What does Lady Gaga think of Madonna

Madonna shoots Lady Gaga

The air in Pop-Olympus is bad: Madonna doesn't seem to like that Lady Gaga is more often inspired by her style. On her new album, the 56-year-old is not afraid to express her dislike for the younger pop star. Now the text of a new song has appeared in which Madonna publicly humiliates her competitor Lady Gaga.

Madonna has become world famous for her flashy outfits and provocations. The fact that this is also the recipe for success from her musician colleague Lady Gaga seems to be a thorn in the side of the singer. Now the text of the song "Two Steps Behind Me" from her as yet unreleased album is said to have surfaced, in which Lady Gaga is sharply criticized. What Madonna wants with the hard lines, told an insider of the British "Sun".

In the lyrics, Madonna clearly states what she thinks of Lady Gaga and refers to her as "Imitator", which you "Prescription steals". In another line, the pop diva asks: “Have you studied me well enough? You'll never be me, you're just a wannabe version of me ”. With the words "You will always run two steps behind me " Madonna finishes her reckoning. Apparently, the 56-year-old sees the "Born This Way" singer as competition due to the many comparisons between her and Lady Gaga. It is still unclear whether this text will actually be published on the album.

Madonna gives her opinion

An unknown source told the British "Sun" that Madonna deliberately wrote the lyrics to distance herself from the 28-year-old: "They are really harsh words, but Madonna wants to clarify some things again." It is also said that Lady Gaga will be "humiliated" by the song. With this nasty swipe, the 59-year-old apparently wants to prevent Lady Gaga from running out of rank and people from forgetting who introduced such transgressions into the pop world.

Ouch! Lady Gaga has to take a beating in Madonna's new song. It remains to be seen whether the 28-year-old will leave this attack uncommented. For Madonna's new album, a new dispute between the two would definitely stir the advertising drum. We are curious whether these lyrics will really be published on the album!

Source: Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris