Why did Ecuador cut off the Internet from Assanges?

Assange's internet access cut

The Internet access Assange in the Embassy of Ecuador in London is dead, wrote WikiLeaks on Twitter. "We can confirm that Ecuador cut Mr. Assange's internet connection at 5pm GMT on Saturday".

This happened shortly after the platform published manuscripts of the Democratic US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her highly paid speeches at the investment bank Goldman Sachs in 2013. Clinton's close ties to New York's financial world are seen as a shortcoming of the candidate in the US election campaign.

The London police and the government of the South American country refused to comment on the allegations that Assange was cut off from the Internet. Government circles only said that Ecuador would continue to protect Julian Assange and maintain the political asylum granted in 2012.

Assange has been in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for more than four years to prevent extradition to Sweden. There he is being investigated for rape. According to his own statements, the 45-year-old fears being extradited from Sweden to the USA, where he would face a trial for betrayal of secrets.

The disclosure platform publishes secret documents that, in the opinion of the operators, are of public interest. Recently, Wikileaks caused a sensation with publications in the context of the US election campaign. Most recently, the platform published e-mails that are said to have come from a hacker attack on the e-mail account of John Podesta, the campaign manager of the Democratic US presidential candidate. Clinton's campaign team accuses Russia of being behind the hacking attack. At the same time, Clinton's team accused Wikileaks of favoring their Republican rival Donald Trump by publishing the documents.

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