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Sura 30 verse 21The woman in the Koran is better off than in the Old Testament

"And it is one of his signs that he created partner beings for you yourself, so that you can find peace with them, and he has placed love and mercy between you: in this are truly messages for people who think."

This verse is preceded by the reference to the creation of man and woman from earth - as it is also passed down in the Old Testament. Now it's about the relationship between the two.

According to the Koranic view, men and women are partners. God created them from an essence or from a single living being, a preliminary stage of the sexes, so to speak. From this it is deduced that man and woman are complementary according to God's will, that is, mutually complementary beings. The statement that both come from one and the same essence establishes the equality of men and women.

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In this way, God denies a value or hierarchy between the sexes in the Qur'an, which could, for example, be derived from a sequence of creation. Accordingly, in a hadith, a tradition from the Prophet Muhammad, it is very aptly stated that women are the twin halves of men.

Nowhere else in the Koran does God speak about the emotional relationship between man and woman as in verse 21 of Sura 30. Three terms are mentioned: rest, love and mercy.

Dr. Tuba Isik from the University of Paderborn (Deutschlandradio / Bettina Fürst-Fastré)

For the first word, in Arabic it reads sakina, there is no clear translation in German. It could also be translated with terms such as peace and serenity or with God consciousness. According to this, you can understand your partner - metaphorically speaking - as a place where you can find peace, warmth and security. This togetherness of partners can then at the same time be a moment of strong God's presence.

Furthermore, the partners should love each other, Arabic mawadda, and mercy, Arabic cream, Find. In the Arabic language there are different words for the different kinds of love. So the love between parents and children, siblings or even believers, for example hubb designated. Mawadda, meanwhile, describes the love between spouses, in which mutual attraction plays a role. This is not only a basic requirement for a mutually fulfilling relationship. This attraction is also the source and energy for two people to be together.

The third quality that God has given the "partner beings" man and woman is mercy. Both love and mercy are among the 99 most beautiful names of God known from the Koran. They are used to describe the attributes of God. Above all, mercy is the quality that God has given himself unreservedly. And with that God gives gifts to each of his creatures.

In the sense of this verse of the Koran, mercy in marriage can mean that spouses take care of one another, show understanding for each other, support each other and, when they experience a period of weakness, turn to their partner with mercy.