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If you have ever had problems from gambling

First things first: stay away from gambling if it has had a negative impact on your life in the past. This applies to all games of chance, including seemingly harmless games such as the lottery. If you have problems with the game, have your provider (e.g. your arcade) block you. You can find the relevant forms here. You can also get professional advice.

Responsible use of gambling

When the fun of gambling turns into an urge, gambling addiction can develop. The following basic rules will help you keep things from going that far.

Check your gaming behavior regularly

When does problem gambling start? This question is usually difficult to answer for those affected. However, there are many signs of excessive gambling. These can often be recognized before there is an addiction. For example, do you feel the need to invest more and more money? Or have you lied about your gambling before?

In order to identify problems with gaming early on, use our self-test regularly. In the test, we give you precise feedback on your gaming behavior.

Do not use the game to make money.

Regardless of whether it is a lottery, casino or betting office: All providers of games of chance earn a lot of money from their customers. Even if the players win something in between, the providers pay out less money than they receive from the players. So in the end they make big profits - while the players accumulate ever higher losses.

Set a limit before playing

How long do you want to play? How much do you want to use? You should answer these questions before you start playing. If you cannot stick to your limit, it is a sign of problematic gambling. In this case, use our self-test to receive feedback.

Do not try to make up for previous losses by continuing to play.

If you keep playing to win back lost money, it is typical of gambling addiction. “Chasing after” always leads to more losses.

Avoid risky gambling

These include, above all, slot machine games, online games of chance, sports betting and games in casinos. There are many reasons why gambling can be risky. One reason for high potential for addiction is e.g. B. a fast game sequence. The faster the next game round starts, the sooner new money can be wagered. This can lead to a game frenzy. In this state, those affected are no longer able to control their gaming behavior. The risks of the various games of chance are described here.

Do not gamble when you are in a bad mood.

If you gamble under stress and tension, it is very likely that you will wager more money or gamble longer than you really wanted to. Don't go gambling to distract yourself from problems. Because then you risk that gambling itself becomes a problem.

Do not gamble while under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs.

If you have been drinking or drugged, it can significantly lower your inhibition threshold for risky activities. High losses are almost always the result. So only play when you have a clear head.

Make sure that gambling is only a small part of your life

Gambling should only play a minor role in your life. You should only gamble occasionally, if at all. Other leisure activities should always come first. These include, for example, meeting friends, doing sports and other hobbies.

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