Why is light good and dark bad

Safe on the move: visibility in the dark

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your child is clearly visible in the dark - and the more of the following options you use, the lower the risk of your child being overlooked.


All clothing your child wears outdoors should be brightly colored and have reflective strips or fluorescent elements so that they are easily visible in the spotlight - this applies to jackets, pants and shoes as well as hats, scarves and gloves. Ideally, the clothing has reflective surfaces on the front, back and sides. So your child can be seen clearly from every direction.


Unfortunately, reflectors on the clothing are of no use if they are covered. That is why you should also pay attention to light colors and reflective surfaces on all visible sides and on the shoulder straps on school bags, sports bags and rucksacks.


A safety vest should be a matter of course for your child in autumn and winter. The latest models with LED technology and flashing lights ensure even more safety, because they always light up and not only when they are illuminated. In this way, the small road users can also be seen by those motorists who have not switched on their headlights.


In addition, you can make dark clothing or bags more visible with reflective tags - so-called blinkies. However, children tend to forget or lose the little gadgets, so solutions that are permanently attached to clothing should remain the first choice.


When cycling, a helmet with reflective or luminous elements complements the clothing already described. On the bike itself, headlights and front reflector, rear light and rear reflector as well as reflectors on the pedals and in the spokes ensure good visibility. Make sure that the lighting is switched on in twilight and during the day when it rains.