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From the folder to the corporate cloud - save data reliably and securely in the LeitzCloud

We at Boxcryptor are pleased to present you a new, German cloud today. Leitz is a German company whose product you will likely find in every German home and office. There is probably not a single person who has never held a Leitz folder in their hand. For us it really makes sense that the manufacturer of the most popular folders now also offers folders in virtual form: a cloud. And we are pleased that the security in the cloud is in the foreground with this new provider and that Boxcryptor has supported this new German cloud from the start. You can find out more about this in the following comment from our friends at LeitzCloud.

How do people work today compared to 40 years ago? Right, we use computers and smartphones instead of papers, bind folders, binders and faxes. We don't send each other emails or throw innumerable piles of paper on an employee's desk. Sure, we still use office products that have been around for a long time, but less and less. More and more are being digitized and handled accordingly. People send email or, more simply, give remote access to the hard drives and servers that contain the files they want to share. These storages are known as clouds.

Leitz is a well-known German manufacturer of office products. And since the German economy and companies are taking the next step towards digitization, the storage of data in the cloud is becoming more and more relevant and profitable for users. In order to be able to continue to offer high quality products for offices, Leitz decided to create a digital solution for the storage of files. This is how the LeitzCloud was created.

As a cloud solution, the aim of LeitzCloud is to offer absolute security paired with work flexibility and simplification of work processes for companies of all sizes. With the use and maintenance of its own servers in Europe's most modern and secure data center in Frankfurt, LeitzCloud actively pursues the goal of security. With a view to improving the cloud itself, the company is constantly working on additional functions and content in order to make the use of the product more profitable for its customers.

The most important features of the LeitzCloud

For example, by providing free and secure guest user accounts, LeitzCloud hopes to resolve issues with corporate file sharing externally. By developing a scanning application, the company makes it easier to work remotely or to share paper-based files as a matter of urgency. With the ability for administrators of the cloud to receive automated reports and push notifications, the cloud aims to offer ideal corporate governance. With real-time synchronization, we hope to achieve maximum fluidity and flexibility at work.

Another feature of the LeitzCloud that we are very proud of is the impeccable and competent support. We offer proactive and friendly support to give our customers and test customers a comfortable experience with LeitzCloud. These and many other functions are provided by LeitzCloud to create an ideal cloud solution for companies.

Integration in Boxcryptor

By now you have probably wondered why there is a blog post about LeitzCloud published on the Boxcryptor security blog. The reason for this is the announcement of the integration of LeitzCloud into the Boxcryptor program. Since Boxcryptor is one of the leading file encryption providers in the world, it is a pleasure to be able to offer our customers additional, proven encryption functions from a popular company. Although many cloud providers offer reliable encryption of your data, non-GDPR compliant providers are able to analyze the information left on their servers. With Boxcryptor, the content is encrypted in the cloud and cannot be read by the provider. Although LeitzCloud works strictly according to German law and GDPR and the servers are in Germany, we consider this function to be a valuable security gain.

Finally, if you are a company that needs a German (GDPR compliant) cloud solution, you can LeitzCloud like to try out and use Boxcryptor as an additional security provider to ensure the greatest possible flexibility in working life, while your files are completely safe.

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