How can I get LinkedIn connections

Can I get a "network diagram" of my LinkedIn connections?

I just got back in touch with an old friend on LinkedIn.

Before I accepted the connection, I saw that he was already a 3rd degree connection of mine and some of the connections were unexpected. When I first clicked on his profile, I saw:

To reiterate, some of the people who are my friend's 2nd degree contacts were completely unexpected. For example, I've worked with "John Smith" for the past few years and can't see how he relates to my friend who I haven't seen in at least 10 years.

So I need a way to see the mutual connections between "John Smith" and my friends.


If he was your 3rd degree connection, it does not mean that you now have "friends in common". That would have made him a 2nd grade (you-> mutual friend -> him). What you are looking for is a person he and another of your friends now have in common.

In other words, a 2nd degree bond shared by at least two of your friends.

I don't know of any way to bring this to the interface. Next go to the advanced search, select the 2nd connection and sort by connections. This should show how many connections you have with that person below. You are looking for two or more. But that's still thousands of people on the 2nd degree network. And you have to expand the connection list every time to check if your new friend is one of these two + connections.

Otherwise, you'll have to use the LinkedIn API, but this doesn't seem like a very easy-to-use interface.

This tool from LinkedInLabs might be exactly what you're looking for:

LinkedIn cards

When viewing a user profile, the right column shows the path that connects you to them. You can only view connections if you are on the same network, and these people have given this right to their connections.

For example, I granted this right to people on my network, so you should have an "All Connections" link on the right.

In addition, a person will only appear in my connections if they have given you the right to view their profile or if you and they are connected. For all others, only the job title is shown instead of a name.

If you're just trying to see the connections you share with that person, go to their profile and click on the number of connections they have (example below).

That brings you to a page with all of its connections. If you look closely, you'll see a tab that says: followed by a number in parentheses, as shown in the image below.

Click and you will see the contacts you share with him / her.

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