Can I do pelvic floor exercises?

The 5 best pelvic floor exercises during and after pregnancy

Pelvic floor training - only pregnant women do that. This prejudice persists. It is true that pregnant women and new mothers in particular train their pelvic floor.

But the exercises are great for all women. Well trained pelvic floor muscles not only protect against bladder weakness, they also make sex better!

Pelvic floor exercises are mandatory during pregnancy

Pregnant women and new mothers benefit particularly from pelvic floor training. The reason: the baby presses on the bladder during pregnancy, and the muscles become softer and looser due to hormones. Childbirth also loosens the pelvic floor muscles. The result: bladder weakness can occur.

So that there are no unpleasant incidents when laughing, coughing or sneezing, the pelvic floor should be trained regularly through targeted exercises.

In addition to the pelvic floor, part of our body is particularly stressed: The baby increases the pressure in the abdomen and also on the intestines. Unfortunately, this can lead to constipation. Constipation can result in hemorrhoids. Midwife Catharina Beckers tells you what you should know about it in the video.

Video by Aischa Butt

Exercise the pelvic floor on the side

Luckily, pelvic floor training is very easy and you can do your exercises anytime, anywhere. Simply tense the muscles regularly while sitting or standing. To do this, pull the muscles in and up and hold for a moment. On the toilet, you can stop the urine stream for a moment as a little exercise.

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As a pregnant woman, you should first have your midwife show you the exercises during special pregnancy exercises. Around six weeks after the birth, new mothers should also attend postnatal gymnastics courses. You have to wait a little longer after a caesarean section.

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The 5 best pelvic floor exercises

For strong pelvic floor muscles, you should ideally do the following exercises once a day:

1. Basic exercise for the pelvic floor

Lie down relaxed on your back, your legs are loosely set up. The arms are next to the body.

Now try to bring the pubic bone and tailbone together. Tense the muscles in a targeted manner and then relax again. Then imagine that you are sitting on the toilet and want to stop the urine stream. Here, too, tense the pelvic floor muscles, hold the tension for five seconds and release it.

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Repeat tensing and relaxing about 15 times

2. Sitting exercise for the pelvic floor

Come cross-legged. The back is upright, the hands are relaxed on the knees.

Now lift the pelvic floor muscles upwards and inwards and hold the tension for a moment.

10 repetitions

3. Butt lifter for the pelvic floor

Lie on your back. The arms lie relaxed next to the body. Put your feet up, tense your stomach tightly and push your buttocks and upper body upwards. The upper body and thighs form a line.

Hold the position for 10 seconds. During this time, tense your buttocks and pull the pelvic floor muscles upwards and inwards.

3 x 10 seconds

4. Back extensor for the pelvic floor

Get on your knees. The legs are slightly open, the feet are touching at the back. Now put your upper body on your knees and push your arms far forward. Now you push your bottom up, close your knees and pull the pelvic floor muscles together.

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10 repetitions

5. Cat hump for the pelvic floor

Get on your knees. The legs are slightly open, the hands are under the shoulder. Now tense your stomach and pelvic floor muscles and arch your back alternately up and down.

10 repetitions

Incidentally, the exercises are suitable for all women, regardless of age - and men should also train their pelvic floor muscles regularly!


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By the way: The exercises are suitable for all women, regardless of age - and men should also train their pelvic floor muscles regularly!

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