What is explosive flaking

Building materials and materials technology

Supervision by Elemer Bölcskey, Karl Deix


Mineral floors - design floors

The use of mineral coverings has become very important in recent years. They are mainly used in representative areas in public buildings, health facilities, in the commercial sector as well as in residential construction. The development was possible due to new cements and additives that now allow thin, customizable mineral layers with large field sizes. The aim of the work is to give an overview of the different types, properties and requirements for applicability.


Moisture behavior of screeds after laying the covering

There are extensive studies on the drying behavior of screeds. These refer exclusively to the period prior to the laying of the floor covering. However, since the damage usually only occurs later, the aim of this work is to examine the moisture and shrinkage behavior after the laying of the covering using the existing test equipment.


Dimensioning of concrete floors in industrial construction

In addition to the payloads, concrete floors are stressed by constraining forces such as shrinkage and temperature changes. Due to new additives such as shrinkage reducers, parameters relating to shrinkage are to be determined and a dimensioning program for concrete floors is to be created.