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Tweet Term Explanation and Definition

Tweet is English and means in German: beep, beep or chirp. “Twitter” is a short message of no more than 140 characters, including spaces. This tweet is distributed in real time via the microblogging service Twitter. In German, the male article for this term has become established, the tweet. The term “tweet” was chosen as word of the year 2009 by the American Dialect Society. Over 100,000 tweets are sent worldwide every minute.

A tweet about what he can do and how to do it

Register on Twitter and you can start with the first tweet. In a nutshell, the world can be told what one is doing, thinking or otherwise believing is worth communicating. The settings on Twitter can be used to regulate who can read the tweet. A tick next to “protect my tweets” ensures that only those who follow the person who wrote this short message can read, the so-called followers. If this box is not ticked, practically everyone on the Internet can see this message if they are looking for it or if they happen to come across it. A link can also be passed on with a tweet. It is almost always advisable to shorten the Internet address (URL), especially if it is longer. This is done by so-called URL shorteners. This saves characters and the link does not have to travel without comment. Twitter offers the function of adding a photo no larger than 3MB to the tweet. Using the camera symbol in the text input box, you can select and upload a photo file from your own PC. Another possibility is the notification of the location via the pin symbol next to it. This only works if the device's GPS function is available and switched on. You can also use the settings to regulate whether you want to automatically share the location with each tweet.
In the tweet itself, certain topics can be tagged with a hashtag (#). Every word immediately preceded by a # is considered a tag. In this way, tweets on a specific topic can be found quickly. With a tweet you can not only share your own thoughts or experiences, because a reply function under each text offers the possibility to communicate publicly with this Twitter user. If a long conversation emerges from it, it should at least also be of interest to other readers and allow interference. Another important function is retweeting tweets. Here you repeat tweets that you like or of which you want your own follower community, the so-called timeline, to know. If a tweet should address a special user, this is done with a "@nameaccount" within the text. The tweet in which you are mentioned will be stored in a separate list and information will be sent by email on request. The same thing happens with retweets or with a tweet that was favored by others.
There is the possibility to use Twitter as a pure source of information without ever having to write a tweet yourself. An active user should regularly write a certain number of tweets: at least enough so that they are not "unfollowed" by others due to inactivity, but not so many that the followers feel "spammed". In the settings on Twitter there is the option to request a tweet archive. This means that you will receive all your tweets and Twitter data for years to come, and they will be sent as a csv file via email link.

A tweet for politics and social issues

Taking an active part in political and social life through a tweet is one way of using Twitter. Be it through news about demonstrations, announcements of planned demonstrations, political flash mobs and other events. Regardless of whether it is elections, sporting events or television films, information and comments on everything can be spread worldwide in a tweet every minute. During the Champions League final alone, at the end of May 2013, more than 4.8 million tweets were registered. It is best to follow and comment on certain events with a corresponding # keyword.
Politicians with Twitter accounts try to inform and advertise themselves with their tweet. A first successful example was Barack Obama, who successfully used Twitter in his election campaign in 2008, before the US elections. Other, less glorious examples of political explosiveness: At the beginning of June 2013, dozens of Twitter users in Turkey were arrested for allegedly misleading messages; in China, the Twitter website is blocked; In certain times of crisis, in Iran and Egypt, access to Twitter was repeatedly blocked. Recently, Twitter has had the technical option of not publishing corresponding tweets for a specific country instead of a total block due to certain sensitivities of nations. The author is informed about this “withhold” (withhold).

Services and business related to the tweet

There are many services offered by Twitter itself and by external platforms. These services are sometimes free, sometimes chargeable and sometimes make more, sometimes less sense. A large number of providers present all possible statistics that can be provided in connection with a Twitter account. Other providers support the organization of the followers or make the Twitter interface more comfortable and provide it with many additional features.
Still others make it easier to post and read a tweet. With the timer, a tweet can be automatically placed or repeated at a certain time. There are programs that can be used to send a longer tweet beyond 140 characters. All you need to do is log in to one of these short message services with your Twitter account. If you write a tweet beyond 140 characters, the following characters are automatically saved there and the text ends with a link. Here the reader can call up the rest of the message. There are alert and feed programs that can be used to keep an eye on and track certain topics. Tweet spam filters keep out unwanted advertising tweets, other providers support research into specific topics with lots of details. Directly in the tweet you can use commands such as “stats”, “get @Username” and “track word” to get relevant information on the screen from time to time.
Of course, purely commercial purposes can also be pursued with a tweet. Many companies already tweet regularly about their offers. The Twitter community reacts very ungraciously to pure advertising tweets and quickly feels “spammed”. So it is advisable to offer interesting or at least entertaining added value for the readers in a commercial tweet. Long-term Twitter users with an impressive number of followers and regular tweet interactions such as retweet, reply, mention are sought-after advertising partners. On relevant platforms, these Twitter users can publish certain content for companies at a certain time in a tweet. In return, they will be credited a small amount.

A tweet, creativity through limitation

In addition to all commercial and informative use, there are some twitterers for whom a 140-character tweet has become a kind of art form. They are difficult to spot in the huge Twitter community, and only rarely does a # lead on their trail. This is creative micropoetry that, in addition to satire, nonsense and statements in a nutshell, entertains entertaining.

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