuck Pagano isn't worried about his job at all.
The Colts' head coach took it easy that he was going into the final year of his current contract without a new contract.
He is certain that he will train the Colts for many years to come.
At all he wouldn't care what might be tomorrow. His cancer would have taught him to focus on today.

Sunday March 29, 2015

Brief reports
Jadeveon Clowney (picture), does that mean anything to anyone?
Clowney was the first player called up in the final draft. But the Texans linebacker was rarely seen on the pitch. In four games he scored seven tackles.
A knee injury bothered him. He had an operation on December 8th and is currently undergoing arduous rehab, he said.